October 2023

Is the BREAKOUT of Gold and Silver imminent or HOW long will today's Gold Pool survive?

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Thursday to Friday, October 26-27, 2023: the pain created by the misallocation of funds becomes visible, and Wind and Solar are toast!

Updated Sections: Corporate Bonds, Bond Fundamentals I, Gold Targets, Gold-$, 
Gold Fundamentals,

“We are sleepwalking into WW3”

I really don't understand WHAT is wrong with the average investor. We have RECORD prices for Gold expressed in Chinese Yuan, Euro, Canadian Dollar, Pound Sterling, Swedish Krona, Australian Dollar, Japanese Yen, and South African Rand...and instead of acting, they keep moaning about the fact that $-Gold has not decisively broken the $2020 level? They don't even take into account the Physical Price of Gold of today or $2,080 - $2,180 per oz.

This proves how BIG IDIOTS the HERD is!  The very day the price of Gold EXPLODES it will be too late as the Bad money will have driven the Good money out of circulation. The video shows the poor IQ and poor reasoning levels the "average population" alias "The Herd" has. Physical Gold and Silver are REAL MONEY. It has been and will be so for centuries.

Treasuries and bonds are Fiat Money and are becoming worthless.  Once worthless, any Dollar (Euro) you hold, whether a banknote or a Bank deposit, has become WORTHLESS. As well as ALL ASSETS that have been acquired and are valued in Dollars  (Euros). Plenty of examples in History and plenty of modern examples today.

This Is The Most Obvious Monetary Crisis That Nobody Sees Coming.

Mathematically, the Financial System Is Going Down!  Even without war, there is no stopping the financial fall that is coming. Once again, Central banks are the biggest gold buyer this year. The central banks fully understand the math behind the West's financial system being broken.  The Western financial system cannot survive the math. . . .Once we got to 0% interest rates on the bottom, the rates could not go down any further, and the debt continued to pile up. The U.S. Treasury will be paying $1.5 trillion a year just in debt service. That number was around $400 billion a year a few years ago. So, the debt service has quadrupled, and there are no more tricks in the bag.

They must keep interest rates up; otherwise, the dollar will be sold even faster.  That is the reason you are seeing interest rates spike as hard as they have. We are up to about 5% on a 10-year Treasury. Because interest rates are going higher, banks are losing deposits. JPMorgan Chase has lost over a quarter of a trillion dollars in deposits. The whole banking system has lost over a trillion dollars.

The credit bubble has popped.  The West is in the biggest bear market in credit in the history of the world. In other words, we have had more losses in the credit markets than there have ever been in the history of history.

We all know what will happen to the dollar as the aircraft carrier sinks.  The value of the U.S. dollar will absolutely collapse. The credit markets will collapse. I do not want to downplay a nuclear war.  Without credit, the system is done: Everything runs on credit. Everything you do and everything you buy runs on credit. If credit stops, the real economy completely stops. All currencies issued by central banks holding dollars in their reserves will also be severely hit. That’s where the ‘Mad scenario comes in. Last week, we published videos showing how the Mad Max scenario is already visible in the USA. The advised reader knows that it is only a matter of time before the SAME DOOM SCENARIO becomes a reality in Europe. Countries like The Netherlands, Belgium, and France ...(see the videos in our previous update)

Gold is the only asset that has no counterpart risk and a proven asset that survives inflation!

Our Real Estate Corner (only for Subscribers): Today's Real Estate bubble is more significant than in 2006.

"This is the Biggest Real Estate Bubble ever: a lot of Real Estate is a Misallocation of Funds!"

  • Commercial real estate is a monster problem, and now, with 8% 30-year mortgage rates, residential real estate will start tumbling.  This is just one of many headwinds sinking the economy. Mathematically, from a financial standpoint only, forget about geopolitical events. Mathematically, the financial system is going to come down. It could even happen before the end of this year. Add in the geopolitical events, and that’s just another spark that will create fire underneath the paper system.
  • European real estate stocks have dropped to their lowest level since 2012, but there is no real estate crisis by any means, so keep buying that house?
  • European Mortgages fell to their lowest level in 20 years. number of mortgage loans drops to the lowest level in 20 years.

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Monday to Wednesday, October 23-25, 2023: If you don't own physical gold, you don't know history or economy!

