February 2022

Government is our biggest common ennemy!

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Monday, Feb. 28 - Tuesday, March 1, 2022 - Putin is ready for a worst-case scenario. We have blatant interventions by the FED, ECB, BIS, PPT,...!

Updated Sections: most charts in the Gold sections, 

Most people are COWARDS and with Covid, we've learned that "Obedience" is on the rise and so is Tyranny (Authoritarianism). Just look around you and see how easy it is to make people wear this unhealthy mask without asking any further questions.

start the war

The problem we now have is that because of the WAR situation, one can no longer trust the MSM (and we already could not trust these, could we?) as they have become 100% Government propaganda instruments.  RT (a Russian media) and other Russian Media have been banned in Germany. The fact is that Russia probably has the most advanced Army in the World with supersonic intercontinental nuclear rockets.

Now that the Covid-19 fear cycle is coming to an end politicians have no more arrows to cure the disaster they created: extremely high levels of debt, a derailing financial system, exponential creation of fiat money, everywhere bubbles,...a.o. force them to resort to WAR. So instead, of solving an 8-year old problem (the Minsk agreement), they now use Ukraine as a scapegoat.

It is interesting to see how Western Leaders react in a ridicule and idiot way by issuing these sanctions. It really makes me think of a "kindergarten" and of "fools running the "Asylum". The reality is that they and their citizens end up being the real subjects of the sanctions: the cost of oil & natural gas is spiking, the cost of agriculturals & fertilizer is spiking, the financial system is again coming under a lot of pressure (see below in the subscribers' section). Note: The irony is that in the EU, oil, and gas products are TAXED by an average of 60%. This proves how dearly the EU politicians love their subjects.

"The irony is that in the EU, oil, and gas products are TAXED by an average of 60%."

Screen Shot 2022 02 26 at 12.41.50 PMApart from Nordstream I and Nordstream II most pipelines run through Ukraine. If our brilliant, super-intelligent German politicians decide to close Nordstream I, Putin only has to close the Ukrainian pipelines, and Germans, Italians,...will have no more fuel, gasoline, natural gas,...and are back to the Middle Ages. Note that the super-intelligent Germans are also in a process of closing their Nuclear Power stations and building more gas-powered stations. Super-Intelligent Dutch however win the Oscar. Instead of using and exporting the billions of natural gas reserves they have in the north of the country, they prefer to import it. Canada is not much better. Instead of using their oil & gas reserves in Alberta, they prefer to import them from the Middle East.

After what happened in Canada (frozen bank accounts), the same is now also happening in other Western countries. More accounts are being frozen. After the accounts of Russians in the UK and the West are frozen, Russia, in turn, freezes the accounts of Wester Europeans in Russia. Such is possible because of the digitalization of all financial accounts.  With the help of the CRS and UBO registers, it has become extremely easy to freeze/seize whatever authorities and bankers/brokers decide to freeze and to size.

Our conviction is that the odds that they will deny Russia access to SWIFT is extremely small. No SWIFT means that the ImportantThis is so good that it is for premium members only.

This is a very different story: This is NOT an Invasion! - MSM cuts her off then deletes the Interview.



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Friday, February 25, 2022 - The war drums are beating like they were during the 1930s. Did you go for Physical Gold & Silver?!

Updated Sections: World Stock Market Indexes (partly), Gold-$(partly),  Silver(partly)

Canada freeze accounts 2022 02 23

Bail-in legislation has been voted and put in place months ago. As usual, people are complacent and/or don't believe we shall ever see a BAIL-IN.  Just like, after World War II, they didn't believe that an OPERATION GUTT (Lieftinck in the Netherlands) would confiscate all of their savings. For millenniums using their smartphones to "Bank", this historic reality and potential danger lie far beyond their imagination...

"The Canadian Truckers’ Frozen Bank Accounts also Affect YOU!"

In Canada, Banks and Brokers can now FREEZE all assets without a court order! When they don't like you, they can simply freeze your account...and it will probably take weeks and months before you have again free access to it. Note that for several reasons, we advised years ago to take all savings out of Canada. 

"The Ministry of Peace concerns itself with war, the Ministry of Truth with lies, the Ministry of Love with torture, and the Ministry of Plenty with starvation." Orwell

The Russian Federation considers the independence of the People's Republics of Donestk and Lugansk to be legal under international law, given the non-compliance by the West with the Minsk agreements of 5 September 2014.

Putin got the gold 2022 02 23Martial Law we now also have in Ukraine. Over the past weeks, the president of the country received military help from the West: helmets it received from Germany, Belgium will do even better and send more helmets and also tents, French will probably send cutlery...Locals have been and are exercising with WOODEN GUNS for weeks now.

Putin decided that 8 years of bullying by Ukraine and the West has to stop and he had enough of these 7 years of non-observance by the West end Ukraine of the Minsk agreement.  He has enough of the Western leaders who are nothing but a bunch of incompetent talking sissies and wives who have no clue of what a gun looks like...

What is happening in Ukraine right now, is one more warning for everybody living in a densely populated part of a country. Cities like Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York,...but also densely populated countries like The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany,...are at risk. The people living in these parts of the world will suffer most of what is coming. more in the subscribers' section.

"The war drums are beating like they were during the 1930s. Get out of materialism and back to the basics. Do it now!"

  • Ukraine has been shelling Donbass for nearly a week but the media and Nato insist Russia has invaded. Russia has been patient for 7 years and because Ukraine & The West are not living up to the Minsk agreement, (the government of Ukraine has been the aggressor all along) Putin decided it was time to ACT. None of which you will read in the media. All you get from the media are lies.
  • The Ukraine circus goes on. What Americans and the EUSSR don't seem to take into account, is that by doing this, the cost of energy will continue to spike. This will have a dramatic impact on Inflation because more expensive ENERGY pushed up the price of all goods and services.
  • It is the West that is not honoring the Minsk agreement! As expected the Mainstream Media don't cover the REAL NARRATIVE behind the Ukraine story.

