April 2023

Where and How to Own Gold as Banks Lose All Credibility – certainly NOT in Switzerland!

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Thursday/Friday,  April 27 - 28, 2023: The Ideal Economic prisoners are all idiots who bought and/or are buying a home with a mortgage..!

Updated Sections: World Stock Market Indexes, Index In Real Money/Gold, Long Term Charts

EUSSRWhen Stalin took over the communist party in 1922, he knew what was most important to people: food and energy.  Farms provided the food. Copper delivered energy.

This wasn't just a great way to control the population...For Stalin, it would be his proof that communism works. So when Kondratieff published a book called "The Major Economic Cycles" three years after Stalin took power, it was a "no-no." The book didn't just defy government control...it rallied against Stalin's version of Marxism. Kondratieff pointed out several long-term, growing market cycles in agriculture and copper prices. Basically, market cycles meant that capitalism would outperform communism in the long term. And it did.

Out of political reach...we know what we are talking about. Just read the section "Reichsfluchtsteuer" Today, this also happens in Argentina, where farmers have to pay tax on their exports, and in South Africa, where you have to pay tax on your assets when you emigrate.

In many countries, people who can afford it have their kids study at a foreign university so they can have a future outside of the country they are economic prisoners. People simply can't afford to emigrate.

Most of the citizens have been and are still so stupid and so shortsighted that today, they cannot emigrate out of Lebanon, Venezuela, Turkey, or South Africa...it has simply become financially impossible.  For some IDIOT EMOTIVE reason, they kept all their savings at home (or close to home).  Non-reasoning Europeans keep it in Europe and Switzerland, convinced that the TAX man won't touch it.  These people obviously don't know history (GUTT, LIEFTINCK,...) and still don't realize that in difficult times, the Government is always a THIEF. And in many cases, what government doesn't seize or tax gets bombed.

The West will continue to print a LOT of currency...exponential amount of currency. Any excuse will do: Ukraine War, Global Warming, Refugees, Nitrogen,...you name it. This will create more and more inflation and hyperinflation. At the same time, we expect more depression...and, of course, more taxation and more capital control. Governments don't want you to send your assets out of "political reach." No, they want you to keep these nicely at home so they can tax and seize these when they need it.

The REAL reason why Tucker Carlson was fired! I KNOW why it happened...Read the book:  "The Most Dangerous Superstition."

Important Fundamentals:

  • Investors must focus on the mid to long-term. Everything Shorter is nothing but a Giant, Dangerous Casino run by the Plunge Protection Team and the Central Banks. Of course, most investors don't see it that way because they are ill-advised and often illiterate investors.
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For premium members only. For premium members only.

Important Technicals.

  • Leg 1 = Leg 2. A look at the PF charts in the section of World Stock Market indexes shows that LEG 1 = LEG 2. 

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Monday/Wednesday,  April 24 - 26, 2023: No one reported this - NATO already lost the Ukraine War and is Toast.!

Updated Sections: Silver, Rupee Gold, Yuan Gold, Swiss Franc & Gold, Euro and €-Gold,
Candollar & Gold, British Pound & Gold,

The NATO is TOAST. The Russian hypersonic missiles that destroyed the bunker near Kyiv in Ukraine could not be stopped.  The Americans lost the proxy War. The West (Europe-Macron) starts looking for an escape route. In my opinion, Europe will start to pivot towards China.

This underground bunker near Kyiv that housed the HQ of NATO was destroyed in early March, and the 300 people who worked in it were killed.  Zelinsky escaped.  That day, however, he lost most of his top officers, generals, and NATO assistants.  NATO now clearly knows there is no way to stop these supersonic missiles.  A nuclear response is, of course, impossible.

Now that the West has lost the Ukraine War, the bankers are becoming impatient.  Time for them to start spending money on the reconstruction of Ukraine. Money must roll... lives don't matter.

Bankers, Politicians, many financial journalists, and so-called financial analysts take the Investors for a ride.  If one realizes and understands that in today's Fiat Money, the Currencies are nothing more than HOT AIR with a lot of debt attached to it, one knows that it is even easier to convince the HERD that a Computer Digit (crypto) has any value.

