January 2023


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Monday-Tuesday, January 30-31, 2023 - Japan shows us what will happen at home in the coming months!

Updated Sections: Gold & Silver Juniors (new share), 

What happens in Japan today will happen in your country tomorrow.  The first video explains the MATHEMATICAL side of the situation we are in. It also shows that the END is NEAR!

An interesting video explains WHY it is 100% sure that the system will implode. What happens in Japan will happen tomorrow in the West.

Why should one hold gold?

  • Gold (physical) has no counterparty risk.
  • Gold has maintained its value throughout the ages.
  • Gold is a way to pass on and preserve wealth from generation to generation.
  • Gold doesn’t corrode and is easy to work with and stamp as coins. 
  • Although the dollar is one of the world's most important reserve currencies, its value has continually fallen against gold. 
  • Gold has historically been an excellent hedge against inflation.
  • Deflation is defined as a period when prices decrease, business activity slows, and the economy is burdened by excessive debt. This has not been seen globally since the Great Depression. During the Depression, the relative purchasing power of gold soared while other prices dropped sharply. 
  • Gold retains its value not only in times of financial uncertainty but also in times of geopolitical uncertainty. It is often called the “crisis commodity” because people flee to its relative safety when world tensions rise. 
  • Much of the supply of gold in the market since the 1990s has come from sales of gold bullion from the vaults of global central banks, production of new gold from mines has been declining since 2000, and it can take five to 10 years to bring a new mine into production. As a general rule, a reduction in the supply of gold increases gold prices.
  • The increased wealth of emerging market economies boosted the demand for gold. In China, gold bars are a traditional form of saving, and the demand for gold has remained steadfast. India is the second-largest gold-consuming nation in the world. Many are beginning to see commodities, particularly gold, as an investment class into which funds should be allocated.
  • Gold has historically had a negative correlation to stocks. The late 1970s were great for gold but terrible for stocks. The 1980s and 1990s were excellent for stocks but horrible for gold. In 2008, stocks dropped substantially as consumers migrated to gold.
  • And there is A LOT MORE we don't want to mention here.

Gold should be an essential part of a diversified investment portfolio as its price increases in response to events that cause the value of paper investments, such as stocks and bonds, to decline.

Although the price of gold can be volatile in the short term, it has maintained its value over the long term. Through the years, gold has served as a hedge against inflation, and the erosion of major currencies, and thus is an investment well worth considering.

I have experienced this personally, holding gold while the Rand collapsed in South Africa. (courtesy L.S - Kobbe)

On Real Estate:

  • The IMF has warned and asked Swedish banks to prepare for the backlash of the ongoing Swedish Real  Estate crash.
  • The Real Estate crash has now also begun in Canada.

Important Fundamentals:

  • Physical Gold and Silver ALWAYS perform better than Miners in the medium to the long run! Miners, mutual funds, Bonds, and Treasuries introduce risk, whereas
  • For premium members only.
For premium members only. For premium members only.
 The miners are losers versus Physical Gold.  The miners are losers versus Physical Gold.

Important Technicals:

  • Gold is overbought. However, it is not sure we shall see a correction of Gold. If so, the correction will have a short leg.
  • Since the October low, the S&P 500 has rallied more than 11%, but gold has more than 15%
For premium members only.  <-Sometimes the Fundamentals are STRONGER than the Technicals.
$1,920 seems to be a strong support.  
For premium members only. For premium members only.
 Bullish: Gold versus the Money Supply.

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Thursday/Friday, January 26-27, 2023 -  The future world order will be built on the ruins of Europe!

Updated Sections: Crude Oil price evolution, Solar & Rare Elements, Agriculturals,
Copper, Platinum, Non-Ferrous & shares, Long Term Commodity Charts,
Commodities expressed in Gold (new chart: real estate in gold)

When nothing else works, they take you to war! While the HERD still believes that "All is Well, Madame La Marquise" and that the Titanic is SINKING, we know better and consider the REALITY.  It's GAME OVER, and those without a Plan B will die!

No longer a proxy war:  The Mainstream Media lies about the situation while Nato delivers more weapons to Ukraine. The West's recent approval of increased military assistance to Kyiv risks a nuclear nightmare and confirms this is World War 3 (Medvedev confirmed it). The war will mainly be fought in Europe, leaving the EU & Switzerland in ruins. Ukraine will see a Civil War (between pro and anti-Russians).