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Wednesday/Thursday, February 23-24, 2022 - (Hyper)Inflation will make the depression worse!

Updated Sections: Inflation Index, Bonds general & USA, Treasuries in the EU, Corporate Bonds

The declaration of MARSHALL LAW (State of Emergency) by Trudeau allowed UN and NATO troops (U.S.A., Germany,...) to enter Canada and cleanse out Ottawa. The nation's security is no longer in the hands of Canadians. Watch to video all the way to the end to find out, that when things go bad, Cryptos won't save you either! Whether one believes there is a Deep State or not, this extreme scenario is certainly possible. When you can't deliver on "the cash", you sell "the power". Today's unelected politicians are a REAL DANGER to Humanity!

Gold investors should stay away from countries with fascist leaders like Canada. As gold is now breaking out to new highs, both old and new gold investors must be very careful how and where they keep their physical precious metals. Canada is no longer safe for gold investments. 

Trudeau communistASSHOLE Trudeau has issued an executive decree that gives him full emergency powers to punish the people who are involved with the truck drivers’ blockade. This action should have been taken by the courts in order to follow the rule of law. Instead, Trudeau has given himself the power to seize the bank accounts of the people and also cancel their insurance. The emergency act which he has invoked is intended for real emergencies and not for squashing protests against his unpopular policies…

So far Trudeau has given himself the right to seize their bank accounts, but there is no reason why he wouldn’t go further and grab other assets, such as stocks or the content of their bank deposit boxes including gold and silver vaulted with depositories in Canada such as the Royal Mint, Loomis or Brinks. 

And why would Trudeau not take similar measures and grab the people’s assets for any arbitrary reason including replenishing the government coffers due to his inept management of the economy?

Any investor who holds assets in Canada should now worry about what else Trudeau will do to put Canada in line with Schwab’s Stakeholder Capitalism agenda to take all assets away from the people. This agenda has little to do with free capitalism but will instead lead to fascism.


  • Strange that the Main Stream Media never reported that Ukraine has, over the past few days, been bombing Donbass and Lugansk.
  • Last Monday was 'President's day and the American financial markets were closed.

Important Fundamentals:

  • xxxx(xxx) revenues have grown by 63% over the last five years.
  • Even with the SANCTIONS, Russia shows a nice SURPLUS on the Balance of Trade. West Europe is a NET IMPORTER of Russian Natural Gas. If Putin stops the gas from flowing, the EUSSR will end the winter in the COLD and DARKNESS. I am sure if they throw Putin out of the SWIFT system, he will demand that the Natural Gas gets paid with PHYSICAL GOLD. These EUSSR leaders really are a bunch of losers. 
  • The action will propel the price of Crude Oil to over $100 per barrel and push Natural Gas prices much higher.  This will especially be painful for the GREEN RETARDS in the EU. Only MASOCHISTS are halting the Nord Stream2 pipeline and do hereby allow Putin to make even more money on the Natural Gas and Oil he exports to the EUSSR.
Canada deficit 2022 02 19
Russia has a SURPLUS...the USA a GROWING DEFICIT.  Who stole the $250,- billion?
money in the bank 2022 02 21
Putin was one of our 1st subscribers. He knows what he is doing...Do you?  

Important Technicals:

  •  What is happening to the Moderna and Pfizer shares doesn't spell a lot of good...
  • So as the automobile sector goes, so goes the World Economy. And know that this EV (Electrical Vehicle) thing won't save the world economy. Few know they also tried this during the 1920s...until the BIG crash happened in 1929 and the people all of a sudden realized that the REALITY was different.

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Monday/Tuesday, February 21-22, 2022 - Covid-19 is all about "Total Control" and a "Social Credit" system!

Updated Sections: Bank & Fin. Shares, COVID-19 a complot?, Solar & Rare Elements, 
Agriculturals , South Africa, Long Term Commodity Charts, Commodities expressed in Gold,
Miners & Gold vs SP, Inflation Index

Covid-19 is all about "Total Control". Those who don't follow the rules of the Communist leaders won't be able to travel, won't be able to access their bank accounts, won't be allowed to go to a restaurant,...no more goodies for those who don't do whatever The Communist Leaders say you must do. 

What future do you want for your children? With Vaccine passports (data passports) you are building a PRISON for your children. If this (digital passports) is what you are building for your children, you are building a prison for your loved ones. English is spoken with Dutch CC. 

Click here for the video: COVID-19 a complot?

It’s for your own safety.

  • Evacuate From Ukraine... but only if you are vaccinated!  The US State Department has warned that US citizens in Ukraine should depart immediately due to the threat of an imminent invasion from Russia. The US Embassy and Consulate in Poland sent a message saying that in addition to commercial air travel, Americans could also cross the land border to Poland.
  • They don’t even need a visa, they can just show up. Oh, and present proof of COVID vaccination. Otherwise, Americans will be denied entry to Poland and forced to stay in a country that is apparently, according to unnamed US intelligence sources, on the brink of an all-out war.

It’s for your own safety: the Digital Financial system is NOT Safe...Real Estate is NOT Safe!

Now that we know that a Prime Minister by the name of Trudeau can LOCK and SEIZE financial properties kept in Canada, we advise you to take everything you may have in Canada out of the country. Do it as soon as possible. Be advised that such can and will also happen in other Western Countries!  Whatever you have in the DIGITAL FINANCIAL SYSTEM is NO LONGER SAFE!