Updated Sections: Bank & Fin. Shares, Gold: ALL short candles and PF-charts, Crude Oil price,
Solar & Rare Elements
, Agriculturals, Copper, Platinum, Non-Ferrous & shares,
Long Term Commodity Charts, Commodities expressed in Gold, Inflation Index,
Bonds general & USA, Treasuries in the EU

Picture to the left: A similar situation we have/had in Germany (Weimar), Zimbabwe, Venezuela, Lebanon, South Africa, Mexico, and Turkey. The perfect "Nominal confusion" for the local population: they all think they have become millionaires but, in fact, have nothing.

 "They think they are billionaires but, in reality, own nothing but thin Air!"

CBDC (Central Bank Digital Currency) will be very handy the day they (Banksters) need to take away six digits of the Dollar,  Euro, and all currencies where Central Banks hold Dollar Reserves.

The Governments appreciate war, terrorism, and revolutions because they take the focus away from the real problem and allow them to take measures that are impossible in times of peace.

"War is a deception, a lie, a mechanism to put man against his brother. War is the product of central banks."

The World - Europe and the Middle East in particular - has become a powder keg.  What are Americans doing in Iraq and Syria?  Defense officials tell Fox News the U.S. currently has about 900 U.S. forces in Syria and 2,500 troops in Iraq. One-way drones targeted al-Tanf, a U.S. base in Syria, on Wednesday, the same day as the attempted drone attacks in Iraq. Al-Tanf is on Syria's border with Iraq.

"Those who still don't have a Plan B and a second passport are either retards or have a mental problem!"

A Hezbollah official is warning that the Iranian-backed Lebanese militant group is "thousands of times stronger" than before and that the U.S., Israel, and other "malicious Europeans" should be careful, reports say.  West Europe and, in particular, France (Paris, Marseille, and the North of France), Belgium (Brussels, Ghent, Antwerp, Ostend), and The Netherlands (Rotterdam) will become dangerous places to live and easy places to die.

The United States has domestic problems with homelessness, Black Lives Matter, Drug addiction, crime, petty theft,...California is not the only state in severe decay.

Walgreens puts chains and locks on their freezers. Philly Burger restaurant need armed protection.
 Target closes several shops.  Kensington Ave Philadelphia. Still in poor condition. This is spreading in all major US cities.

Gold is the only asset that has no counterpart risk and a proven asset that survives inflation!

The People, the Savers in general, are "financial and economic" illiterates and BELIEVE everything that the Government and their Bankers tell them.  Our experience teaches us that it is so bad that only a maximum of 10% understand what is happening in plain sight. The remaining 90% (Herd) make no effort, refuse to do their homework, and simply wipe away all information or even define vital information as a conspiracy theory. Unfortunately, the "unskilled" usually make out the largest group of what we call "THE HERD"...and this has been so for centuries. I dare everyone who has been following Goldonomic for years to come and explain to me that we are wrong and he/she is correct! I know this group never consults the Goldonomic site, and many who do unfortunately don't understand its content. 

I really don't understand what is wrong with most HUMANS. They are not only extremely emotional but also very greedy. They have NO PATIENCE, and once they allocate funds to a certain investment instrument, they expect the value of it to go up within a week.  Also, once they have a 10% to 25% profit, they usually sell their position and invest the funds in another stock. All is done while keeping their assets in a BANKRUPT DIGITAL MONEY SYSTEM. Very similar and maybe worse to betting on horse races or playing roulette in a casino.

I really don't understand what is wrong with most HUMANS. Although they still have no PLAN B, no second Permanent Residency/Passport in a "Safe Country," no concrete steps are made.

They keep believing their personal situation will never get so bad; they judge the procedure as "too expensive" and/or keep hopping around like a "chicken without a head" with the hope of finding some "online supermarket solution" that gives it all away for almost free.

They also don't realize that setting up a decent, solid PLAN B cannot be done overnight and requires time. At least if you want it done properly, they also don't realize that under pressure from the EU, countries offering second passports are forced to change the conditions (make it more difficult), and hence, everything gets more complex and more expensive. Over the past months, getting a passport in certain countries has DOUBLED in price, and the process has become painful.

"Terrorism in Europe and War in the Middle East."

Most people refuse to admit that their personal situation can and probably will change overnight.  The Israel/Hamas event proves that "Big Shit" does happen overnight and that those who are not prepared are locked up in a box in less than 24 hours.

