February 2023

The Gold Cartel Has Lost Control Of The Gold Price!?

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Monday/Tuesday, February 27-28, 2023:  More important details about the Vaults we advise to our relations.!

Updated Sections: Candollar & Gold, British Pound & Gold, Swedish Krona & Gold, 
Aussie & Gold, Yen & Gold, SA Rand & Gold, World Stock Market Indexes,
Index In Real Money/Gold, Long Term Charts, Royalty Co's,

American & EU Bread & Circus.

Screen Shot 2023 03 22 at 20.37.31

The Vaulting we advise our relations to work with is unique and probably the one and only offering this extended concierge service worldwide.

Screen Shot 2023 02 23 at 3.53.00 PM

  1. What is the difference between Private Storage like our advised Vault and Bank Safe Deposit Box services? Private Storage is unregulated, providing a much greater level of discretion as reporting client details does not occur.  Besides providing basic AML documentation such as ID and Utility Bill, the client can assume as much anonymity as they wish. 
  2. Does the Vault has insurance? All items stored in the allocated and segregated UL3 Vault we ADVISE are fully insured, unlike some vaults that only insure a certain percentage of the items held in their vaults.  The Vault maintains a minimum of 10% extra insurance to cover any variations in stored item prices.
  3. Do I need an appointment to access my Safe Deposit Box? While an appointment is preferable, it is not entirely necessary. You can access your Safe Deposit Box anytime during our normal business hours, Monday to Friday, 8 am to 5 pm. Having an appointment will make the process faster and smoother and ensure we are ready for your visit. Clients with appointments would receive priority over those without.
  4. Can I get Political Risk Insurance? The Vault is able to offer a unique Lloyd‘s backed confiscation insurance option. The cost is approx. 0.45% p.a. in addition to the complimentary US $10,000 Safe Deposit Box insurance.
  5. Can I give other people access to my Safe Deposit Box?  Yes, subject to certain conditions, which you can detail in the Safe Deposit Box contract.
  6. Can I access my Safe Deposit Box outside of normal business hours? Yes, with prior notice of at least 24 hours, we are able to open the facility at any time for you, subject to a special opening fee.
  7. Will the Vault open for me in an Emergency? Absolutely. With prior notice of at least 24 hours, we are able to open the facility at any time for you, subject to a special opening fee.
  8. What forms of payments does The Vault accept? They are able to accept wire transfers, cash, silver or gold, crypto, or other methods as required.
  9. What happens to the contents of my Safe Deposit Box if I die? Unless you have already detailed specific access controls when signing the contracts with the Vaults and have given access to another ‘specified person’ on your account at the time of your death, the normal legal processes will prevail. Once the estate has been granted probate, the executor of the estate will be assigned access to the box. The person reporting your death should bring a certified copy of the death certificate to our office. Access will be allowed to the box for the purposes of probate valuation only. No items may be removed until such time as a relevant grant of probate has been shown.
  10. Does the Vault has access to my Safe Deposit Box? The Vault uses a two-key system, one master key held by us and two keys that are held by you. After verification that you have access to the box, you and a Vault representative together open the box door, as this requires both the master key and your client key to be present at the same time. More is possible by issuing a POA.
  11. Can I have the assets in my Safe Deposit Box insured?  All the Safe Deposit Boxes come with $10,000 complimentary insurance. You can also choose a $25,000, $40,000, $75,000, or $100,000 option. Outside these limits, further insurance can be arranged on a case-by-case basis.  Clients can store valuables such as Precious Metals in Allocated & Segregated offshore Bonded Storage. 
  12. Does the vault has any reporting duties? As a Private logistics company, the vault does not have any reporting duties to the Authorities or elsewhere. The vault must, however, report all bonded items monthly in an aggregate manner. This means that we must show Customs a list of all items stored in a bonded manner in our facility – we never need to disclose a client´s identity.

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A lot more currency to chase less gold. Very interesting to realize a lot more currency will chase a lot less Gold.

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Important Fundamentals:

  • US Mortgage rates continued their steep climb this week,
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Important Technicals:

  • This is the eye of the storm,  For premium members only.

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Tuesday-Friday, February 22-24, 2023: 
Ukraine war is a Checkmate for the EU, and of course, all points are paid by European taxpayers.!