Are you also one of those Stubborn Real Estate investors/owners?! If so, you must watch the video. This explains exactly what is happening now and how Real Estate owners are about to end as SUPER LOSERS. The scenario of the video doesn't take into account the evolution of the currency.  A crashing currency only adds to the losses and most of the time, it makes any sale of Real Estate impossible.  Also, best case scenario, in the EU, the yield on Real Estate hovers around 3%. That is before taxes. [video only for subscribers]

Important Fundamentals:

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Friday, February 18, 2022 - One morning we will wake up in a totally different world: fortunes will be lost and fortunes will be made!

Updated Sections: Recession Proof-hold,  Bio Tech-Pharma, Oil Shares, Natural Gas & shares,
Uranium Shares,

One morning we will wake up in a totally different world...and it may take days and weeks before we are back to normalcy. The only problem is that we don't know WHEN. All over the past, they also never knew when. After it happened, there were those who prepared and those who did profit from the Ponzi system and didn't prepare...and will have lost it all. Which side will you be on? Fortunes will be lost and fortunes will be made. The end of the Gold Pool is an excellent example. But so were the happenings in Argentina, Cyprus, Operation Gutt, Venezuela, the Mississippi Company and John Law, the French Assignats, Zimbabwe, Lebanon, Turkey,...

government helpFiat money gives power to the government. Real Money gives power to the people and it is at the same time also protection from the government.  The government wants to sell you paper and/or digital money so they can use the currency to wage war and enrich their friends, so they can use it to buy votes from the IDIOT HERD, so they can donate billions to Africa (and cash their commission), so they can pretend to help the lower classes (a 4-day workweek). We are now coming to a point where this is no longer possible. There is no more road left to kick down the can. We are coming to a point where the DIRECT LEGAL Theft is coming to a climax, where the INVISIBLE LEGAL THEFT (inflation) is coming to a climax, where the INFLATION TAX is coming to a climax. Only the Government and its politicians are responsible for what is about to happen to the Western World.

Today, what they call Capitalism, is NO capitalism. What they call Democracy if not Democracy but COMMUNISM. We have entered the last stage of Western Civilization.  There is a huge difference between the capitalist who operates in a FREE MARKET and the capitalist who operates with Government help. In the beginning, Government control was minimum and was unable to hamper the magnificent progress of the Western world.

There are TWO ways to get rich and only two. Ons is to produce wealth and to trade it with other people by voluntary trade to mutual benefit. Or acquire wealth by force. To acquire it by force, one must either be a criminal, or a legalized criminal. That is a man who uses the power of government to grant him special privileges, not granted to his competitors and thus acquired wealth by legalized force, by the force of law. More in the video below.

It is the BIO-PHARMA sector that is BRIBING the Authorities (Government-Politicians) to enforce this COVID-vaccination process. Pfizer, Moderna,...at this time they are making $1,000 EACH SECOND. Things are so bad that the manufacturers of these vaccines have ZERO RESPONSIBILITY for any consequences of vaccinating massively people.

The following video is a warning for all! This is the path Western Governments are following.

Important Fundamentals:

  • Inflation continues to soar...totally expected. See chart below. Many still don't realize the inflation power this graph has.
  • Physical Gold and Physical Silver xxxxxx
Trudeau AND all Western World leaders have deliberately created this COVID crisis to mask the REAL PROBLEM or the beginning of Hyperinflation. Time to WAKE UP....there is not a lot of time left to get into PHYSICAL Gold & Silver. And I am NOT JOKING.  Money is fake, but DEBT is real!

Important Technicals:

  •  Oil Shares
  •  A conservative target for $-Gold (see below).
  • Miners
 $48,000 is a VERY conservative target.  

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Wednesday/Thursday, February 16-17, 2022 - This will end in absolute disaster for humanity.  It already has been a disaster for humanity, and it’s going to get worse.

Updated Sections: Gold & Silver Juniors, Recession Proof Shs (LOCG), Bio Tech-Pharma,

Canada's weak Prime Minister Justin Trudeau invokes authoritarian emergency law to tyrannically crush Freedom Convoy truckers' protest. This douchebag is worse than Pierre Trudeau who years ago fucked up Quebec and he is as bad as Fidel Castro. Democracy always ends with Communism and Tyranny.

Trudeau has declared Canada a dictatorship.  Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s response to trucker protests is a ‘defining moment’ for history. The odds that this COVID & Co. story will end without bloodshed, are smaller each day.  Note Trudeau now also has full control of all bank accounts of Canadians and of all their Cryptos! Only Canadians with PHYSICAL Gold & Silver out of reach of Trudeau are safe!

Everyone is predicting a war between Russia and Ukraine except Russia and Ukraine (and Goldonomic). Biden & the Democrats need a lot of positive marketing to ensure the Democrats don't lose ALL their seats in Congress this coming November! Putin, however, is way too smart to take the catch...The West will set itself without electricity and natural gas if something stupid is done. Putin is just waiting it out until the Western Leaders make themselves RIDICULOUS another time. The USA's commander in chief Biden is good for an asylum and should leave the White House asap. The PM of Canada, Justin Trudeau, ain't any better and may have to call in the UN troops “the Blue Helmets” to quell the protests against the vaccine mandates.

WE ARE AT WAR against a Globalist takeover! When freedoms are taken away, empires collapse. Under no circumstances let your children participate in this credit system (NO DEBT). We are running out of time and we have to stand up. All we have to do is to say NO. MASS NO COMPLIANCE...and take your savings out of the system and put it in physical gold and silver out of political reach. Do not give in and do not give up!