This makes me think of all the Belgian and Dutch citizens, who, once it became clear that WW2 had begun, refused to take precautions nor did they go for a plan B because they were 100% confident that Germany would not and never invade "neutral countries" like Belgium and The Netherlands. The painful reality was that Hitler invaded these countries first!

"A second passport is serious business, and you better don't buy it ONLINE!"

How many people living in Israel and Palestine have now flipped their position 100% from "We NEVER will leave our Homestead" to "We are packed and ready to go." That is, providing it still is possible, providing they have a DECENT Plan B.  Few realize that your "Plan B" requires more than a second passport. What good does it do if you have to leave overnight and you have no "Emergency Reserves" out of political reach?! Are you really so naive to believe that all countries automatically provide shelter, medical help, food, and pocket money as most countries in Europe and the USA do?!  Are you so naive to believe that once you have your "second passport," you are done?!  WAKE UP...NOT SO!

Goldonomic has been assisting relations for over a decade to get their Plan B ready and working.  We have years of international experience and a 100% success rate. We know what we are doing and won't send you to Ghana or another unreliable country just because the "price is low."We offer a personal service only to people we know or Subscribers to our site with whom we have a conversation before any procedure is started.

Note that we only reply to requests on condition these come with full details (we do keep at all times all information 100% private and don't spam). For more, subscribe or send an email with your full credentials or reply using our "Contact Form."

Our Real Estate Corner (only for Subscribers): Today's Real Estate bubble is more significant than 2006.

"This is the Biggest Real Estate Bubble ever: a lot of Real Estate is a Misallocation of Funds!"

  • Real Estate is one of the best money makers of today's banks. Mortgages are nothing more than home buyers creating fiat money by taking a mortgage, paying interest on the amount (usury), being chained to the property, and losing it all the day they can no longer afford to pay off the mortgage.
  • Don't panic; the French government, in an effort to support the actual general real estate price levels, offers interest-free mortgages to first-time buyers.

For premium members only.

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Thursday to Friday, October 19-20, 2023:  Reichsfluchtsteuer:
China’s Wealthy Are Desperately Smuggling Cash Out Of Mainland.

Updated Sections: Recession Proof Shs (LOCG), Recession Proof - hold, Bio Tech-Pharma,
Oil Shares, Natural Gas & shares, Uranium Shares,

Time to put the money on the road…  China’s wealthy are desperately smuggling cash out of the mainland. By law, the Chinese can only send the equivalent of about $50,000 a year out of the country and have only one chance to take money with them if they emigrate.  China’s regulatory whims have churned several industries. Exports have slumped, real estate prices have fallen, global trade networks have unraveled, and President Xi Jinping has called for “common prosperity,” which may mean caps on incomes or the redistribution of wealth. Click here for more: Reichsfluchtsteuer

This is HOW FAST it all can change. In Argentina, Things are getting so bad that they plan to abolish the Income Tax.  What most people don't know is that the alert and clever brains who took all their savings out of political reach years ago are now granted a 15% premium on all capital they are repatriating, and the Government promises they won't get any fiscal problems...

The Dollar is TOAST. Even Israel knows it. The US dollar is a fading currency, and it's wise to run away from this monetary system. The next rising currency is the Chinese RMB. Israel's pivot to RMB is a brilliant move. [see video below] Note: any alert investors know what will happen to Gold and Silver once the Dollar tanks.

Gold and silver will instantly explode when this happens...and YES, Gold will probably go +3,500% overnight and maybe more.  Israel left the Dollar for the Yuan.

Gold is the only asset that has no counterpart risk and a proven asset that survives inflation!

I really don't understand what is wrong with HUMANS. In History, we have a multitude of examples of how the actual policies are going to end.  Each time, and today in particular, humans once more laugh it all away: this will NEVER happen again.  This cannot happen again in our country. This time, it won't be so bad. This time, we'll be able to flip our positions in time. My Banker says that there are no problems... The story of what used one of the richest countries on this planet, Rhodesia, alias ZIMBABWE, is a PERFECT EXAMPLE of what is happening RIGHT NOW UNDER OUR EYES in the Western World! And people again REFUSE to take their precautions. Instead, they keep chasing a FATA MORGANA of FIAT, WORDTLESS MONEY. At the same time, they let the Stinky Politicians further destroy society.