Updated Sections: Candollar & Gold, British Pound & Gold, Swedish Krona & Gold, 
Aussie & Gold, Yen & Gold, SA Rand & Gold

Repeating the same message occasionally is essential to ensure more readers UNDERSTAND what is happening.

Screen Shot 2023 02 21 at 11.11.25 AM

  1. First, the U.S. makes direct super profits selling LNG to the EU, and Europeans pay accordingly.
  2. Second, the sharp increase in energy costs already significantly reduces the competitiveness of European industry compared to the U.S.; here, U.S. producers make indirect profits that no one calculates but which can be significantly higher than the profits from LNG sales. According to Eurostat, residential consumer payments have increased by 2.5 to 5 times in 2022, depending on contract terms. Energy costs for industry and commerce in the EU have increased by 7 to 10 times in some cases.
  3. Third, after the U.S. passed legislation to provide direct assistance to U.S.-based companies - the $369 billion Inflation Relief Act - European manufacturers, weakened by rising energy prices and sanctions against Russia, began moving some of their production to the U.S. That's new taxes, jobs and more purchasing power for Washington and just the opposite for Brussels, i.e., another source of more U.S. economic power to the detriment of Europe.
  4. Fourth, the EU countries give Ukraine a significant part of their weapons stockpiles and urgently need replenishment. In practice, the dream of the USA has been fulfilled: the rejection of the whole European part of NATO from the Soviet weapons, which urgently need to be replaced by new weapons (according to NATO standards). This raises a question: whose military-industrial complex, under the conditions of energy hunger and production problems in Europe, will be able to offer the most competitive conditions for the most important defense contracts from Europe: the American or the European? European taxpayers will pay for that as well.
  5. Fifth, since the early 2000s, the U.S. has demanded that European countries increase their defense spending to 2 percent of GDP and that at least 30 percent be spent on buying new weapons (bought from the American Industrial Military Sector?). Last month, at the Davos Economic Forum, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said that 2 percent of GDP was no longer a target but the floor for military spending by NATO countries.
  6. And finally, sixthly, as Charles Michel (la PATATE), the President of the European Council, stated in Davos, the EU spent 50 billion euros in 2022 on all kinds of assistance to Ukraine, not counting the funds for supporting Ukrainian refugees and related problems, which, again, are primarily faced by the countries of Europe. This is almost a third of the EU budget for 2022, amounting to 167 billion euros.

It is not for nothing that Valdis Dombrovskis, the first deputy chairman of the EU Commission, said at the Davos forum that the EU Commission may ask EU countries to make additional contributions to the EU budget this summer because the money is gone. This will undoubtedly mean new taxes or loans that will not improve the economic situation in old Europe, which is over-indebted by 80 percent of GDP.

"The U.S. has begun to squeeze Europe, draining its financial, entrepreneurial, and intellectual resources."

The U.S. has begun to squeeze Europe, draining its financial, entrepreneurial, and intellectual resources.  In the words of the heads of the EU institutions, the U.S. Inflation Control Act has caused "considerable concern in Europe" and was really just the icing on the cake of these processes.

"Remember that gold is not just your most crucial wealth-preservation asset but can also be beautiful."

A debt-based economy eventually becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.  The higher the debt, the more the debt needs to grow in a never-ending vicious circle. In the end, the debt cycle becomes a perpetual motion Ponzi scheme……. UNTIL IT ALL CRASHES!  Like what happened in 1929.

More Money supply means higher nominal stock markets and lower bond markets...but lower real stock prices.  When the implosion of the currencies happens, all assets bought with this fake money will lose their value...stocks will crash where cheap money was used to buy back their own shares. Finally, the real value of the indebted currencies will drop to ZERO.

BEWARE – A GOLD CUSTODIAN DISAPPEARED WITH CLIENTS’ METALS.  If you store your gold with a gold custodian, ensure you can only release it by having the Warehouse Receipt in your name. A custodian gold company disappeared last year with the major customer assets despite storing gold with a major vault company. The weakness was that the gold company could release the gold without the client’s approval. This is not an acceptable way to store your wealth preservation asset.

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Investing in 2023.  Traders, Day Traders, etc...In my life, I have found that short-term buying and selling (trading) only serves financial institutions.

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Important Fundamentals:

  • We guess that in max 2 years' time from now, we shall have a global war in Europe.
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Important Technicals:

  • According to market cycles, gold should be starting its annual decline from highs in January. It's NOT. It should then flatline from March to May. It WON'T.
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Monday/Tuesday, February 20-21, 2023: Happy President's day!