Just imagine what will happen to the dollar and the USA, the day that no non-American longer accepts Dollars, so they can no longer print dollars to pay for their goods and services. Imagine what will happen to the debt held by 3rd world countries that same day they can no longer print dollars. Once the Dollar tanks, the Dollar-denominated DEBT of the Emerging and non-US-Dollar countries will evaporate.

  • It is not an easy task to analyze and forecast WHAT is to happen in the future. To forecast WHEN an event will happen is completely impossible. Only Snake Oil Merchants pretend they can. 
  • The lower the IQ level of the investor, the harder it is to explain to him how to invest correctly and the easier it is to make him invest in worthless, dangerous investment instruments.
  • If you buy Gold and/or Silver and you don't have it physically delivered in your hands or in your vault, you can as well throw your money away...for when the time comes, you will NOT and NEVER see your Gold and/or Silver. Important is to have it delivered in YOUR vault and out of political reach.

"The USA is sending checks in the mail to Americans to compensate for vaccine damage."

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Thursday/Friday,  April 20 - 21, 2023: Mainstream Media are LIARS and SNAKE OIL Merchants.

Updated Sections: Gold-$,

SUDAN - This is what the American Military Complex is: a WAR MACHINE (Bush, Clinton, Obama, Biden) - hard to call this Biden thing a human being. Not only a shame for every single American but also for every Western human being.  I remember the Sudan War in the 1990s. I remember that in Djibouti, I had to park my plane under the wings of some giant C-130 warplane. That night we could not sleep in the Sheraton. It had become a military bee nest where all Somalia and probably all Soudan War operations were controlled.  Luckily I was able to find another local hotel in town where I could shower with warm water only. The cold water had been used.

The next day was a flight from Djibouti to Luxor, Egypt.  In Africa, each plane needs permission to overfly and/or land. If such cannot be obtained, flying right on the borderline between countries is safest. This route brought me right over the Middle of the Red Sea, where I lost all means of navigation and communication.  Signals came back about 60 miles out of Luxor.  I later found out that I had been flying over the American Fleet that was preparing for more war (Bush Sr.): shooting rockets Iraq (the Gulf War). Most investors underestimate the American Military Complex and their love for Blood and War and MONEY...the Military Complex was somewhat put asleep by Donald Trump, but Puppet Biden activated it again as soon as he was put in power.

This is what the Mainstream Media are: dirty propaganda LIARS of the government.  On top, they have a tradition of publishing any possible IDIOT NARRATIVE to explain why something happens in the financial markets, although they don't understand nor know a clue about finance and the economy.

The MSM preaches a Recession and sometimes a DEPRESSION. None realizes that they shall soon experience the BIG HYPERINFLATIONARY DEPRESSION of the 21st Century,  where things will be so bad that you will be able to buy a whole street and/or a Skyscraper for a couple of Gold/Silver coins only. This statement is not a dream, not some imagination but rather the conclusion of a Reasoning process with a mathematically sure outcome.

"The Banks losing on Mortgages is a sign that Real Estate is about to collapse soon."

More and more Banks lose money on Mortgages.  For premium members only.

They will simply keep printing money at infinity to keep the financial system alive until all the money in your bank account, the millions, become worthless. Until all pensions become worthless (working until you are 62 or 68) will make no difference. People will be caught by their own greed as they decide to sell their physical silver for around $50, $100, and more; when they decide to sell their physical gold for around $2,500 and/or 5,000.  The fiat price will, at a certain point, be so high that the GREED will push the NON-THINKING to sell their best and safest assets.

Investments don't need to be reorganized but rather dramatically re-arranged and cleansed out: Bonds, Currencies, Real Estate, ETFs, Stocks, Paper gold, and paper silver have to go, be liquidated, and replaced by PHYSICAL GOLD & SILVER OUT OF POLITICAL REACH. All simple minds trusting their Government and keeping their metals at home, under the fridge, will, in one way or another, have it seized.