The following once more proves that our politicians have an IQ level just above the freezing level:

China Saved $10 Billion By Buying Cheap Oil From Sanctioned Exporters..so far this year, it has imported record
volumes of cheaper oil from Russia, Iran, and Venezuela - all three under U.S. and Western sanctions.

Inflation (DEBT) is what brings the world to war!

The French Revolution happened because the country was terribly in debt.  Debt was so high that they robbed whatever from the French citizens to try to cover it. After Louis XIV and Louis XVI spent all the money of the French (Versailles, the American Independence War), Marie-Antoinette (the politician of those days) told people to buy and eat CAKE if they could no longer afford bread. However, the French finally revolted when things got so bad that people could not even buy soap. In 1830, a similar revolt occurred in Belgium after the Government increased the taxes on BREAD!

After World War II, British debt to GDP was 240%.  Therefore, in 1947, the Britons had either to leave India or go bankrupt. Today, the USA faces a similar risk (Global debt to GDP is 238% - see chart below).  The US and A will also go bankrupt as soon as long-term interest rates break the 5% level because the INTEREST charge will start to raise the debt to GDP level exponentially. Note that in only 3 weeks' time, the national debt increased by $550 billion.

The USA spends more on Debt than National Defense (interest paid on the $33 trillion), and Defense historically always took the biggest chunk out of the budget.  With Rising interest rates and alien countries selling US treasuries because they realize the dollar has been weaponized, the next round of Money Printing (QE) sits around the corner.

Inflation is what brings the world to war!  The fact that politicians (today's Kings and Queens) were allowed to create these huge quantities of DEBT (Currency) and to rig interest rates to Low and negative levels resulted in a terrible misallocation of funds: real estate sector, EV, solar, and wind, COVID-19, Ukarine war,...

During the coming weeks, months, and years, Central banks will follow the same procedure that was followed in Zimbabwe, Venezuela, and Argentina and conduct overnight revaluations of gold and silver.  A  3500% (and more) overnight revaluation of Gold was seen several times in Venezuela...Expect it to happen several times in the West before we go back to good, real money.

Please don't expect Real Estate, Bonds, and Stocks to save you.  The logic is that their value will come down by as much as the currency is devaluated. On top, expect the Government to SEIZE your Bonds, Stocks, Bank savings (Bail-in), Real Estate,...in an effort to pay for the country's debt. That is exactly WHY we advise you to keep your savings "out of political reach"!

Our Real Estate Corner (only for Subscribers): Today's Real Estate bubble is more significant than 2006.

"This is the Biggest Real Estate Bubble ever: a lot of Real Estate is a Misallocation of Funds!"

Most people don't realize that once the RENT becomes unaffordable, people start to live in their automobiles and on the streets. San Francisco, CA, is an excellent example. As a result, the income of the Landlords disappears, but the cost to maintain the properties and taxes remain.

For premium members only.
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Monday to Wednesday, October 16-18, 2023:  The USA can't afford PEACE, let alone WAR.

Updated Sections: Gold & Silver Majors, Miners & Gold vs SPX, GS Share Fundamentals,
Gold & Silver Juniors,

A never-ending story that started well before 1913 when Britons decided to send "Jewish people" to Palestina. Most people don't know the real story.

Gazans break out of the world's largest concentration camp. Nonviolence didn't work, so they had to shoot their way out. “They tried nonviolence. It was called the Great March of Return. Hundreds of nonviolent protesters were killed, and thousands deliberately maimed.“If you want to get out of the concentration camp in Gaza, you have to shoot your way out.” Bulldozers also help. The Timing of the Gaza-Israel War is perfect. Now that it has become slowly visible that NATO is losing the Ukraine War, they needed another scapegoat urgently. If nothing else works, they take you to war. Hopefully, this won't bring WW3. Terrorism, Civil unrest, and Civil war may be worse as they affect everybody but "the dirty politicians"  who created the problem in the first place.

If you live in Israel and/or Gaza and have no plan B, you better get used to rockets.  Don't we all see "how fast" it all can unfold? If you live in the Western World, you better get used to more "Terrorism."

Most people have no patience regarding Gold and Silver but have way too much patience regarding a Second Passport!

The Dollar is TOAST! Political leaders in the US and A are as big IDIOTS as those in the EUSSR are. Country after country is prohibiting the use of the US Dollar: Iraq, Venezuela,...Other countries are massively selling US Treasuries: Saudis, Japan, China,...