Note:  WW2 also left Europe in ruins while the damage to England was marginal.

We believe the war with Russia was planned so Ukraine could join NATO.  Also, the war was a testing war for several NATO weapons and an ultimate effort to prolong the role of the US Dollar as a reserve currency, just like WW2 was an ultimate effort of the Britons to prolong the role of the Pound Sterling as a reserve currency.

"Central Banks Will Panic As All Hell Breaks Loose Around The World."

The future world order will be built on the ruins of Europe. EU now plans to pay companies to cut production. Where will the madness end?

Netherlands To Shut Down Europe's Largest Gas Field. The Dutch government plans to close the Groningen gas field this year despite Europe’s precarious supply position. Groningen is the largest gas field in Europe.

The economy will slide into a depression as high taxation and high inflation (and idiot green regulations) will kill the purchasing power of the public even faster.

With the help of their Mainstream Media, the governments will do whatever in their power to try to convince the public that “all is well, Mme La Marquise.” That the Titanic is not sinking, that one should hold on to Real Estate, that one should keep his savings in the Banking system, that inflation is only transitory, and that prosperity lies just around the corner. As always, the IDIOT HERD will buy it. At the same time, using the excuses of Global Warming, Money Laundering,....they will continue to increase the general level of taxation. Also, using the excuse of the Ukraine war, they will continue to increase their budget deficit, resume Quantitative Easing, and print even more money.

image.pngBy definition, The HERD, the majority never believes that a financial system can and will explode, that a country can go bankrupt.  That the Emperor has no clothes; that it all has become a Ponzi scheme; that the currency they are using is worthless DEBT;  that the banks they are using are technically bankrupt; that the day is close, this bubble will explode and that this will have a dramatic impact on all assets which are labeled in these worthless currencies. They can't believe governments will let this happen, even though history repeatedly shows they are the biggest danger. Governments and STINKING POLITICIANS are ALWAYS the roots of EVIL!

It is not by accident that a major crisis and war always happen suddenly.  Compliance by the Herd, the lies sold by the Mainstream Media, and the lack of education play an essential role. Also, don't forget that Politicians would sell their mothers so they can stay in power.


On Real Estate:

“Property is a major recession variable, It's the biggest asset class and is directly linked to household budgets,

  • The world’s biggest asset class slump has spread from the housing market to commercial real estate, threatening to unleash waves of credit turmoil across the economy.
  • According to data compiled by Bloomberg, almost $175 billion of real estate credit is already distressed, about four times more than the next biggest industry.  As the toll from higher interest rates and the end of easy money mounts, many real estate markets are almost frozen. Some lenders tell borrowers to sell assets or risk foreclosure amid demands for additional capital from landlords.
  • Real Estate and it's never a matter of supply:  during the great depression, people who could no longer pay their rent were evicted and lived in the streets. People who could no longer pay their mortgages were foreclosed and lived in the streets. The problem was not the supply and availability of real estate but the loss of purchasing power. Goods and food were plenty...only nobody could afford these. The purchasing power of the herd was gone...
For premium members only. for premium members only.
European Real Estate Bonds default risk. Real Estate distressed bonds.
The situation is worse than in 2006-07 Japan is giving away 8 million houses for free.
  • Cheap debt led European landlords to load up on credit after the financial crisis, snapping up portfolios where the borrowing cost was lower than the yield. That’s left real estate as the weakest link in the European market, with a default probability over the next two years of almost 8%, according to Bloomberg analysis. Regulators have warned that lower demand for office space since the pandemic, the higher cost of materials from supply chain delays, and rising borrowing costs will make some European projects unviable.
  • And with fewer buyers in the market, many European landlords will have to mark down values.  In Sweden, where house prices are in freefall, for premium members only.
  • Canadian Real Estate is also crashing for premium members only.

Important Fundamentals:

derivaties2016 for premium members only.
 There is very little gold and a lot of fiat money.  Stockpiling Gold in 2022

Important Technicals:

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Monday/Wednesday, January 19-20, 2023 - Hyperinflation + Currencies going to Zero + Defaults = BOND VALUES ZERO!

Updated Sections: Bank & Fin. Shares,

It's all about communicating Financial Vessels. Everything else is secondary. The more currency they create, the higher the FIAT value of the Stock Markets...and the less Bonds are worth.