Updated Sections:  Gold-$, Silver, US Dollar, Swiss & Gold, Rupee Gold, Yuan Gold, Euro & €-Gold

presidents day 2023 02 19

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Thursday-Friday, February 16-17, 2023:  -
They take you to war when nothing else works!

Updated Sections: Gold-$, Silver, US Dollar, Swiss & Gold, Rupee Gold, Yuan Gold, Euro & €-Gold

72 hoursOnce things get out of hand, there will be less than 72 hours left to move your assets into safety.  In other words, most will lose all they have. Most are the HERD, the WISENOSES, who keep believing and listening to the Authorities, snake oil Merchants, and Mainstream media. Those who keep believing in the PONZI scheme of Bank Accounts, Pension Funds, in keeping physical Gold at home or in a bank safe are not safe. Those too greedy to work on a PLAN B are not safe either. Those who keep believing in Fiat Currency and the bubbles they make.

The reality was that during the COVID pandemic, ALL Alien (EU-USA) Panama residents could freely travel to and from Europe & the USA to Panama while all other Citizens were locked up!

When should one sell Gold? This is one of the dumbest questions one can ask at this time.

Socialists and Communists are retards: Owning physical gold and silver is extremely important!  Socialism excites some people because it imagines a utopia. And most people don't like the "boring" work that can make an honest man rich.  Marx kept the political dream alive, though...He did it the same way every dictatorial leader eventually rules: He NEVER spent time on the "boring" economic accounting of socialism. In fact, he BANNED his followers from pursuing it. You see, Marx made private ownership the enemy. And without individuals owning private property, rational economic accounting is impossible under socialism.  All Marx did was call for "revolution."

However, one giant of a historical figure solved that problem and proved that "boring" economic accounting would work.  He was an Austrian Economist named Ludwig Von Mises. He developed this principle of economic rationality. In simple terms, money must make value calculable. If it doesn't, how can you know what the market wants? When governments create interventions and regulations to develop their socialist utopia, they distort what markets really want. Marx paid no attention to this principle. He didn't want to.  That's because both Marx and the Socialists want you to own nothing...and be happy...The answer is always just "cause the revolution"! But the simple, "boring" things make understanding the gap between value and price possible. In other words, the "boring" things help us understand the real value of money.

Money and markets must be sound - without regulation or interventions. So, here's where sound money starts: With a physical currency holding value like gold and silver. When government currencies fail, they eventually return to gold and silver. So when you hold gold and silver, it protects you from governments distorting the real value of money. And when currencies are held in gold, it REQUIRES accounting. That's why owning physical gold and silver is extremely important.

On Real Estate:  What happens when the sellers of Mortgages go bankrupt!?

With First Guaranty Mortgage Corp. and Sprout Mortgage — a pair of firms that specialized in non-traditional loans not eligible for government backing — recently running aground, real estate experts are beginning to question their value.  First Guaranty filed for bankruptcy protection in the spring, while Sprout Mortgage shut down early this summer.

With new mortgages down 55%, US lenders are starting to go bankrupt — could this one-factor trigger the worst surge of failures since 2008?

The average home insurance policy is nearly 40% higher than 12 years ago.  In documents tied to its bankruptcy filing, First Guaranty leaders said once interest rates started to climb, lending volume dropped and left the company with more than $473 million owed to creditors.

Other non-bank lenders are being forced to streamline to stay afloat.  A report from HousingWire says retail lenders Angel Oak, Lower.com, and Keller Mortgage have all had to introduce layoffs given the challenging market conditions.

It’s important to note that if you have a mortgage through a lender that’s now bankrupt or defunct, that doesn’t mean your mortgage goes away.

Typically, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) works with other lenders to pick up orphaned mortgages, and the process happens quickly enough to avoid interruptions in paying down the loan.

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Very interesting video - a must-watch - we disagree about the stock advised in the video and rate it as a dangerous trade.

The video is about the truth and nothing but the truth about the Ukraine War!

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Important Fundamentals:

  • More and more non-NATO nations have started trading Oil (and other commodities) in GOLD and Gold-backed currencies...
  • For premium members only.

