The Pyramid scheme and Peak Oil (public)

A visual presentation of Peak Oil, Fractional Reserve Banking, Agriculture, ...

Nothing is forever, we have cycles, people will have to evolve or they will perish.

This video is a resume of the huge problems the world is in. The people which have been running the world until now are loosing control. We have a paradigm shift. If you're camping out with a group of people and there is a Bear attack, you don't have to be able to run faster than the Bear but you must make sure you're not the slowest runner. We have PEAK OIL and this will have an impact on our lives over the coming decennial. I started to predict this in the 1980's as that was the time where the trend became visible. In 2004 I could better define the scenario and try to TIME the process. Today it has become apparent that ALL is moving FASTER than expected.

On the Titanic there are three types of passengers: one group is like the deer in the headlights and doesn't know what to do, where the life boats are, ...the second group knows the ship is to sink and also how to built life boats, the third group says this is the Titanic and is absolutely unsinkable, so let's go back to the bar and sent the doomsayers on a hike.

The FDIC will go bankrupt, the Federal Reserve will go bankrupt, the European Central banks will go bankrupt, Government bonds will become worthless, Oil will become so expensive that it will shut off the economic system.

You need to survive the transition phase. DON'T PANIC...Certainly don't follow the HERD nor those who pretend the Titanic cannot and will not SINK. Don't sty in denial but THINK! Try to understand why North-Korea did not but Cuba did survive  the bankruptcy of the USSR in 1989. [see earlier published video clip about Cuban Agriculture]

In the new Human Paradigm, everything will be local!  If you move, select a country with a mild climate, lots of land, fruit trees,...don't stay in or move to LARGE CITIES or densely populated countries.

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