This is the time of the year most financial advisors, banks, etc...publish their annual progress of loss of the past 12 months' management.  Each year, it looks like a Casino bragging about its best results. This exercise has NO VALUE at all. It is meant for people refusing to use their brains, people who don't follow a reasoning process.

Investing more than " day trading FIAT currency equities: and publishing your figures at the end of the year.  It is a reasoning process used to organize your savings in a positive way so they can survive the financial and political storms. Investing is also a matter of minimizing losses during negative markets...

Last year we advised SELL Oil and Gas stocks and Miners to use the funds to buy Physical Silver.  An excellent decision it was. Silver and Gold were stronger, while energy stocks and miners were weaker (sometimes much weaker).

Beginning in 2022, PAAS (Pan American Silver) traded at around $28. Today you can buy the stock at $18 or 35% cheaper. Same story for Endeavor Silver Corp. (EDR): you can buy it at 35% lower today. Coeur D' Alene is 30% cheaper. Hecla Mining is 20% lower. Silvercorp is 20% lower. Fortune Minerals lost 50%. Over the same period, the price of Silver rose. If you consider physical silver, the price rose even more because the PREMIUM went up.

The trade of Gazprom shares has been suspended. As well as the trade of other Russian and Chinese shares. I warned of the inherent danger of “digital securities.” In general, ENERGY stocks didn't perform well, and it was also a better decision to sell these (as we advised) beginning of 2022 and to use the funds to buy Physical Silver.

The 40-year decline in interest rates has finished. Central banks will lose control of the interest markets as investors panic out of bonds.

Japanese bond yields have risen sharply, blasting through the Bank of Japan’s 0.5% ceiling for the 10-year JGB yield. Interest rates will continue to rise, and the Japanese will continue liquidating foreign bonds (i.e., French and dollar bonds). This will also push the dollar lower. Bonds will probably perform even worse than stocks. Many borrowers, both sovereign and commercial, will default. Facing valuation losses on rising yields, Japanese institutions have already been detected selling French government bonds. They have also been reducing their US dollar interests, reflected in Treasury bonds sold $44bn between July and October, selling which is now likely to increase.  Therefore, while US bond yields rise, the dollar may not rise with them as the global bond unwind accelerates…

The END...see below.

The combination of high inflation, collapsing currencies, and defaults on a massive scale will turn the bond market into a historical horror story.

The bond equation is simple: Hyperinflation + Currencies going to Zero + Defaults = BOND VALUES ZERO

Good luck to bondholders. They will need it.

Many still believe the next BIG lie:  Don't be in a hurry, NOTHING will happen, and tomorrow all will be again as yesterday! Do keep all your savings with your local bank. Buy Fiat Gold & Silver, or keep your physical gold & silver in a safety box with your local banker. Don't move any assets out o the EU and/or out of the USA (depending on where you live). The TITANIC is strong and will NOT sink. 

On Real Estate:

  • Only years ago, Real Estate in Japan was the most expensive in the world. Today, they are giving it away for FREE! (no joke).
  • Real Estate:  during the great depression, people who could no longer pay their rent were evicted and lived on the streets. People who could no longer pay their mortgages were foreclosed and lived on the streets. The problem was not the supply and availability of real estate but the loss of purchasing power.  Goods and food were plenty...only nobody could afford these. The purchasing power of the herd was gone..
  • So good that it is for premium members only.

Important Fundamentals:

  • Copper: Structural Supply Deficit and Demand Shock will push the price up.
  • SA mining sector suffers a 9% decline in November production amid a legion of problems. Domestically, the energy-intensive mining sector continues to deal with persistent, heightened load-shedding, which remains a critical operational hindrance.
  • Bank shares are clear and don't leave any doubt: Mortgage rates will continue to rise. Interest rates will continue to rise. Real Estate will crash.  (in Japan years ago, Real Estate prices were the highest in the world...now they are giving away houses for free).
  • The economy will slide into depression as high taxation, and high inflation (and idiot green regulation) will kill the purchasing power of the public even more.
So good that it is for premium members only.
 The outlook for xxxxx and xxxxx shares is bullish. However, it may take some time before the markets realize it.
Wealth Tax will also come to EU countries where up to now, it was not. Piece of cake now that everything is digitized. Governments know precisely WHAT you own and WHERE you own it. (unless you took some precautions).