Important Technicals:

  • THIS IS A DEJA VU OF THE PRE-1968 GOLD MARKET AND THE MANIPULATIONS BY THE GOLD POOL at that time...Beware of 1960-70 like Gold TRAPS! They only happen in the Fiat markets and are meant to shake a maximum of investors out of Physical Gold & Silver, and WE KNOW IT WORKS. Even some of our Subscribers are losing faith. 
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Monday-Wednesday, February 13-15, 2023 - Strong China Demand Boosts Gold Rall!

Updated Sections: Corporate Bonds, 

chinese goldJanuary was another positive month for gold bullion. We saw strong gold buying from China, with estimated tonnes purchased at the highest level since 2017. Price action and trading desk anecdotes indicate significant buying from China's "official sector," including the People’s Bank of China. This was in stark contrast to China's accelerated selling of U.S. Treasuries.

We live in an era that contains so many lies in so many places (or has humanity always been that way, maybe...?), that it really is increasingly difficult to fully understand the world and, even more so, the finances of our society.

The average European and American investor is uneducated and follows the Mainstream Media and the lies of the (Central) Bankers, Politicians, and Snake Oil Investment advisors.  The more they try to study our small world, the less they sometimes seem to understand... However, one thing is clear: everything is not working as it should! Also, those who think they are descendants of Einstein and keep doing the same stupidity over and over again, that is, keeping their savings in DIGITAL assets and Real Estate, will someday in the near future become as poor as Job.  Many people have worked hard their whole life but refuse to act as an ADULT regarding their savings. They don't understand that it is no longer about Maling Digital Money but rather about preserving REAL purchasing power.

Ripley's believe it or not:

  • The World has become an Asylum: institutional investors back Shell board lawsuit over climate risk. European institutional investors are backing a novel Londen lawsuit against energy giant SHELL. Board over alleges climate mismanagement in a case that could have far-reaching implications for how companies tackle emissions. Shell's 11 directors have failed to manage the risk posed to the company by climate change and are breaking company law. A Bank of England and HM Treasury publication
  • The way we use money is changing.  This Consultation Paper assesses the case for a retail central bank digital currency (CBDC) – a so-called digital pound.’ It has been overseen by the joint Bank-HM Treasury CBDC Taskforce that was announced in April 2021.

At this stage, we judge that the digital pound will likely be needed in the future. It is too early to decide whether to introduce the digital pound, but we are convinced preparatory work is justified.

The digital pound would be a new form of sterling, similar to a digital banknote issued by the Bank of England. Households and businesses would use it for their everyday payment needs. It would be used in-store, online, and to make payments to family and friends. It would exist alongside and be easily exchangeable with cash and bank deposits if introduced.

The digital pound would maintain public access to retail central bank money. As our lifestyles and the economy become increasingly digital, it would also promote innovation, choice, and efficiency in domestic payments.

But there is a catch: the Bank of England proposes a £10,000 - £20,000 holding limit per person for the digital pound (CDBC). In other words, the BoE can FORCE consumers to SPEND the money! You don't spend the money, and you lose it.

Important Fundamentals:

  • This is why they viciously banged the
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Important Technicals:

  •  See charts below
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Thursday-Friday, February 9-11, 2023 - EU-Green Deal is a "can of inflation worms"!

Updated Sections: Gold & Silver Juniors (new share), Treasuries in the EU,

EU green dealAllowing the EU and US to print even more FIAT currency is a sure way to make the economy even less competitive.  We are now 100% sure that this political idiocy will end in hyperinflation and a complete collapse of the Western World.

The European Green Energy Transition, announced by the European Commission three years ago on Dec. 11, 2019, aims to make Europe the first continent on the planet to become "climate neutral.  That means a climate target of net zero CO2 emissions by 2050 (how stupid can you be?). As a sort of intermediate step, a 55% reduction of CO2 emissions is planned by 2030. The Green Energy Transition is a highway to economic suicide, as I explained several times. You cannot run an economy with unreliable green power. The cost of energy will also double.

In the U.S., the Green Energy Transition is not yet cast in federal laws as it is in Europe.  Still, Joe Biden has created a legal framework with the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) for additional subsidies and additional tax breaks for a host of green technologies. The IRA took effect on Jan. 1, 2023. As a result, the production of wind turbines, solar panels, heat pumps, biomass, biofuels, and batteries in the US will be supported with lots of dollars. Private individuals can also get up to $7500 if they buy an electric car made in the USA.

The IRA also has a separate section on subsidies and tax breaks for the green recycling industry and for green energy storage.  The total green IRA honey pot contains about $369 billion.  Hence Europe's reaction to also throwing money at it to prevent the green industry from moving to the USA.