Any financial analyst and banker pretending that the best way to preserve your savings is: 25% stocks, 25% real estate, 25% bank deposits, and 25% gold/silver is, by definition, A LIAR and cannot be trusted!

Gold and Fiat Paper currency and any asset where the value is expressed in Fiat Money cannot be a good investment at the same time!

It is not because there is nominal confusion..or the fiat value of an asset rises that you become richer.

You make the rules when you own gold.

That's why monarchies keep it, build their thrones out of it, and place golden crowns on their heads. Gold is money. It rules in chaos...And it becomes the rule when institutions rebuild...There's always a re-ordering after every major crisis. Because every 80 to 100 years...There is some major crisis that "resets" the world. I'm not talking about "The Great Reset."I'm talking about cycles, an 80-year cycle. When this crisis is over, nations tend to re-build their currencies on commodities - which will most likely be gold. It's been that way for thousands of years.

Most of the risks now roiling the banking world are "hiding in plain sight," including the effect that rising interest rates would have on bonds banks hold as investments.

Important Fundamentals:

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Important Technicals.


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Expecting fireworks.
 Expecting fireworks.

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Monday/Wednesday,  April 17 - 19, 2023: More and more Banks lose money on Mortgages..

Updated Sections: Gold-$ (partly), US Dollar, Yen & Gold, 

More and more Banks lose money on Mortgages.  People do not see the big picture and think, "Oh well, I fixed my mortgage rate for 30 years, so I can rest easy." They don't realize that when the average value of houses drops because supply is increasing and demand is decreasing (because of higher interest rates on new mortgages and because of those people with variable interest rates who have to sell out of necessity), their house also drops in value and the bank can have a re-appraisal done and then claim the difference; even before those 30 years are up.

What will happen to the housing market and the value of your owner-occupied home? Bad news

If you own an owner-occupied home, can you consider yourself fortunate and confident that your home will maintain its value or perhaps even increase in value (at least when expressed in fiat money) in the coming years?  The short answer is "no. The long answer is found in interest rate increases and the grand plan of "you will own nothing and be happy about it.

What we are probably going to see this year is a sharp decline in those housing prices.  There is a simple reason for that. More and more people will be in financial trouble as interest rates rise. That's because some have chosen variable interest rates on their interest-only mortgages, and those rates are going to go up. In many cases, that means a huge increase in monthly expenses. That's on top of increased energy costs and increased inflation (shelf prices), leaving people with less to spare. That will drive the tendency to sell.

"At first (while prices may even continue to go up), the real estate market dries up...next comes the crash."

In addition, it is less easy to buy because if you go to the bank now and want to get a mortgage, you start with a higher interest rate, so your maximum purchase price becomes lower.  That means you can buy less for the desired monthly spending budget. And interest rates will rise even further because Central Banks just have to do something (so the argument goes) to temper inflation...and the inflation also pushes interest rates up.

So the demand will decrease while the supply will increase. That automatically implies that sellers will have to lower the price, and that trend will become increasingly sharp and bearish in the coming months.

Added to this is the fact that the rise in interest rates by Central Banks is causing companies to be less likely or able to borrow. Business bankruptcies rose 54.3% in the first quarter of 2023. Those may be mostly small business owners like cafes and restaurants, but those people also need to get back to work somewhere. And as inflation picks up, more people are entering the labor market, while businesses have less money available, which will lead to a drop in wages, so people will have to reach out even more. So that means demand for owner-occupied housing will erode even further.

What does this mean if you own an owner-occupied home? It means you should sell as soon as possible and pay off your mortgage, but presumably, you are already too late. The downturn has already begun. A falling house price market means residual debt on your mortgage, and so we're going to see a growth in debt restructuring applications in the coming months.

So is there any hope if you happen to be one of those homeowners with a mortgage that will be severely underwater in the near future? Well, if you have nerves of steel, you may decide to stay where you are and notify the bank that you are not participating in the fraudulent practice. That fraudulent practice in which money was created out of thin air, provided to you so that you could buy that overpriced pile of bricks on the condition that it be taken away from you when you can no longer pay. But then you have to have A LOT of guts and be able to withstand the pressure of collection agencies, bailiffs, lawsuits, and even Bombs (WAR).