Important Technicals:

So good that it is for premium members only. Miners are a buy, but we continue to advise that one should instead buy PHYSICAL instead of Digital Shares.
 Franco Nevada is a buy at this level.
So good that it is for premium members only.   <- Bullish means HIGHER xxxxx prices. We've seen the end of lower prices!

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Thursday/Friday, January 19-20, 2023 -  Interest rates will explode. As we called months ago, the Dollar is Toast & stay away from Banks!

Updated Sections: Long Term Charts, Recession Proof Shs (LOCG), Recession Proof - hold, 
Bio Tech-Pharma,
Natural Gas & shares, Uranium Shares,

THE SWISS NATIONAL BANK LOST $ 143 BILLION DOLLARS!  As we called months ago, the Dollar is TOAST. Many subscribers nagged us because LAST YEAR, the Dollar (temporarily) was stronger than the Euro. This a typical reaction of investors who act EMOTIONALLY. The short term is Casino. Long term, the fundamentals always win. Technical analysis MUST always be checked and completed by fundamental analysis.

The Swiss National Bank said last week that its annual loss for 2022 would reach 132 billion Swiss francs, or $143 billion. This is the biggest loss in its 115-year history due to central banks worldwide, including the Swiss National Bank, raising interest rates to fight inflation. The weakening of global equity markets and falling bond prices last year led to a hit in the value of the Swiss National Bank's equity and bond holdings portfolio, with the stronger Swiss franc having a negative impact. 

Buyers from China and India have been consistently buying large amounts of gold from Swiss vaults and shipping it back to China and India over the past few months. He further boldly predicts that US debt looks set to collapse. USA Collapse Will Be Far WORSE Than You Think...

On Real Estate:

  • Expect a 90% discount when expressed in Real Money. As expressed in Fiat Money, Real Estate prices may continue to increase.
housing 2023 01 14
  The bigger the bubble, the bigger the Crash!
housing affordability 2023 01 16 Real Estate prices spike, but RENTS also spike...only to a certain level. Once RENTS become unaffordable, people start to live in their cars and out on the streets (California) until Government FREEZES and controls the rent.  Often the Government SEIZES the properties and lets people live in these for free (1913 in the USSR)

Important Fundamentals:

  • Because of the so-called sanctions against Russia, the EU member states have bought all the required natural gas over the second semester of 2022, and stocks have been refilled 100%. This resulted in a sharp spike in the Western Natural gas price. End of 2022 and the beginning of this month, all BUYING pressure is gone, and the Natural Gas Price has caved.  So good that it is for premium members only.
  • Interest rates will explode because: So good that it is for premium members only.
  • At that time, Fortunes will be lost, and Fortunes will be made!
Russian lie2 2023 01 16  So good that it is for premium members only.
 The 2022 importers of Russian gas.   The 2022 biggest importer of Russian gas is Germany.
 So good that it is for premium members only.

<- For those who still don't understand: this IS inflation!!!

And Inflation ALWAYS results in HIGHER INTEREST RATES!!!

From now on, we shall see HIGHER interest rates, LOWER bond markets, and failing financial markets!!


Important Technicals:

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Monday/Wednesday, January 16-18, 2023 - Markets will "NOT" hit new lows as interest rates continue to rise!?

Updated Sections:  World Stock Market Indexes, Index In Real Money/Gold, Long Term Charts,
Recession Proof Shs (LOCG), Recession Proof - hold, Bio Tech-Pharma,

Are you Sheep? Are you a Bernie Madoff fan?

Many people cannot understand nor assimilate the RESEARCH we publish on this site. But it is what it is, and we know that for most people and investors who stand alone in the middle of the lies and propaganda sold by the Authorities, Bankers, and Brokers, not to forget the Snake Oil merchants, it is very hard; mainly because these parties are trained in the art to mislead people. 

The rule is that those who shine and sing best are followed. Even if these are selling BS. Most investors keep seeking short- and medium-term FIAT PROFITS, worthless John Law dreams. But as they say, one can keep telling lies to those who don't know and refuse to learn. In the end, they will learn THE HARD WAY. By then, it will be too late...as has been the case for centuries. 

Also, for some dark reason, most investors and advisors focus on the Short Term and seek Immediate Satisfaction. However, they are so focused that they don't see the full context: the stock may rise by 25%, but the currency may go down by 25% or more (Yen, South African Rand).  Also, there is a Bail-in or a STOP TRADING at a certain point, and the investment is frozen or lost. This, of course, includes all accumulated profits.