The Fiat money system is on life support. Unlike the 1970s we have a debt glut instead of a savings glut. If you want to understand, watch history. What is happening now, has been happening many times in history. Stop working for WORTHLESS PAPER! Unlike the 1970s where the measures were taken when the inflation just began, today they have no arrows, no weapons left: interest rates are at a historic low level, debt at a historic high level,...and this Covid brought even more imbalance between the supply of money and the demand for goods.

"Since 1970 we moved from a single parent working and being able to buy a house, buy a car, raise the children, take a vacation, and still save money for later to BOTH parents working, to take a mortgage to buy this house. Take that loan to buy a car. Take that Student loan to send your kids to University. Today, the situation has become so bad that people have to max out their credit cards.!?"...and the politicians dare to call this progress?

How to get rich during hyperinflations: [only for subscribers]

The dollar has Stage 4 Cancer!

dollar cancerAll the problems of the world, whether it’s the truckers in Canada or the trouble in Ukraine, can be traced back to “obscene” secret money creation and the lies to cover it all up before it blows up.  What’s occurring with the truckers in Canada, what’s occurring in Ukraine, what’s occurring in the South China Sea regarding Taiwan, what’s occurring in the Koreas, all the geopolitical tension everywhere in the world is all traceable back to the money.  The amount of money that is being created is stunningly larger than what has been acknowledged and published for consumption.

"Everything" in the USA is "made in China" The European "Balance of Trade" is still positive.

One thing that does not lie is spiking price inflation, which is signaling a dramatically depreciating dollar. In the last year, the price of natural gas is up 81%.  The price of crude oil is up 66%.  Agricultural commodities are up 24%.  Rent is up 13%.  Used car prices are up 44%.  Gasoline is up 36%.  Cattle prices are up 20%.  Lumber is up 15%.  Coffee is up 92%.  Hotel meat protection  wall mart feb 22prices are up 37%, and the CPI (Consumer Price Index) is up only 7.5%.

Walmart shopper records video purportedly showing steak locked up in viral TikTok post. One Walmart in Florida is reportedly locking up their steak in security wire. Some grocery stores are taking extra measures to protect items from being stolen, but one Walmart in Florida is reportedly taking things to a new level. This remembers me of the wired Potato fields in Eastern Europe. Farmers had to be very inventive if they didn't want to have their crops stolen by hungry Comrades who were starved by the Communists.

We are running into a situation where Money (Currencies) has less and less purchasing power and a severe economic crisis where unemployment levels are a lot worse than openly admitted. No job is no income, is no demand for goods and services.

Important Fundamentals:

  • San Francisco citizens are urged to take on a Homeless in their house (just like happened in Moskow in 1917)
  • Q. What Happens When Soaring Prices Collide With Tapped-Out Consumers? A. a severe depression. The big hyperinflationary depression of the 21st century.

Important Technicals:


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Monday/Tuesday, February 14-15, 2022 - Will the FED please stop Lying: it is impossible to fight inflation with interest rates!.

Updated Sections: World Stock Market Indexes, Commodities expressed in Gold, 
Long Term Charts, Royalty Co's, Gold & Silver Majors,

If you go too far, things turn against you!  Once people realize WE are CITIZENS and not SERFS, things can get very ugly fast. Canadians are NOT giving up. French and Belgians are organizing similar protests this weekend...and, as we expected, local Authorities already have FORBIDDEN the protest (they no longer allow people to come up for FREEDOM?! A Deja Vu of what used to be in the DDR]. In the EUSSR, there is also is no more FREEDOM. What we have is TYRANNY. Trudeau, Macron, Verlinden, Rutte, this German Moron who replaced a STASI MERKEL,...are an INSULT to humanity! The Canadian Freedom movement is terribly well organized and neither freezing money, nor court dictates are going to have any impact. This may well turn into a CIVIL WAR.

powel money machine

Central Bankers make me sick by trying to sell the same lies over and over again. Central Bankers (Fed, ECB, BoE, BoJ,...) are nothing more than sophisticated criminals misleading uneducated people. So are most politicians who use the Mainstream Media AND the BRUTE FORCE (Cops) to control the citizens.

"Inflation is a more than proportional growth of the money supply...interest is the price of Money."

Inflation is a more than proportional growth of the money supply. Interest is the price of Money. These are TWO different things. No doubt, if and when the time comes that interest rates go up, the Central Banks will be overhappy that the HERD continues to believe their lies.  Turkey is a modern example of the interest rate-inflation relation lie. Venezuela is another example. Interest rates in Turkey are high. In Venezuela even higher! The ONLY way to stop inflation, is to stop creating money. When Central Banks stop creating money because they issue fewer Treasuries and/or buy back more Treasuries (and other financial instruments), interest rates rise because the supply of money falls.

Price changes since jan 2021A Central Bank can hike the interest rate (prime rate) but such has NO IMPACT on INFLATION whatsoever.  What will happen, however, is that interest rate sensitive assets will start to tank: Treasuries, Bonds, Stock Markets, Real Estate,...This will, even more, endanger the economic and financial system of the Western World and may result in a severe CRISIS, CIVIL WAR, and WAR.

Today, the REAL UNCOOKED inflation rate is way higher than the ridicule 7.3% the Fed announces. It is even higher than the 15% calculated by other specialists at Shadow Statistics. Anybody with some brains and a calculating machine can work it out. Our average inflation rate (see table left) shows a number of 43.60%. But of course, we are those selling the false stories and the MSM tells the truth. Or is it the other way around?

"Fortunes will be lost and Fortunes will be made."