Nuclear Power station ship.

Russia to save South Africa ESCOM's electricity red with nuclear power station ships. Move over Karpowership: Russia's Rosatom touts nuclear barges to solve SA's energy crisis. As South Africa grapples with the question of whether floating gas power plants can curb load shedding, Russia's state-owned atomic energy companies jumped into the fray with a proposal for a fleet of floating small nuclear reactors.

Important Fundamentals:

Important Technicals:

  • A decent and positive breakout most of the time comes with a positive BACKTEST.... For premium members only.
  • Watch out if the Dollar breaks down this support level (see chart)
  • Silver has been outperforming gold since 1 September, when silver bottomed at $17.56. This puts the gold/silver ratio at an interesting juncture.

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Thursday/Friday,  April 13 - 14, 2023: Goldonomic issues once more an unique forecast.

Updated Sections: Solar & Rare Elements, Agriculturals, Copper-Platinum-Non-Ferrous,
Long Term Commodity Charts,

When everything else stops working, they take you to war!

"The one thing that we know is that China is making fast preparations for war now.  The Great U.S.-China Tech War," author Gordon Chang said on "Mornings with Maria" Monday. China is ready for war, and America is ill-prepared for it, according to one foreign policy expert who also warned it could happen on U.S. soil. 

Taiwan is currently encircled by the Chinese military: 9 destroyers, an aircraft carrier, 71 fighter jets, and missile launchers. This is a big deal.

The only other time China encircled Taiwan was during Pelosi's visit last August. Taiwan is on high alert, while China labels these actions as drills of an “all-round encirclement” of Taiwan.

Taiwanese citizen's current mood: "This is the first time ever I am scared."

Remember Russia's military 'drills' hours before the invasion of Ukraine? China also announced that it will inspect ships in the Taiwan Strait, and Taiwan won't cooperate—setting up a potential confrontation.

Are we all just being naively complacent about the risk of a Chinese invasion of Taiwan? FYI: Taiwan only has ~14 days of its energy needs in storage and imports its requirements daily for food & medicine.

Government must get out of the way and allow free market capitalism to repair the damage the politicians have created.

More and more Banks are losing money on Mortgages. Most of the risks now roiling the banking world are "hiding in plain sight," including the effect that rising interest rates would have on bonds banks hold as investments. As usual, the HERD is too busy making fiat money and only invests to make fiat money that they are missing the reality.

Debt is what the Federal Reserve/Central Banks are built on.  Every time they (Powell) print paper money, they are printing more debt and raising interest rates at the same time. Only a few understand the process.

Gold IS Bank Failure Insurance. If all your hard-earned money is in a bank, you're in trouble. De-dollarization/eurozation is happening all around us.

“Don’t wish for gold to go up substantially; when it does, your quality of life will deteriorate remarkably.” Gold prices are up dramatically in Lebanon, Argentina, Turkey,...What is happening in Lebanon is an accident waiting to happen in Europe and in the USA. It is mathematically 99% sure it will.

 Important Fundamentals:

  • You

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Important Technicals:

  • Majors and Juniors are xxxxxx! - see candle charts
  • xxxxx is breaking out..
  • xxxxx hits multi-year record.

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Monday/Wednesday,  April 10 - 12, 2023: Gold IS Bank Failure Insurance. If your hard-earned money is in a bank, you're in trouble.

Updated Sections: HAPPY EASTERN!

"An indicted Donald Trump is probably the worst move a weaponized legal system (under Democrats) could make."

For the non-believers.

Don’t wish for gold to go up substantially; when it does, your quality of life will deteriorate remarkably.”

Most of the risks now roiling the banking world are "hiding in plain sight," including the effect that rising interest rates would have on bonds banks hold as investments.  As usual, the HERD is too busy making fiat money and only invests to make fiat money that they are missing the reality. 