As "ALWAYS," and I am talking out of my long years of experience, the MAJORITY of the investors don't really understand and cannot mentally understand what is happening and how the scenario will mathematically unfold and have an EMOTIONAL APPROACH.  Therefore, they make the wrong decisions and are the bagholders the very day my expectations become a reality.  It has to be so mathematically because what the MAJORITY loses becomes the profit to the MINORITY...Fortunes will be lost, and fortunes will be made ONLY for those who did their homework correctly.

p.s. As soon as you hear somebody telling you that he/she will sell out his/her gold position as soon as the price reaches $3,000 or doubles, you know that she/he doesn't understand at all what is happening today...

The US house of cards is falling as the UK house did in the 1930s. The embarrassing lack of statesmanship and the continued delivery of Western guns and money rather than peace negotiators into Ukraine strongly suggests that this U.S. proxy war runs an increasing risk of nuclear brinksmanship. Because the U.S.A. now uses the Dollar as a weapon, more and more countries have decided to trade in a different and safer way.  BRICKS already have their own swift system, and more countries joined BRIKS: Turkey, Egypt, and Saudi joined and/or are planning to.  Russia, China, and India are working on a currency based on gold instead of the US dollar based on debt. Easy choice. The BRIKS warned the EU and USA not to take sanctions on Russia! They did anyhow, which is a failure as it locks the EU and USA Oil and Gas prices on the highest level. Ursula and Biden undoubtedly live in a fantasy house, and more war will come! 

...only for subscribers

 So good that it is for premium members only.

Important Fundamentals:

So good that it is for premium members only.   So good that it is for premium members only.  
 The bank of Japan is losing control over its bond market.   The bank of Japan is losing control over its bond market.

Are you a masochist? Why are you keeping your money (savings) in a bank while they are paying you nothing and making money on your money?

Once your money has been put in a bank, it becomes DEBT, and your deposit is a claim.

 So good that it is for premium members only.  
This points to MORE WAR! (and more inflation)  

Important Technicals:

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Thursday/Friday, January 12-13, 2023 -
Prepare for CAPITAL CONTROLS! Those who don't prepare will lose ALL of their Savings! ALL of it.!

Updated Sections: Silver, US Dollar (note the pole reversal dd. 22 November 2022),
Royalty Co's, Gold & Silver Majors, Gold & Silver Juniors, Miners & Gold vs SPX

"There is more than $-Gold on planet earth and those who only look at the $-gold charts are making a terrible mistake."

A huge financial crisis will affect many countries, and it will be so bad that countries will be unable to recover from it.

A civil war in America is undoubtedly possible between RED and Blue, which may result in an empire's death.

Money is only gold, and all the rest is credit..so are you holding money or credit? If you are holding credit, you will soon be very poor.

"Gold is the scientific (IS) etalon of Money. Bitcoin is the etalon of digital nothing and the supreme art of the Ponzi scam. Cryptogold is digital gold...or nothing but fake digital gold."

Please: Don’t Trust the “Experts”..most of the time, they don't know S...T about investing.  The worst “Experts” are those who push investors to convert the profits they make in the Stock Markets into Fiat Currencies. By giving this advice, they clearly show they know nothing about money and investing.

Authorities are wrong, deadly wrong: When inflation and a recession are present, they cannot explain it, and it does not accord with their computer models.  They have no clue of what a Hyperinflationary Depression really looks like, although we have plenty of modern examples (Venezuela, Cuba, Argentina, Turkey,...). They don't realize that a high employment level is still possible during hyperinflation.

On top of high inflation, more and more taxes are coming.  I see global taxes and health warnings on meat and meat products within two years, if not sooner – in the same way, there are massive taxes and warnings on tobacco. And the conspirators attack vegetarian food to sell us a diet of wasps, locusts, and factory-made junk.

What is really happening is that bank credit is now beginning to contract.  Bank credit represents over 90% of currency and credit in circulation, and its contraction is severe. Central banks will have no option but to compensate by creating even more fiat currency.