"Modern French and Belgian politicians are so freaking retarded that they even closed SAFE, good working Nuclear Power stations."

"The trend of interest rates is UP, the trend of Inflation is UP, the trend of the Stock Markets is UP,
the trend of Real Estate is DOWN, and the trend of Bonds is DOWN,..."

The ECB also hiked interest rates by 50 points last week, and the Bank of England hiked the basic trend to 4%.  This has severely impacted not only Real Estate prices but also Global Debt and what governments must pay as interest on their DEBTS.

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The New Statesman’s business editor Will Dunn speaks to Danny Dorling, Professor of Human Geography at Oxford University, to explain the UK’s “housing con.” Dunn argues that “the dizzying rise of the property market has offered a substitute” for economic growth. The housing market “dream,” according to Dorling, has gone for the youngest people in society. Those who have just purchased a property have simply bought “into the end of the Ponzi scheme.”


Important Fundamentals:

  • This is why they have viciously banged the xxxx market...
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Important Technicals:

  •  See chart below

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Monday-Wednesday, February 6-8, 2023 - Please, stop following the Mainstream Media (Television Channels, Newspapers,..)!

Updated Sections: Recession Proof Shs (LOCG)(new share-LMT), Bio Tech-Pharma (new share-HUM)
Inflation Index, Bonds general & USA,

The following video is for those who want to do their homework 'properly' but also for those who did not believe us when we told them the Dollar was Toast. One always pays for advice from a GOOD advisor (best case scenario) or by market losses because of a false, incorrect vision and investment (worst case scenario).


The Overpopulation narrative is a HUGE SCAM, and nothing like this is happening and will happen. If I am wrong and it does happen, it will be a BLESSING for civilization! The depopulation is the reason WHY Governments want to extend the Pension Age.  Note that years ago, Pension Funds were "Private Entities" which were run professionally, were independent, and had huge reserves. Starting in the 1970s, these were NATIONALIZED, and, as expected,  the funds were used for other means...

Belgium 2023 01 30 France 2023 01 30
Spain 2023 01 30 Panama 2023 01 30
A DEPOPULATION it is! This is OK!

Note: this is why they want to raise the Pension Age in France. This is why the Real Estate Market in those countries is TOAST.

Likewise, Global Warming is a HUGE LIE and a HOAX to control the SHEEP (The Herd) and to print more money (more inflation). And you know what, it works...At the peak of the Roman Empire 2000 years ago, Rome had a TROPICAL climate.  When Franco ruled Spain, there was no/little rain, and the peninsula almost became a desert. There was NO FOOD, and the people were starving and dropped dead in the streets of Spain.

long term global warming 2023

So far, the winter of 2022-23 has been very harsh in Europe and North America.  More than 40 million people from Texas to West Virginia are under winter weather alerts, with significant icing likely. This comes only weeks after the last Xmas blizzard.  And this weekend, we have another SNOW STORM. That doesn't look like Global Warming to me. Maybe Global Cooling?

artic blast

  • Putin is patient. Stocks in the EU are running out. Soon, China will attack Taiwan, and N Korea will invade Z Korea. Then the USA, of necessity, withdraws from the EU and is on its own. Without equipment and without support whatsoever...
  • A worldwide war...I give it at most TWO years.  Tanks, weapons, planes, etc., are now in the process of being shipped. Once all material has arrived in Ukraine, they will blame Putin even more (for destroying a part of these weapons) and send in the privates. This time it will be "men AND women.

"At the same time, all EU countries are re-weaponizing their countries, and majestic budgets are invested in Defense.
This makes the American-Military-Complex very happy."

NATO (USA) only cares about the dollar being destroyed...by the BRICS (Russia, China).  The USA is scared to hell to lose the privilege to buy their Goods and Services abroad with worthless fiat money. The addiction to FREE money and cheap money destroyed the immune system of the financial markets. When, in the end, all goes wrong, they will blame Putin. When nothing else works, they take you to WAR.

Empires usually get about 80 years maximum.  When you break it down, that's four twenty-year parts to a cycle. This is about the length of a generation...

"But who am I? Those are part of the annual cycle for gold. All markets have them."