Remember, it is not the prices going up (we have proof of this statement in the Section Commodities expressed in Gold) but rather the VALUE of Fiat Money coming down. And this is only the beginning. We expect it to become worse as Dangerous Western Criminals (Leaders) continue to print and spend fiat money like drunken monkeys. Be advised that as the whole western world is playing these Money and Debt creating games, it will be a lot harder than ever to ensure your savings and purchasing power stay safe. But when the time has come, those who do will be rewarded.

There will be NO CRASH on the Stock Markets. At least NOT before 2029-2030 and when expressed in FIAT MONEY. In Real Money, the story will be completely different and very GRIM. [see the section for Long Term Charts for more - especially check the charts for Venezuela, Argentina,...]

Do you also have a SHOE SHINER or, even better, a BELL BOY which will make you richer?

Shoe shine 2022 02 11Maybe you have a subscription to one of these "so-called" financial magazines operated by people who have no clue of what inflation is. There are plenty. Maybe you are taking tips from a 20-year-old blogger who doesn't know the difference between a STOCK and a BOND. There also are plenty of these.

Good Financial Advisors are not widely available. During the 1990s the Bankers & Authorities did everything they could to get rid of these individuals who made the dark side of the Bankers and Brokers visible to the public. At the same time, many experienced Financial Advisers have passed away or are pensioned.

"I have seen the quality of the Financial-Media disappear since the 1990s."

Important Warning: Most financial advisors out there and, most Investment letters are written by a bunch of inexperienced yuppies that have NEVER seen a SERIOUS Market Correction and/or Crash. To follow them is playing with your financial life.  Todays' rigged financial markets are a dangerous ROULETTE. Just like Cryptos are. They will continue to go up as long as the RIGGING, the Manipulation works. Keeping your SAVINGS in this Digital Financial system has become VERY DANGEROUS as by doing so, your assets have become a LIABILITY and subject to a potential Banking Crisis, Currency Crisis, Bail-IN, etc...Keeping your savings with a Bank, Broker,...is about the most dangerous one can do today.

During the 1920s and all the way to 1929, the best financial advice came from SHOE SHINERS, BELL BOYS, TAXI DRIVERS,...today you can follow the modern version of these.  The finfluencers, Bloggers,...etc As long as they print money, we shall see NO CRASH and stocks will continue to go up. Using DARTS to find out which stocks to buy, is probably as good, if not better than spending hours studying the financial markets. Stock Markets in Turkey, Venezuela, Argentina,...all continue to go up. Corrected for the lower currencies and especially when expressed in REAL MONEY, however, they are crashing. Remember that with a 40% inflation rate, your bank savings, portfolio, and Real Estate holdings will end be worth almost nothing in NO time: there will be more and more millionaires and even billionaires...but they will have nothing and be poor!

"The problem we face is that the nominal price of stocks and real estate will continue to go up, while the REAL PRICE will crash!"

Important Fundamentals:

  •  At this time, there is a serious supply problem of xxxxxx!
  • What good does it do when the Stock market gains 100% but the Currency crashes? Turkey is another live example. (see the section for Long Term charts)

TR20 candle4

Important Technicals:

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Friday, February 11, 2022 - Canadian Trucker-Freedom movement gets followers all over the world.

Updated Sections: Real Estate in Turkey, Real Estate in South Africa, 

Canadian Trucker-Freedom movement gets followers all over the world: New Zealand (this NZ horse-face-woman is a psycho), France, Belgium, The Netherlands. People have enough of this Government Tyranny. What we have today as the government is ORGANIZED CRIME and has NOTHING to do with Democracy.  Things have become so bad that the authorities no longer allow Democratic manifestations! Enough is enough and the time has come for people to stand up and get rid of all political psychopaths who are selling out the civilians to Globalism.

Polish immigrants arrived in Ottawa with thousands of Polish sausages and bread for the truckers. "We didn't want to live in communism, we wanted to live in a free country." "For the last two years, we're living like prisoners." These people experienced firsthand what COMMUNISM (this is what we have NOW in most parts of Europe) is like.  Personally, I remember how it was when I traveled to East Berlin and Communist Europe (USSR) until 1989.  I know it WAS NOT FUNNY and I know today in the EUSSR we have EXACTLY the same situation as we had years ago in the USSR. After the Berlin Wall came down in 1989, COMMUNISM spread all the way to the WEST. Unfortunately, today's WOKE generation and the Millenniums have been brainwashed about it by a Government Controlled education system. Time for them to get a good lesson.

What is happening today, is not about COVID, but about the TOTAL CONTROL of all of us! Crypto lovers should be aware, Digital Money is part of the plan.

The idea that real estate is a safe investment that also provides adequate protection against inflation seems to be written in stone for most investors. It seems like a law of nature. property or goldContrary to what you might think, real estate does not adequately protect your purchasing power during periods of high inflation.  Real estate prices will rise, but that means nothing. In fact, during high inflation, prices of everything from almonds to toilet paper rise. 

Real estate prices have to rise hard enough to at least keep pace with the other price increases,  if not you lose purchasing power.  And that is where the problem lies with very high inflation. During the hyperinflation of Weimar Germany, the price of a dwelling expressed in U.S. dollars fell. The price also fell when expressed in Gold.

"With the mark falling faster than domestic prices were rising. Berlin apartments worth $10,000 before the war could be bought for as little as $500."

Those who looked at real estate prices in German marks saw price increases as far as the eye could see, but those who expressed the same prices in a stable currency such as the dollar were suddenly faced with a price drop of as much as 95%.  Before hyperinflation, a foreigner with $10,000 cash could already buy one apartment. A few years later, he could buy as many as 20 apartments with that same bundle of cash.  In other words, with only 2 or 3 gold coins, one could buy a whole street. Same story in Manhattan where 2 or 3 gold coins bought one a skyscraper. When a currency loses its fiat value, things tend to go FAST and are VIOLENT.