The private sector establishment errs in thinking about the choice between inflation and recession.  It is no longer a choice but a question of systemic survival. A contraction in commercial bank credit and an offsetting expansion of central bank credit will almost certainly occur. The former leads to a slump in economic activity, and the latter is a commitment too significant for an inflating currency to bear. It is not stagflation, a condition which, according to neo-Keynesian beliefs, should not occur, but a doppelgänger rerun of what did for John Law and France’s economy in 1720. The inconvenient truth is that policies of monetary stimulation invariably end with the impoverishment of everyone…

Whatever is about to happen, where and how you are keeping your savings is essential. Everything else is lost energy. Whether or not you understand what is happening is not really important as long as your savings are safe.

Important Fundamentals:

  • Data compiled (by) the World Gold Council has shown the demand for the precious metal has outstripped any annual amount in the past 55 years.  Last month’s estimates are also far more significant than central banks’ official reported figures".
  • Prepare for CAPITAL CONTROLS now! Those who don't prepare will lose ALL of their Savings! ALL of it. Expect capital controls and a general WEALTH TAX in Belgium and all over the EU this coming year.
  • Nuclear Energy:  So good that it is for premium members only.
EU inflation 2023 01 07  So good that it is for premium members only.
This is a HIDDEN TAXATION generated by Government only!  

Important Technicals:

scgold target dec22  
 A conservative Target for 2023 is $2,200 per oz.

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Monday/Wednesday, January 9-11, 2022 - WW3 has begun & this is the beginning of Hyperinflation in the West!

Updated Sections: Swiss Franc & Gold, Yuan Gold, Rupee Gold, Gold & Silver Majors (Index),
Gold & Silver Juniors (Index)
, Gold-$,

The U.S. is not in a proxy war against Russia and has been at war since 24 February 2022. The EU and the UK also are. In fact, WW III has begun. A nuclear exchange and/or a major false flag event will make it “official.” Broke countries like the USA, the UK, and the EU do bad things (like WW1 – WW2 – WW3).

When broken, debt-soaked “developed economies” suffering from years of fantasy money printing to “solve” fatally rising debt levels collide with history-blind and economically-ignorant politicians (Hitler). The end result is always the same: Liberty disappears, currencies die, and control rises.

The Ukraine War has served as a distraction from the dismal prospects for the Middle East in 2023.  Israel continues bombing campaigns in Syria, and Benjamin Netanyahu’s extreme “right-wing” government has sent chills throughout the country and worldwide. Now the U.S. is aligning with Israel to put more pressure on bringing down Iran… economically and politically. Should this escalate, as we detail, the implications will be physically and economically deadly…

Covid has been organized and planned by the USA in order to postpone the inevitable end of the Fiat Dollar (and hence all other fiat currencies) based on debt.  What has been sold to the public is a dangerous farce. The Covid vaccine is an even bigger one.  The LIE is so big that most people fall for it.  The Herd still doesn't get that WE HAVE a WAR and that we have THE BEGINNING OF HYPERINFLATION. Instead of doing the right thing, they keep staring like deers in headlights (Mainstream Media). This is what SHEEP are like and have been like for centuries. They don't understand that Global Warming, Covid, and Ukraine are all part of ONE AGENDA. Part of the Agenda is to save the Dollar's Reserve Currency Status.

On Real Estate:

  • House prices drop everywhere.  But they are falling the most in Britain. Independent experts now believe house prices could fall by at least a third. A £300,000 house will be worth £200,000. Expressed in Real Money, the fall will be 99%!  Most homeowners with a mortgage will be underwater – they owe more on their home than it is worth. Remember the WEF: you will own nothing and be happy. And mortgage rates will remain high. They never go back to where they were.
  • Things will only worsen for landlords, who will face higher interest rates. Prepare for a real estate collapse that will be the worst in modern history.
  • More than a quarter of Europeans are experiencing problems heating their homes and paying debts for housing and utilities, Hungarian media reported Friday, citing a survey by the Szazadveg think tank, report RT . According to the research called the Europe Project, 26% of EU residents, or about 100 million people, cannot heat their homes properly. Greeks appeared to be the hardest hit: 56% of the population has problems with heating. In Portugal and France, 34% of residents described the same problems. Finland, Hungary, Austria, and Denmark were the least affected, with less than 15% of residents admitting problems.  Every fourth respondent in the survey said that he or she could not pay his or her heating bill at least once in the past year. That figure was also highest in Greece, with 51% of the population, followed by Cyprus with 37%, Ireland and Bulgaria with 35% each.