We know HOW to save you - start today by subscribing. $675 will save you a fortune. For all those out there who still do not get it: what is shown in the video below is about to happen in the U.S.A and Europe!  So watch the video carefully. THINK and make your moves accordingly. Those who don't do will end up LOSING ALL THEIR SAVINGS!  And I am not joking.  Argentina used to be one of the richest countries on Planet Earth, and the Argentinians also did not believe it...Out of experience, we know every single subscriber recovered his subscription fee...and A LOT MORE.

Most people are so focussed on Short Term satisfaction and Fiat Money profit that they don't see the GLOBAL picture.  They don't pay attention to the medium to the long-term trend while these trends are exactly the important and vital ones.  Most people also have an illimited trust in Banksters and Politicians. Weird as it is exactly those that are stealing from the people. Few people know and realize that investing is a reasoning process and a reasoning process only and that such action goes, by definition, contrary to what the HERD does and how the HERD invests.

"In April 1968, the Gold pool exploded because of a Gold problem...this time, it could happen because of a Silver problem!  Not only are we headed towards a COMEX default, but I truly believe that we are in for something gigantic. One of the hugest shifts in finance and monetary history is coming at us.”

 Important Fundamentals:

  • De-dollarization is happening all around us in real-time.
  • The cartel’s 1.66 million barrel per day production cut pushed oil prices back above $80. Gas prices are at record highs...both in the EU and USA. Summer is coming, and you'll probably see them rise even more. And inflation isn't going away.
  • More unemployment: McDonald's temporarily shuts US offices, prepares layoff notices -WSJ. This is the BIG Hyperinflationary Depression of the 21st century.
  • BANKS are TOAST; those who refuse to believe it and don't do what reasonable citizens should do will lose BIG.
 Losses...results in more inflation More losses... results in more inflation
Bond returns losses 2023 04 04 FED balance sheet 2023 04 04
More losses... results in more inflation  More money printing...results in more inflation
SPX inflation adjusted 2023 04 04 bank bailouts gold 2023 04 02
Don't hope to survive by keeping your savings in stocks! Big times coming for Gold.

Important Fundamentals.

  •  See the chart below.
  For premium members only.
Very bullish for Gold.

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Thursday/Friday,  April 6 - 7, 2023: The Real Estate Market is Toast

Updated Sections: Natural Gas & shares, Uranium Shares, Bank & Fin. Shares, Crude Oil price, 

"OPEC+ Makes Surprise 1.66 Million-Barrel Oil Production Cut"

The G-7 is Toast, the EU and the USA, and the Dollar and the Euro are TOAST.  Western Kings and Politicians all of a sudden make a vacation trip to South Africa!? Trying to save some of the furniture? The Brics are becoming the leaders, and the BRICS will soon issue a new Reserve Currency...guaranteed by Gold.  The day the World realizes it, all Dollars in circulation outside the USA (Petrodollars) will flow back to the USA, creating dramatic hyperinflation.

Brazil. Russia, India, China, and South Africa to create a new currency to challenge the US dollar!

While the Retarded politicians in the West are playing Idiot Green, environmental soldiers, and having their "little War" against Russia, we are about to see dramatic changes. Even if Europe doesn't get nuked, we expect to see a lot of misery. Also, on American soil!

EU-Leaders destroyed relations with Russia – and denied their citizens access to reliable cheap energy.  Europe, the American vassal?! Europe sanctions itself and creates a depression. and the EU won't be able to replace this stream of raw materials at affordable prices! The numerous sanctions packages against the Russian energy sector, the outright theft of Russian assets and participation within the Western financial framework, and the “mysterious” destruction of the Nord Stream pipelines with a completely opaque investigation by Denmark, Sweden, and Germany have wiped out confidence. The US will not be able to ship enough LNG to make up for the loss of Russian gas flows – not even close – and the gas the US does supply will be three times or more expensive.

Even worse is that with the OPEC+ cut in Oil Supply, the USA will probably also experience a severe shortage of Crude Oil as they decided to cut the Crude Oil supply by 1.66 mio barrels by the month of May (that is if one adds all the numbers).

Also important is that the Chinese army is ready to support international and regional security and stability with the Russian Army. (Chinese spokesman Tan Kefei.) Even more important is the fact that China can ruin the USA by selling US-Bonds and that all American weapons need Chinese parts to operate.