Today in Venezuela, one can buy a nice house for $10,000 (5 x 1 oz. gold coins)...and prices keep sliding down. In Turkey, last year, the average price of Real Estate fell by half after the Turkish Lira crashed. Also here, the rising Turkish Real Estate prices did not compensate for the inflation rate and the weaker Lira. In South Africa, expressed in Dollars, houses sell for almost nothing. See Real Estate Sections: Turkey & South Africa Real Estate. 

The Government is another problem with real estate that can most of the time brings serious problems.  When real estate and rental prices rise too fast, politicians are under pressure to keep houses affordable for everyone. They will at first try to make real estate investments a little less attractive, but at some point, they will simply fix the rents.  Price controls, in other words. 

But be aware that even there the price increases will never be as great as those for gold and silver. This is the reason to focus on precious metals and largely ignore the real estate market.  Be patient and soon you will be able to profit from the IDIOCY of the HERD that for no reason keeps BELIEVING in stones and mortar.

Last but not least, know that when expressed in Real Money or Gold, the price of Real Estate has already been sliding down for some years now. See Slide on the home page for Belgian Real Estate expressed in Gold. Remember that Real Estate is NOT an investment and a roof over your head ALWAYS costs money. Whether you rent or you buy!

Important Warning: Most financial advisors out there and, most Investment letters are written by a bunch of inexperienced yuppies that have NEVER seen a SERIOUS Market Correction and/or Crash. To follow them is playing with your financial life.  Todays' rigged financial markets are a dangerous ROULETTE. Just like Cryptos are. They will continue to go up as long as the RIGGING, the Manipulation works. Keeping your SAVINGS in this Digital Financial system has become VERY DANGEROUS as by doing so, your assets have become a LIABILITY and subject to a potential Banking Crisis, Currency Crisis, Bail-IN, etc...Keeping your savings with a Bank, Broker,...is about the most dangerous one can do today.

Important Fundamentals:

  •  Fed Rate Hike Will Cement Hyperinflationary Great Depression of the 21st Century.
  •  The ART market is a SCAM!
Today the chickens are coming back home to roost. The manufacturing process fled to China. In fact, it was chased away to China by the SICK POLITICIANS who kept increasing LEGISLATION, REGULATION, and TAXATION on the local manufacturers...and because "We The People" let it all happen.

Important Technicals:

  •  xxx & xxxx are starting afresh bull run...up to much higher levels!

© - All Rights Reserved - The contents of this report may NOT be copied, reproduced, or distributed without the explicit written consent of Goldonomic.

Wednesday/Thursday, February 9-10, 2022 - Ottawa declares a state of emergency as anti-vax truckers paralyze Canada's capital.

Updated Sections: Gold-$, Rupee Gold, Swiss Franc & Gold, Euro and €-Gold, Candollar & Gold,
British Pound & Gold, Silver, US Dollar , Swedish Krona & Gold
, Aussie & Gold, Yen & Gold,
SA Rand & Gold, Crude Oil price ,

Ottawa declares a state of emergency as anti-vax truckers paralyze Canada's capital. The mayor of Ottawa has declared a state of emergency ten days after a convoy of angry lorry drivers and protesters against Covid vaccine mandates occupied Canada’s capital. Jim Watson said that the situation was “completely out of control” and posed a serious threat to residents. The demonstrators now outnumber the police in the city. A couple of hundred drivers of articulated lorries have brought downtown Ottawa to a standstill, blocking roads with their vehicles, trailers, and tents. The Cops have begun to Diesel and Gasoline provisions from the Truckers to make it impossible to keep them warm...and start bullying both the Truckers and Peaceful protesters in Ottawa, Toronto, Montreal,... Totally in the line of what to expect from Cops.

The news about the revolt is slowly but surely being mentioned by the MSM in the EUSSR. The MSM tried to hide this reality by focussing the news on a kid who fell in a 35 m deep water hole somewhere in Morocco...  Similar revolts are being organized in the EUSSR as the Covid-narrative is quickly losing terrain. About time if you realize that any Covid-positive human with a valid QR-pass can freely travel planet Earth and infect others.!? About time to realize that triple-vaccinated individuals are more likely to be hospitalized.  In other words, the vaccines do the opposite of what the health authorities claimed. Mandating vaccination actually makes the problem worse, not better.

The Canadian Government - like governments in many other countries - has been breaking the law for TWO YEARS now.  High time the people STOP this now! The whole world is watching the Canadian Truckers. What is happening in Canada will probably affect the whole Western World. Not only have all Western Governments been breaking both the Constitution and the local legislation, but the Legal System has also been approving and has even covered up the illegal activity. Montesquieu is turning over in his grave. 

Now that COWARD & COMMUNIST Trudeau has fled to an undisclosed hideout in the USA, Pierre Poilievre is presenting himself as the future Prime Minister of Canada. If he is elected, he probably will be one of the few high-ranking politicians who KNOWS what INFLATION is and how to control it. Pierre also very well knows what GOOD Government should be like. What we have today is Tyranny, Stupidity, Bullying, and a mockery of Good Government.


  • also watch Pierre's other video's about Inflation, about Debt, about sound Money. Pierre explains clearly what "Inflation" and "Money" are...and it is NOT what these SHITTY politicians and their MSM pretend it is. This is what good leaders are like!
  • this past week, there were 2 articles in a Belgian Newspaper (De Standaard) about inflation. Reading the article made me sick. Really unbelievable that this kind of SHIT is being sold to the public in 2022 by some newspaper. This says it all about today's society.