US Treasuries are old, like there is no tomorrow...  ...WHY are these sold?
Russia sold out its US Treasuries (Dollars)...  ...right before the Ukraine war started.

It all is a "misallocation of funds"(L. Von Mises), and the world will pay a heavy price for it: Global Warming and EV, CO2-idiocy, and Wars.

Debt is Money, and the coming big Hyperinflationary Depression will unveil all the "Misallocations of Funds."

Grandma went through the great depression as a teen. She told me one year, all they got for Christmas was oranges from Florida. She said they never hurt for meat as they lived on a farm. She said her mom would go out and kill a chicken to cook for the family after church each Sunday. She said it was so bad, though, for others. She lived like she was always in the great depression until the day she died. She put money aside each week into a savings account and then bought Gold with the money. She was the first to show me what a kilo bar of Gold looked like (and I was shocked that the little bar was so heavy). She lived debt-free for the last 40 years and kept her cars for 20 years before buying the next one cash! I remember my father saying: first, you save. Next, you buy a home. Stay away from debt at all times. [video in subscribers's section below]

The damage is already there, and the coming crisis will make the misallocation of funds visible to all!

Our Real Estate Corner (only for Subscribers): Today's Real Estate bubble is more significant than 2006.

"This is the Biggest Real Estate Bubble ever: a lot of Real Estate is a Misallocation of Funds!"

A very bad Omen, especially for those who know interest rates may correct but will continue to rise.
Real Estate in the EU will NOT be the exception to the rule... 

Important Fundamentals:

  • So, as the Automobile sector goes, so goes the economy.  Over the past year, Fiat sold fewer automobiles in the USA than it has Dealerships!
  • Although I DO NOT agree with the full content (and theory) of the video below, I still think it is extremely well made as it tries to explain what we are going through now and what we will experience in the near future..  For premium members only.
For premium members only.

Important Technicals.

  • The Technical "Pattern X" has matured. As the key levels are broken and the pattern is confirmed,  For premium members only.
  • Mining stocks surge as gold jumps above $1,900. ...For premium members only. ...... Physical Gold and Physical Silver is the only way to go!

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Thursday/Friday, October 12 -13, 2023:  What comes after Hamas and Gaza to complete WW3!?.

Updated Sections: Swedish Krona & Gold, Aussie & Gold, Yen & Gold, SA Rand & Gold, 
Index In Real Money/Gold, Long Term Charts, Royalty Co's,

The Corona story is dead and failed. The damage caused by the Covid-vax becomes visible to all. The Climate Hoax is failing. Ukraine is failing.  French are losing their last colonies in Africa.  The Palestinians celebrate all over the world the attack on Israel. Israel mobilized 300,000 privates and promised revenge. It all is a playbook. Populations all over the world are set up against each other.  There is little doubt that World War 3 is prepared: when everything else fails, they take you to war...and THEY DON'T GIVE A FUCK ABOUT the POPULATION...about YOU. On the contrary, Cannon meat and privates are vital to any war.

Note: The RED ARROWS in the picture above shows where we are NOW.   If World War II marked the last such transition, the world is right now approaching the Big Cycle's outer bound.

It all is a "misallocation of funds"(L. Von Mises), and the world will pay a heavy price for it: Global Warming and EV, CO2-idiocy, and Wars.

Even in your wildest dream, EVs (Electric vehicles) are a FAILURE and doomed to disappear, costing society billions. The problem is that all these SICK-POLITICIANS will get away with it (and with the money they are bribed with). During the coming Economic and Financial crisis, all "Misallocations of Funds" will become visible and will further destroy the world economy.

Our Real Estate Corner (only for Subscribers): Today's Real Estate bubble is more significant than 2006.

"This is the Biggest Real Estate Bubble ever!"

  • To the left is a picture of what is left of a Misinvestment and/or misallocation of funds in Real Estate. At the same time, those who financially can afford and have a second Passport/Permanent second Residency are leaving Hell (Israel and Gaza).  Intelligent people are gone a long time ago...

  • Those investing in "Real Estate" do it because they pretend that at least something will be left, even with a worst-case scenario.  Real Estate investors of GAZA can now experience that their statement is correct. Something is left, indeed.
  • Real Estate, in most cases, is a chain to your freedom.  Even more so if purchased with a mortgage. Real Estate often gives a false sense of security. When, for political reasons, you have to leave your homestead, you simply can't take it with you, and also, at that time, for obvious reasons, it becomes impossible to sell.
  • Few know what happened in Russia at the beginning of the USSR.  The landlord was assigned one room, and fugitives and the homeless were assigned to all other rooms...and there was no rent to be paid.