"Russia & China will deepen military trust & jointly safeguard international justice & fairness."

The Real Estate Market is in worse shape than in 2008, not only in the USA but also now in Europe. We are definitely happening for some serious, very serious correction as the inflation and interest rates make buying a home unaffordable, and it will get a lot worse over the coming months. We know A LOT of investors refuse to admit that Real Estate is a Consumer Good rather than an Investment instrument. We also know these will all end with empty hands and nothing. South Africa is an excellent example. Venezuela another.

Important Fundamentals:

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Important Technicals:

For premium members only. For premium members only.
 Expecting fireworks.
 Expecting fireworks.
For premium members only. For premium members only.
xxxx: a breakout! xxxx: a breakout!  
For premium members only.  
Multi-decade formation ready for a blastoff.  

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Update Monday/Wednesday, April 3-5, 2023:  The Banks are in a dire state...contrary to what the LIARS of the Central Banks and Politicians pretend!

Updated Sections: Gold & Silver JuniorsRecession Proof Shs (LOCG), Recession Proof - hold
Bio Tech-Pharma , Oil Shares (partly),
  • What have Politicians, Central Bankers, Bankers, Fiat Money, Derivatives, and the US-Dollar have in common, and how the Derivatives are used to keep the Dollar alive and Gold down for as long as possible!?
  • Why do the culprits of WARS keep their wealth in Physical Gold and not in Fiat Paper and Digital Money as most idiots out there do?
  • Why was Big Pharma "IG Farben" (now BASF, BAYER) manufacturing Zyclon B used by the SS to exterminate Jews during WW2? Why were KRUPP and the Heavy Industry behind WW2? Did you know that during WW2, the Americans created FANTA so they could continue to sell COCA-COLA under another brand to the Enemy? (Germany, Italy,...etc.) - That is the reason we don't have Fanta in the USA.
  • Who booked a $1,000 profit per second during this COVID-thing? Big-Pharma it was.
  • Why do several countries censor the video below (France is only one of them)?

WARNING: The Banks are in a dire state...contrary to what the LIARS of the Central Banks and Politicians pretend! The more the officials pretend all banks are safe and robust, the more we know they are not, and the banking/system could implode at any time. Typically, they will not; they will print/create billions of currency to support the FARCE. This will result in hyperinflation, and most currencies will become worthless...as well as the assets expressed in these Bubble Currencies.

Why the banking crisis was deliberately created, and why should it drive people toward CBDC (Central Bank Digital Currency)?

Nothing to worry about! Just move on.  Modern Banks exist by the grace of printing money.  This is not in the form of real paper money but in the form of entering a digital number. When the Central Bank decides it needs more money, it then enters a number into the computer, transfers it to a bank or the state as a loan, and then sends along a paper called a bond: 'You owe me this much debt plus this much interest.' Need some money to rig the Dollar, the Swiss, or Gold...just create some DERIVATIVE, and there you go! That is, until the music stops...

For example, governments use that money to buy more weaponry for war or for projects. In recent years, the phenomenon of Quantitative Easing has emerged. That's a fancy word for: we create more money and buy up bonds. That is, the Central Bank buys off the debt a bank or company has with the Central Bank. Example: A bank borrows 10 billion from the Central Bank and cannot meet the interest obligation. No problem! With Quantitative Easing, the Central Bank creates another 10 billion out of thin air and then buys back that bank's debt. The bank does not have to repay the 10 billion, and the Central Bank now has 20 billion of money (created out of thin air) as debt on its balance sheet.

For example, many companies and large investment funds have been given free money from the Central Banks in recent years.  This was supposedly necessary to fight the crisis, and it apparently worked well because the company that got the 10 billion gift suddenly did not have to pay 10 billion in debt. So that gave them extra money. And what did they do with that money? From it, they bought their own shares on the stock markets, or they bought up toppling competitors who were not lucky enough to receive free money from the Central Banks.  Unfair competition? Yes, but that doesn't matter. As long as the media don't mention it, there's nothing to worry about.