Here's a quick summary of recent events in Canada:

The Canadian military has declared it "incompetent" in response to questions about helping the police end the protests. An army spokesman said: "The Canadian Forces are not involved in law enforcement in this situation and there are no plans for such involvement."

Donations of petrol were banned by the police and confiscated by the city council of the capital. Shortly afterward, a court declared this illegal and the seized petrol had to be returned. Citizens made fun of it and walked past police checkpoints with empty jerry cans.

Rows of truck drivers remove their tires to avoid being towed. But that shouldn't be necessary, many tow companies show solidarity with the truckers.

In the meantime, private shipowners are also considering blocking (!) ports. The first attempts have already been made.

Important Warning: Most financial advisors out there and, most Investment letters are written by a bunch of inexperienced yuppies that have NEVER seen a SERIOUS Market Correction and/or Crash. To follow them is playing with your financial life.  Todays' rigged financial markets are a dangerous ROULETTE. Just like Cryptos are. They will continue to go up as long as the RIGGING, the Manipulation works. Keeping your SAVINGS in this Digital Financial system has become VERY DANGEROUS as by doing so, your assets have become a LIABILITY and subject to a potential Banking Crisis, Currency Crisis, Bail-IN, etc...Keeping your savings with a Bank, Broker,...is about the most dangerous one can do today.

Important Fundamentals:

  • This is the BIG ORGASM of all Green Retards. Not only are Natural Gas and Nuclear Energy classified as GREEN ENERGY, but some French President by the name of Macron has also openly stated that France will again start to use more COAL to generate electricity. The GREEN LIE narrative is crumbling, just like the COVID narrative is. I wonder how long it will take before the GREEN VEHICLE (EV) narrative will start to crumble? Maybe the very day, the non-thinking-believers have to buy a new battery?
  • At a time when the EU has to import more and more Natural Gas out of Russia, EUSSR politicians keep giving Putin and Russia a hard time?! We all know the West is run by a bunch of Sickos and Assholes, do we?!  Also, do yourself a favor and check on our PF chart what the price was of Natural Gas in 2005-2006 ($15) and 2008 ($13). From 2000 to 2005, the cost of Natural Gas was, on average, DOUBLE ($9.50) as high as it is today. Also, check out the PF chart of Crude Oil and be amazed at what the price was in 2008, 2011-2012. Finally, be advised that the GOVERNMENT is LEGALLY STEALING the largest chunk of the energy cost by means of taxation (at least 60% to 70%).
  • xxxxxxx Will Likely Pay At Least $10/ADR In Dividends The Next 5 Years.
  • xxxxxxxx: Strong Production Growth Expected For 2022.
  • xxxxxxxx Is A Good Investment For The Next 2 Years.
Screen Shot 2022 02 07 at 11.45.13 AM
We have PEAK GOLD. Another proof that Digital Money is VERY dangerous to your financial health. Government can and will SEIZE the funds when they feel like it.

Important Technicals:

  • Correlations come and correlations go...and it looks like the correlation between the .
  • The Gold pool (Government) is the biggest gold & silver manipulator. Just like it was during 1960-1970 before the Bank Holiday where the price of Gold DOUBLED just for starters.
  • xxxxxxx was up 6%. See pf in the section for xxxxxx.
  • xxxxxxx was up 5%. See pf in the section for xxxxxx.
  • xxxxxxx was up 5%. See pf in the section for xxxxxx.
  • Most Currencies (FOREX) are moving sideward versus each other...pointing to what is the result of the International RIGGING (Swap agreements) by the FED and the ECB. After all, if one can create as much FIAT currency out of thin air as required...almost everything is possible...until it is no longer. Also, Currencies are worth nothing, ZERO. whether you hold, Sterling, Dollars, Euros, Yen, Rand,... at the end, when the pin hits the bubble, it won't make a lot of difference.
facebook 3 feb 2022
 Interest is the price of Money, of a currency! Thin Air it is and as thin air it will end, Mr. Succker!

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Monday/Tuesday, February 2022 - The REAL FINAL RESET always happens versus Gold (and Silver)!

Updated Sections: World Stock Market Indexes (partly), 

“They are printing money like crazy under the cover of covid, the restrictions are there to stop the riots when the collapse happens. It’s the end of days.”

If you also happen to know one of these Mainstream Media rockstars, please kick their asses and let us know!  We really do wonder HOW the MSM and the SLIMY politicians (Authorities) will wash them out of these lies? In Ottawa, all TOW companies told Trudeau that they were unable to send tow trucks Downtown because all drivers are at home with Covid.

"It's gonna be Gold & Silver, and it's gonna be misery."

Inflation surges 7% in December, highest in 40 years. No surprise and we expected this and expect even HIGHER figures. We just don't know what Narrative the Authorities and MSM will overnight repos LT 2022try to sell us about this. Remember, we have entered the EXPONENTIAL part of the equation and more and more Fiat Money will be required to keep the financial system alive. Higher interest rates won't be able to stop it. Fuelling the money towards the Stock, Bond, and Real Estate Markets won't work and won't stop the inflation going up. Cooking the inflation figures won't save you, talking about inflation won't save you...Blaming Ukraine and Putin won't save us.

There are NOT A LOT of ASSETS that will and can save you. It's gonna be Gold and Silver or it's gonna be misery. It has been so for the last 6,000 years and todays' suckers-politicians and central bankers are NOT going to be able to turn this around. No way Jose!  Soon, the public will find out that the supply chain disruptions are also nothing more but yet another dirty lie!

This IS HYPERINFLATION (see chart). Note the situation is as bad in the EUSSR, Japan, England!