For premium members only.  

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Monday/Wednesday, October 9 -11, 2023:  Monday is Colombus Day, and most financial markets are closed. As always, 95% to miss the opportunity of their lifetime!?.

Updated Sections: Euro and €-Gold, Candollar & Gold, British Pound & Gold,

This is WHY 95% will not only miss the opportunity of their lifetime but will also lose all of their savings and assets!

Do you all know those calculations with compound interest over longer periods?  Anyone who invests 1,000 euros at 4% over a period of 400 years ends up with 6.5 billion euros. Surely you would expect that there are families who manage to accumulate enormous capital this way? Families who manage to make modest returns generation after generation and become wealthy through compound interest? Well, unfortunately, it doesn't work that way.

We only hear the opposite. The wealthy families of hundreds of years ago have usually lost their fortunes.  That is because they were always surprised by a tidal wave. Like the Depression of the 1930s. Or the skyrocketing inflation after the war. Or the banking crisis in 2008. Or the ongoing Hyperinflationary depression we are starting to experience. They are not only surprised by the tidal wave, but even as they see it approaching, they simply refuse to do what they should do and keep trusting a rotten system.

A capital mistake savers and investors make time and again.  They allow themselves to be hypnotized by a false narrative and keep staring at FIAT MONEY. The idea is that stocks, bonds, and real estate are always better investments than gold. After all, gold doesn't yield anything. You get neither dividends, nor interest, nor rent. So why invest in gold? Because of that tidal wave, that is. Once in a while, a perfect storm washes away all your wealth. That's what you buy gold for. Maarten V.

Hyperinflation always overcomes and kills compound interest rates and "Large Fortunes - as well as small savings."

True Money Supply Is the Correct Measure of Inflation, Not the Consumer Price Index.  Historically, inflation always referred to an increase in the money supply, whereas nowadays, it incorrectly refers to an increase in prices.

This shift in the definition of inflation lets central banks get away with their fraudulent business. Thus, the original definition must be reestablished. By all means, we must switch the focus from the symptoms to the disease.

Only the few who really understand what (hyper)inflation is and what the consequences are will act accordingly and survive.  All others will drown in the sea of FIAT currency figures and become billionaires but have nothing. Plenty of examples confirm this former statement: Weimar, Zimbabwe, Argentina, Venezuela, Lebanon,  Cuba, the USSR,...

Portugal ended the Golden Visa program under the pressure of the EU.

A good example of people refusing to think the right way was emigrating to Portugal.  Because of (an expected) change is the legislation, all those who emigrated to Portugal (especially EU residents who emigrated) lost ALL their fiscal advantages.

As we expected, Portugal has been and is a VERY BAD option for a second EU/Passport residency.  All advantages promised and given to people who moved their residency to Portugal have been withdrawn. Thank you, Ursula and other NON-elected EUSSR politicians.

We know, and we have decennia of experience! Choosing a second passport is not as easy as you think and doesn't resemble shopping in a supermarket.  A second passport is serious business! This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. [only emails that come with full information will be considered and receive a reply]

A Socialist Guide to Lowering Price Inflation: VIVA el Cuba-Libre? Viva the EUSSR, Viva the USARR.

The Soviet experience provides an example of how expanding the money supply forces a choice.  An inflationist regime can commit to reining in monetary inflation to tackle rising prices. Or a regime can “solve” an inflation problem by destroying demand via price controls and shortages. The latter choice requires lowering the standard of living and gradually reducing consumer choices again and again. Yet even this draconian option fails to prevent hyperinflation in the end.   Ludwig Von Mises.

When there is no bread or bread gets too expensive, people don't eat Cake as Marie-Antoinette advised, and when beef gets too expensive in Spain, people don't eat rabbit as Pedro Sánchez advised. 

When Beef and Pork are too expensive, people eat chicken until there is no more chicken left, like in Cuba.  People live in cars and/or tents along the streets when rents are too high. This already happens today in the USA...and what happens today in the USA will happen tomorrow in the EUSSR.