In addition, there was also a period when the Central Banks were charging 0% interest on those loans.  And so that combined with Quantitative Easing, it was very easy to get free money, keep stock prices artificially positive (by buying their own stocks from that extra money) and buy up failing competitors).

Then suddenly, it was over with 0% interest rates and Quantitative Easing (read: "free extra money for the big guys"), because there was a war (or was that appearance of war created for that?) that caused deficits. Wonderful! Because with deficits, you can drive up prices. Everything suddenly became more expensive! Fantastic, because that gave the Central Banks an alibi for jacking up interest rates and for stopping Quantitative Easing. Why do I say this is fantastic? Well, the Central Banks wanted an excuse to crash the economy. Why? Because they would like everyone to take money directly from the Central Banks and the supposedly commercial banks to disappear.

Perhaps a few big banks may continue to exist, but they will then have nothing more than a controlling function for those Central Banks. Namely, what is the plan? They want to introduce the Central Bank Digital Currency (the CBDC). That is a traceable currency that will allow you to monitor all transactions of all citizens and also possibly attaches limits to it. Think of things like a limit on products with a too high (totally nonsensical, but conceived for that purpose) CO2 footprint. Also, think about being able to levy taxes automatically.  And so on and so forth. So, in short, the Central Banks and governments are working together in this game, even if it sometimes seems like they are blaming each other for the problems or doing their best to solve the problems.

If the banks are in danger of falling because they don't have enough money on their balance sheets for everyone who actually wants to withdraw the money, you can take two paths. The first path is for the government to borrow money from the Central Bank to help those banks get extra money. In that case, the Central Bank has to create additional money out of thin air. Another solution is for the Central Bank also to create money out of thin air and give it directly to the banks to help them make up their deficits.

Either way, extra money is created, and more money always leads to inflation. In the case of the United States, the banks are 18 trillion short of money, and government bailout funds have 125 billion to 150 billion (less than 1%) to fill those deficits(see note).

So there is less than 1% of the money available that banks need when today or tomorrow everyone wants to access their bank balance. That problem is created by all that free money and by all the debt buybacks. So, in fact, the book value of what banks consider to be assets in accounting terms has been overstated by a total of 18 trillion. That's what you get when you consider all that money created out of hot air as value.

Where is this going? It is going to lead irrevocably to a banking crash. And that's exactly the intention because as governments and Central Banks do their best to give the impression that it's not up to them, they will print additional money to help the banks. That is, they will have to print nearly 18 trillion dollars more to ensure that banks can continue to provide money to their account holders. In Europe, the amounts may be slightly smaller, but the problem is worse.

What does that mean? It means that some banks will die even before the aid comes or before that 18 trillion becomes available.  Either way, however, that 18 trillion will end up in the real economy. And that means that prices in supermarkets may well become a hundred to a thousand times what they are now. Banks will additionally stop lending in the short term because they simply have to be careful with their money (don't have it), and that usually leads directly to collapsing small and medium-sized businesses. That, combined with inevitable hyperinflation, will lead to the economy crashing. Why? Because ordinary citizens simply can't afford anything anymore. Everything becomes extremely expensive while income does not increase.

People in need will be crying out for help.  The Central Banks can now argue that their mountain of debt is so gigantic (because of all the additional money created) that they are going to revalue it. Governments can start rationing (because of the deliberately created deficits via the war movie) and give state aid through money provided by the Central Bank. That will then be the introduction of the CBDC, which will initially serve primarily as a digital ration coupon. In short, everyone will get what they need, and the value will be determined collectively and across the board from the top down.  Everything is now under the control of the Central Banks and the government.

That is the "bad guys" plan. The government(s) will step by step, draw more and more power to itself in exchange for state support, under loss of freedom of movement, and to introduce all kinds of restrictions like the CO2 budget.

 If you are still watching the FIAT Currency price of Gold and Silver and NOT the Physical price, you ain't understanding NOTHING!

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  • Few people understand the following reality:  US-Dollar, Currencies, and Fiat-Gold price = DERIVATIVES! 

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