Important Fundamentals:

  • CLIMATE CHANGE. GOING GREEN. LIKE IT OR NOT.  Stung by high energy costs and commitments to achieve net-zero greenhouse gas emissions, cities, states, and nations are rolling out plans for renewable energy, wind turbines, new-nuclear power, etc. Despite backlash from the public on how to achieve these goals and the negative implications, this trend will continue to accelerate. The Ukraine War has–and will–speed up this transition as sanctions on Russian oil keep energy prices high.
  • Understanding investing is understanding SUPPLY and DEMAND.  Extra taxation on oil companies will result in less exploration, less production, and a HIGHER OIL price. The oil shortage is now final and getting worse. Additional taxes for oil companies will stop exploration. Banks don't want to support companies looking for more oil. The EU's policy on tankers and their insurance means the global oil flow is hampered. The EU has always been the conspirators' first step towards an unelected, brutal world government. Those who support the EU are collaborators of the worst kind. As Russian oil disappears from the market, the other producers will gain more and more power. The oil price will only rise.
  • The next problem for Europe is that the natural gas storage tanks were filled with Russian gas long ago. That's not going to happen until next winter. In addition, Chinese LNG gas imports were low due to their idiotic zero covid policy. When that ends, the Chinese will buy up all the natural gas. If you think this winter is bad for prices and feel the cold, wait until next winter. Also, expect HIGHER natural gas prices in the coming months and NOT lower.
  • The past year has been a lousy one for the precious metals camp.  So good that it is for premium members only.

Important Technicals:

  • The bull market in Gold and Silver continues (as expected). The GDXJ index (Juniors) is up 50% from its September 2022 low. This index is already up 8.5% during this year's first two trading days. Huge gains that attract very little investor attention are likely to continue. This is how financial markets function: the HERD always buys the BUY CLIMAX...because they operate on emotion rather than on a reasoning process and patience. Remember, they live by what we call "immediate satisfaction." Only sophisticated investors buy the cycle bottom, sit tight and wait until the Herd buys the top. Usually, this takes years, not days, weeks, or months.
  • The Uranium market will soon break decisively up or down.  So good that it is for premium members only.
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 An indication we shall see HIGHER Uranium prices soon.

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Wednesday to Friday, January 4-6, 2023 - The clouds look highly dark in 2023 and beyond:
Better keep your breast wet, for 2023 will be much worse than you think!

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Putin, Goldonomic, and many of our Subscribers understand or try to understand what is happening right under our eyes.  Most Politicians, their Media, most journalists, and, as usual, the IDIOT HERD don't get it.  Most think it is unimportant because they THINK they are Rich and prefer to blame Putin for all evil because he refuses to accept WORTHLESS fiat Currency as payment for Russian Crude Oil. The day comes when they will realize that, in fact, they are as poor as Job. By then, it will be too late. [click on the picture below to watch what Putin has to say]

Many refuse to admit that the Big Hyperinflationary Depression of the 21st Century is already happening.  Many feel something is wrong but refuse to remake their homework and readjust their investments and savings accordingly. After all, we live in a Civilized and well-organized North America and West Europe, and nothing can and will happen that the Central Banks, the BIS, the IMF, and the Western Governments can't solve?? Those prophets are talking about "the Big Reset." Hyperinflation, Depression, High-Unemployment are just trying to sell their book.

In The End, The Dollar but also the Euro Go To Zero, And The US Defaults - $300 trillion of global debt and $2 quadrillion of quasi-debt in derivatives can only end in currencies going to zero and sovereign borrowers defaulting. A global sovereign default (bankruptcy) is an indisputable fact. These events are typically a process:  at first, Gradually, and then suddenly.  At some point, the shock comes so fast that no one will have time to react. So there will be NO time to get out at the end of the early “gradual” phase.  Note that the 'gradual' phase has already started.

The sanctions forced upon Europe by the US are devastatingly affecting most European countries citizens.  Energy costs are up 2-3X or more for many consumers, and food inflation in Germany, for example, jumped 21% year on year in November. In Chicago (the USA), Food Assistance buys Holiday Meals for 1 in 6 Illinoisans. In other states, the situation is even worse.

In the UK, many ordinary people cannot afford to keep their heating on or to eat properly.  And this is before the cold winter sets in.

As more and more people lose their job (and even more will do in 2023),  the number of homeless people in the USA keep rising at an alarming rate.