Whether the price of Gold & Silver goes up or whether it comes down is TOTALLY IRRELEVANT.  Soon it will be people with Money (Gold & Silver) and people without Money (bank deposits, bonds, shares, Real Estate, Art, Cryptos,...). And when the process starts, it will GO FAST and leave most in the cold!

Instead of discussing Cryptos, higher or lower stock markets, higher or lower real estate markets, better use your time to acquire the ONLY ASSETS that are going to allow you to survive: Gold & Silver that is.

Important Fundamentals:

  •  Are you also one of these Smart Asses buying Real Estate at the TOP of the market (since 1737) because you incorrectly believe RENT is wasted money? (see original picture in the Real Estate Section). Wise is to buy Real Estate when it is DIRT CHEAP and nobody wants it (like after a War) and to sell it when it is VERY EXPENSIVE and nobody believes the price will crash and/or we can have another war.

huizenprijzen 300j

  • And NO, nominal interest rates and the general level of interest rates have no influence on the price of Gold & Silver whatsoever!  Only REAL INTEREST rates matter.
  • And the Interest rate is the price one has to pay for MONEY and the level has NOTHING to do with Inflation (as the Central Bank ASSHOLES want you to believe).
 Gold is cheap as chips...but the Herd still doesn't see it.  Fed balance sheet = creation of fresh currency.
All monetary figures are now in HYPERINFLATION mode! central bank assets 2022 02 05

Important Technicals:

  •  xxxxxx is a BUY at the present level. xxxxx are a BUY at the present level (don't forget our warnings re. Digital assets and Hedge positions)
 xxxxxx just hit a STRONG BOTTOM. This is an ETF and should NOT be bought as an investment. See shares in the Uranium section.  

© - All Rights Reserved - The contents of this report may NOT be copied, reproduced, or distributed without the explicit written consent of Goldonomic.

Thursday/Friday, February 3-4, 2022 - Governments (incl. Central Bankers) and their Petty government officials & MSM are our biggest common enemies!

Updated Sections: click here to find out how Canadians tackle the LIE!

The Politicians decided to vaccinate the world...against some FLU. However, vaccinated people still get sick, people lured into the Booster still get sick. Vaccinated people with QR-code still get sick and still infect others. 'Below' is the result of this Political-Frankenstein-IDIOCY. Really painful to see that this DUMB HERD keeps following these idiot politicians?!

vaxxed the world 2022 01 30

Freedom Convoy 2022 & Canadian FAKE NEWS!? As we expected, the European COMMUNIST Mainstream Media doesn't report on this...or they make-believe that it is Fake News and a fringe contest by a small group of extremists. This MORON Prime minister of Canada by the name of Justin Trudeau (is WORSE than his father Pierre Trudeau) says the TruckersFor Freedom convoy is a "small fringe minority" who holds "unacceptable views".  Note this guy bribed himself in power using the loopholes in the Canadian law and a minority of 30% of the Canadian votes. Where else have we seen similar criminal action?  Belgium, the Netherlands, France, the U.S.A.?...It is high time "The People" take their rights back and get rid of this political waste.

“If everyone is thinking alike, then somebody isn't thinking.” George Patton

A good investor looks for situations where the truth differs from the consensus. In fact, one should be uncomfortable with a large unanimity in the stock market (and in the Real Estate market). Investors in technology stocks have experienced this firsthand in recent weeks.

Bad, Criminal Government brings Bad Inflation. A must-see! Stop believing the LIES told by the Governments for they are the ONLY very reason for Inflation.

During Bubble times (like now), fundamentals have little or no impact on the reality of the financial markets. It all is a bubble and remains all bubble until the pin makes the bubble pop. Most of the time, the people and the investors remain relatively happy until the Catharsis happens. That is until after they decide to take SIX ZEROS off the currency. What most people don't realize, is that there will probably be NO STOCK MARKET CRASH. Only the CURRENCY (Dollars, Euros, Sterlings, Yen, Bolivars,...) used to express the value of the Stock Markets CRASH. By taking SIX ZEROS out of the Bolivar overnight, they are at the same time taking SIX ZEROS out of your Portfolio, out of your Real Estate property,...(see subscriber's section below)


Important Fundamentals:

  • This is how I and other professionals operate when we have to fill a LARGE ORDER:  they sell the paper (futures, ETF,...) and at the same time BUY the PHYSICAL. This is exactly what happened (again) last week in the Gold & Silver

  • The sad fact is, it is pretty obvious we are headed for hyperinflation. 
  • What causes all this inflation? Money creation in a nutshell and Weimar hyperinflation in the pipe...

    As a consequence, PRICE Inflation starts to soar in most Western Countries: UK +5.4%, Germany 24% (producer price inflation),  Japan copes with 2-year high inflation, the cost of energy spikes to a level many people can no longer afford to pay the bills.

  • U.S. Natural Gas Prices

Important Technicals:

  • This is what the historic scenario looks like and what we can expect in the next years.
They keep creating currency out of thin air...see the hockey stick charts in the video Bad Government brings Bad Inflation.
 This inflates the Stock Market...until the ZEROS are taken away OVERNIGHT! and your Portfolio crashes...as well as the value of your house. In Venezuela, this happened 3-4 times in a row...hereby destroying portfolios and Real Estate.
 At the same time, the exchange value of the currency crashes. Vertical lines represent every time the currency has lost 99% of its value, which has happened five times since 2012. The graph shows that as of October 2021, the currency is worth about 46 billion times less than it was worth in August 2012.
As history learns, as usual, there is only one asset that survives.

© - All Rights Reserved - The contents of this report may NOT be copied, reproduced, or distributed without the explicit written consent of Goldonomic.



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