Or how rising crime goes hand in hand with falling standards of living.  PALM BEACH COUNTY, Fla. — Superintendent Mike Burke said Wednesday that metal detectors are coming to all Palm Beach County high schools...

Signs Of A Major Gold Bottom?? The “permabull” and “goldbug” comments are raining once again, were the same at, e.g., the lows back in 2022...more in the subscriber's section below.

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Our Real Estate Corner (only for Subscribers): Today's Real Estate bubble is more significant than 2006.

"This is the Biggest Real Estate Bubble ever!"

  • Mortgage applications fall to the lowest level since 1995.
  • "The great Airbnb exit has begun." The AirBnB Bubble Popping Will Pop The Housing Bubble. Airbnb owners who snapped up homes in the last several years during the era of 'free' money are facing a downturn in the short-term rental market that started in the second half of 2022, with some Airbnb operators in cities facing 50% revenue declines. These losses will cause a wave of distressed selling from Airbnb operators in 2023 and 2024.
  • Remember that the price level of distressed selling becomes the price level of all houses in the same street, village, city, and state.
  • The latest house price index data from Halifax (England) also showed that on an annual basis, property prices declined 4.7%, that's a decline of £15,234 compared to the average price of a home in September 2022.
  • Belgians, Dutch, French, Spanish, and Portuguese investors believing they will be able to escape the deluge when this bubble burst and at least have something left, are debilitating.

For premium members only.  

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Thursday/Friday, October 5 - 6, 2023:  The "military-industrial complex" runs the Sheeple (the world)!

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Eisenhower was right...and each time the STUPID, RETARDED HERD falls for the lies, 9/11 is a PERFECT example of this statement. I have a commercial pilot-multi-engine (IFR-rated) license. From the first day, I knew it was a setup (by the CIA ) and propaganda allowing the American leaders (Bush) to invade Afghanistan and Iraq. Years later, COVID-19 confirmed that the MSM and the  HERD are nothing but a group of illiterate Sheeple.  And I have the impression it gets worse each day. Most people don't even realize they are Sheeple.

How many realize the modern Ukrainian scenario is more or less exactly the scenario preceding World War II?  Hitler never felt like going to war against the rest of the World. However, the Britons and the Americans forced him to do so by bombing civilian targets.  Hitler either had to do xxx, or he would lose his job.

By now, every human being with an IQ of just above the freezing level should know that Britons, Americans, Canadians, and Nato countries run the Ukraine war.  No doubt the "American Military Complex has orgasm after orgasm." I wonder how much money they are now making each second? P.S.  If you seek a well-paying job, you are invited to offer your services to the Ukrainian army and get paid from $3,000 to $6,000 NET monthly. The salary probably comes tax-free.

How stupid can you be? About 65% of Americans have no passport. About 75% of all Europeans have never been to the Americas or Africa. And still, the same people keep pretending they have a clear and objective insight into the World happenings, world financials, and world economics and that they are investing the right way.?! The older I get, the more I realize that Brainless people are those selling the biggest BS.

There is more than the US and A and the Dollar on planet Earth! So WHY, tell me WHY people stay so focused on what $-Gold does??  Even after this correction, the performance of Gold is still excellent.

    • Japan: Gold is up by 12% over the past 12 months (21% per year in the last 5 years).
    • Argentina: Gold is up by 185% over the past 12 months (and by a factor of 13 over the last 5 years).
    • Turkey: Gold is up by 62% over the past 12 months (and by 600% over the past 5 years).
    • The UK:  Gold is up 6% over the past 12 months (and by 61% over the past 5 years).
    • The EU: Gold is up 6% over the past 12 months (and by 71% over the past 5 years).

Our Real Estate Corner (only for Subscribers): Today's Real Estate bubble is more significant than 2006.

"This is the Biggest Real Estate Bubble ever!"

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Monday/Wednesday, October 2 - 4, 2023:  A modern Gold rush at Costco, and the price of Physical gold in China continues to go up!?

Updated Sections: most important candle and PF-charts in the currency and gold sections.

Costco says its 1-ounce gold bars are real and have sold out in hours.  Costco has been selling one-ounce gold bars. The retailer limits them to two per member, but they typically sell out "within a few hours," its CFO said. Rand Refinery gold bars cost $1,950 each, while PAMP Suisse bars cost $1,980 (Wednesday, September 27).

Costco has been selling one-ounce gold bars that it says get snapped up in hours.