To try to alleviate the pain of the Russian Sanctions and the beginning of hyperinflation, Politicians add more oil to the fire.  In Spain, the government decided to cancel the VAT on food stocks and print even more currency ($10.6 Billion).

Each day, Central Banks, their buddies (Politicians), and the Mainstream Media try to sell the LIE that we have seen "the worst" of the inflation and that LOWER prices can be expected.  At the same time, they continue to create Inflation like there is no tomorrow. 

Most investors and analysts continue to reason linearly in this 3-dimensional world and make terrible mistakes
mainly because they continue to reason in FIAT CURRENCY terms.

Yields inverted worldwide. We have a complete global yield inversion, and this will cause a global depression.  To make it even worse, at the same time, the interest rates rise. This has never happened since the 1980s...Again, this does not mean that the Stock Markets will crash as many “Experts” pretend.

I don't think the stock markets will crash, and I continue to believe that whatever the fundamentals of the depression will be, the stock market indexes will (just like in Zimbabwe, Venezuela, and Argentina) continue to rise in FIAT terms. No doubt that this exponential bull run will, from time to time, be interrupted by severe corrections. But the fact is that the fiat trend will remain bullish and the REAL trend bearish. I know that with this statement, I am diverting from the view of many other analysts. These don't realize that the Big Depression of the 1930s happened at a time when the Currencies were backed with Gold (and Silver) and that this makes a huge difference.  Click here to see the charts in the section.

We are about to experience the end of the 1st fiat money experiment ever.  The global financial crisis is coming everybody's way...the only thing they (Central Banks, BIS, IMF, Stinky Politicians) have to fight is printing money, which will result in hyperinflation, probably as soon as 2023 (as we often forecasted in the past).

2023 will see the consequences of Saudi Arabia ending the petrodollar.  Energy exporters are working towards new commercial arrangements to replace yesterday’s dollar. There’s talk of a new Asian trade settlement currency. But we can expect oil exports to be offset by inward investment, particularly between Saudi Arabia, the GCC, and China. The most apparent surplus emerging in 2023 is of internationally held dollars (petrodollars), whose use-value is set to drop away (nobody wants to hold a weaponized dollar), leaving it as an empty shell. It amounts to a perfect storm for the dollar and all those who sail with it.  The end of the Petrodollar will add even more bearish pressure to the dramatic negative Balance of Trade & payments in the USA.

The EU (and, hopefully, to a lesser degree, the USA) are following in the footsteps of Venezuela, Argentina, and Cuba.  Watching Venezuelan Television, it amazes me how these STINKING POLITICIANS who destroyed one of the Richest Countries in the World (with the largest Crude Oil reserves) are still bragging about Democracy and Prosperity.  There is NO DOUBT that by applying the same procedures adopted in Venezuela, Argentina, and Cuba, the same results will be achieved.

An inflation rate over 100% and a bankrupt Pension and Social Security. Famine or the apocalypse of Socialism adored by Trudeau.
Only masochists and idiots continue to live in Venezuela (and politicians...) Yes, the EU is even worse than the DDR used to be. More and more people are emigrating (contact us if you also are considering such a move)

"Because of the Masochistic Environment, CO2, a.o. policies in the EU, building a new factory in the EU would cost not less than $400 million versus only $150 million in the USA."

2022 Average losses on Bonds and Stocks are dramatic. Indeed, after adding the inflation rate! Important: it is absolutely incorrect to measure the status and progress of your savings on a Year to Year basis. Paramount, however, is the TREND!

shadow inflation dec 2022
Note that the loss on Stocks, etc..fluctuates around 30% CPI is at least 12%.
London Real Estate in Gold 2022 12 27  <- Are you also one of the RETARDS that keep BELIEVING in STONES and Cement? If so, you'll lose it all...just like it happened several times in the past.
Expressed in Real Money, even London Real Estate is a FAILURE!  

History Lesson: Trust Physical Gold and Silver only!

Physical gold and silver are the best way to avoid the damaged systems run by governments. Precious metals have no counterparty needed to vouch for or approve their value, which keeps them outside the ‘system.’ Even criminals know this.

Important Fundamentals:

Important Technicals:

© - All Rights Reserved - The report's contents may NOT be copied, reproduced, or distributed without the explicit written consent of Goldonomic.

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