For almost 1600 years, people have forgotten cycles.  Now,  interest rate payments will soon equal tax income in the United States (see the video about Japan published last month). And that means there's no turning back, especially for gold.  After the FOMC meeting yesterday, Gold closed the market at over $1950 USD. When right now, according to market cycles, gold should be starting its annual decline from highs in January. It's NOT. It should then flatline from March to May. It WON'T.

On Real Estate:

Note we have a LONG TERM peak price for Real Estate in most Western Countries.  Sales activity is drying up almost everywhere, and a crash has begun in several countries: Sweden, England, and Certain states in the USA,...

Important Fundamentals:

  • Diversifying a lot generally has a negative impact.  Diversification is mainly a standard argument that bankers like to use. Better to put your eggs in ONE basket and follow that basket closely. This also means not hopping between stocks, real estate, bonds, etc.
  • Once you are positioned, stay Steady until the trend reverses.  For premium members only.
  • The great hyperinflationary Depression of the 21st Century:  less purchasing power, less demand, and HIGHER Fiat Prices.  For premium members only.
For premium members only. For premium members only.
 The Real Purchasing Power has volatilized.   As bad or worse than the big depression of the 1930s?

Important Technicals:

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Wednesday/Friday, February 1-3, 2023 - Why are computer screens and smartphones replacing all humans in bank branches?!

Updated Sections: 

No inflation? Restaurants in California are now adding inflation fees to their bills!

Wonder WHY computer screens and smartphones are replacing all humans at bank branches?  By the time we get the expected financial/bank crisis, no human banker will be left where you can seek help, for the whole system will be digital. If you want to prepare for the coming BAILIN, you must smash those bank computer screens replacing humans at your bank branch or destroy your smartphone.  Better, ask Goldonomic to assist you in taking your savings out of the Financial (Banking) system and move these into a SAFE Vault outside of political reach. Send an email to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

"Banks are the most dangerous place to keep your savings (and your gold)!"

The Herd doesn't seem to realize that the FDIC fails to have the necessary capital to save the banks if we have a bank run and that if we have a 1929 crisis, the banking system would be short of at least $19 trillion.  As usual (see history, GUTT, Lieftinck, Cyprus, Argentina,...), the savings of the public will be used to cover the deficit. As usual, THE HERD doesn't take any precautions because they keep believing the lies of the Politicians...and keep believing the Banks actually have their money! How stupid can one be?... As Stupid as The Herd!


Canada was another recent example (and test) of how fast and easy it was for the Canadian authorities and banks to seize the bank accounts of non-complying citizens.  Banks now have the same power in most other countries, like the Netherlands and Belgium.


They know a system collapse is coming and are already planning bail-ins. Canadian veteran and political activist Jeremy McKenzie, the raging dissident, was just notified that he could no longer do banking in Canada. As part of ending the relationship today, you're not to visit any of the Scotiabank branches or bank premises in person without first getting written consent in advance from the bank management. I'm banned from the bank. But it doesn't matter if you are a political activist or an obedient sheep because the banks plan to take all of your money to pay off their debts. I mean, it's a little bit conflicted, right? I mean, it's important that people understand they can be bailed in, but you don't want a huge run on the institution, but they have, I mean, they're going to be. The FDIC currently has less than $200 billion in assets to insure over $9 trillion. That's just 1.3%. 

Inflation is the biggest thief in today's financial/political world.

deer in the headlightsIf you have 10,000 euros in savings, at 10 percent inflation, you still have 10,000 euros after a year, but it's worth 1,000 euros less. "Now, suppose we replace that inflation with an inflation tax. After a year, the taxman comes along and takes 1,000 euros from you. Then the world is upside down."

It gets all worse as inflation gets worse.  Today, REAL INFLATION hovers around 20%. In other words, if you have $1,000,000 in your bank account today, by the end of 2023, the purchasing power will be $800,000!

We are moving into a period "that no living soul has experienced (most are not even aware that this happened several times in the past.) "The credit crisis of 2008 was bad, but it cannot be compared to what we are getting now. You have to go back to the 1920s, 1930s - the Great Depression, which eventually also gave rise to World War II." What happened during that period? Mass unemployment, enormous poverty, chaos. That period is what we are going to face again.

"But we’re closer to that horrific totalitarian world today than we were, say five years ago.
Or perhaps it was just always there, calmly waiting to be unleashed like Solzhenitsyn implied." 

Dangerous...very dangerous (English spoken with Dutch subtitles)

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Important Fundamentals:


Important Technicals:

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