"I've gotten a couple of calls that people have seen online that we've been selling one-ounce gold bars," CFO Richard Galanti told investors Tuesday at the retailer's fourth-quarter earnings call. "Yes, but when we load them on the site, they're typically gone within a few hours, and we limit two per member."

Costco's website shows that the company sells one-ounce bars of 24-karat gold from South Africa's Rand Refinery for $1,949.99 and from Swiss supplier PAMP Suisse for $1,979.99. Both products have been given an average of 4.9-star ratings on Costco's website. The products include insured, signed-for air shipping via UPS. The listings for both products say they can't be returned or refunded. Galanti said that customers can only buy two of each item per membership.

When writing, an ounce of gold on the open market was worth just under $1,890. Some Reddit users have spoken about struggling to get their hands on the bars.

Reichsflugtsteuer is already active for South Africa and is now pending for the Netherlands and the EUSSR. We estimate all other EU countries will follow soon.

If you don't take the required steps for a plan B and a second Permanent/Residency NOW, the hesitance will soon cost you at least 25% of your total assets.  Since we now have UBO and CRS, a minimum of 25% will also be levied on your international assets!

 Dutch people already pay a Wealth Tax, and in 2024, this will also be the case in Belgium.

An emigration tax levy of several years on the wealth and income of emigrated Dutchmen is now hanging over their heads as a bill. This means the emigrating Dutchman will have to pay a Reichsfluchtsteuer (25% or more) when he emigrates.  Other EU countries will adopt this tax quickly: Belgium, Luxemburg, France,...

Since the coronavirus crisis, the emigration sound has often been heard in the so-called alternative media channels.  The motives are diverse, but the common thread is to leave the Netherlands/Belgium/Germany because of the increased restrictions on freedom, censorship, and especially the heavy direct and indirect taxes...and other STUPID restrictions.  More and more people want to start somewhere else in the world a new existence...or enjoy their retirement.

"When I tell people in Panama that in Belgium and the Netherlands, the Sales Tax (VAT) is 21%, most look up in total disbelief.  They make me look like a liar. Then, when I add that there is a tax bracket of 60% and more on gross income, and many work more than half the year for the government, they think I am nuts. Therefore, I don't mention all the other crazy stuff like traffic fines, parking fines, cows farting too much fines, 15-minute cities, traffic-free cities,...

Emigration from Germany, Belgium, and the Netherlands is becoming increasingly difficult. Second residencies are part of our daily activities, and we feel that every day, it all becomes harder and more complex: Laws are being drafted to force emigration agents to have a permit, and advertising emigration will be criminalized and fined.  It even goes so far as to allow the passports of these supposed 'emigrant-extremists' to be taken away. No passport means no departure abroad. People who go against the views of the government now fall under the definition of "extremism. The German government also wants to introduce an additional wealth tax on the capital of emigrating Germans. Discouragement policy. The Dutch government does not yet dare to take these far-reaching measures."

Unlike other advisors, we strongly advise against emigrating to any other EU European country. This includes Switzerland, Norway, and Sweden. Now that France can forget about its African colonies thanks to its interference in Ukraine, you can also write off this continent. Only North Central and South America remain.

Note: A relation recently traveled to Africa and confirmed unequivocally that this is a lost continent, including Ghana with its Santa stories and South Africa with its beautiful and cheap housing.

Our Real Estate Corner (only for Subscribers): Today's Real Estate bubble is more significant than in 2006.

"This is the Biggest Real Estate Bubble ever!"

  • According to Bankrate's national survey, mortgage rates punched through 7.5 percent this week, the highest level since November 2000. According to Bankrate's weekly national survey of large lenders, the average rate on 30-year fixed mortgages jumped to 7.55 percent this week from 7.42 percent last week.
  • The average rate on 30-year home loans last topped this level in November 2000, according to Bankrate research. That was before the Sept. 11 terror attacks led the Federal Reserve to slash interest rates and well before the Great Recession spurred the Fed to keep rates low.
  • House prices are under pressure as the number of first-time buyers falls to the lowest level since lockdown. According to lender Halifax, sales to first-time buyers have plunged 22pc in the past year.
  • In Belgium, Real Estate companies are laying off dozens of employees.


What is the performance of the stocks we advise and follow?  The following tables will be published in each corresponding section. Below are the performance tables.

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Oil Shares +58% Uranium shares +57% Natural Gas +324%

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