June 2023

Gold is maybe not "sexy" but it is "loyal".

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Thursday/Friday,  June 29-30, 2023: There will be NO RESET!

Updated Sections: Recession Proof - hold,

Ukraine: CIA-engineered military coups always start on a Friday and end on a Sunday night!

A well-educated economist can and will forecast any financial event with the help of fundamental and technical analysis.  However, it is impossible to forecast an event's exact time. In the best-case scenario, guessing a time spam is more or less possible. 

Most investors, the public, have no clue (and most of the time NO INTEREST) of monetary history and what will happen in the near future. As a rule, they are only interested in and trying to accumulate more FIAT MONEY and more wealth based on FIAT MONEY. This has become a very dangerous habit.

We shall have NO RESET. Instead, markets will follow the scenario of Zimbabwe, Venezuela, Argentina, Lebanon, and Turkey. I just don't understand WHY this is so hard to understand. Why do those 'snake oil merchants keep pretending there will be one?  The REAL scenario will be sneaky, with a lot of confusion.

There is the mainstream and market perception of what is going on in the economy and financial system.  And then there's the underlying economic reality. Today, there is a growing divergence between the two.

The Federal Reserve paused rate hikes at the June meeting, although it indicated we should expect additional hikes before the end of the year.  The question is how long will the pause last …ECB Raised the prime rate for the Euro to 4% and says two more hikes are to come before the end of 2023...unless...who knows...The Bank of England raised the prime rate for the Pound sterling to 5%. This trend will have a severe impact on the Real Estate Markets.  Remember, the Real Estate Markets dry up at first, making selling impossible. Next comes the crash.

Silver is significantly undervalued, given the economy and supply and demand dynamics. Such is only possible on the FIAT market because the silver price is massively rigged. The bullish case for silver in the mainstream typically revolves around price inflation. And inflation is stickier than the powers and media want to admit. And after all, as long as we don't have higher price levels, the HERD will continue to believe the 'official narrative.' Once we have higher price levels, the premiums will go even higher, and next, the supply will DRY UP!  More in the Subscribers' sections.

Important Fundamentals:

  • Nominal confusion: Super Rally of the Japanese stock market...but NOT ONE financial advisor, not one financial news media mentioning that the weak Yen takes away all profit and the operation, in fact, ends with a loss!
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Important Technicals.

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Monday/Wednesday,  June 26-28, 2023: Gold Preparing To Blastoff To New All-Time Highs? = SUPER buys + LT-double bottom for miners...or Stop?

Updated Sections: Miners & Gold vs SPX, Gold & Silver Juniors, Recession Proof Shs (LOCG),

Even Putin knows it...Putin Declares “Beginning Of The End” For US Dollar.“The share of settlements in the dollar is declining,” Putin said. “The share of settlements in [China’s] yuan is growing. Oil producers in leading Arab countries are now saying that they are ready” to accept yuan in payment for oil. We saw this coming months ago. But it takes what it takes before things become visible in the financial markets.

Russia had no choice but to dispense with the dollar after IDIOT and, Masochistic Western allies imposed sanctions following Russia’s attack on Ukraine and increasingly used the US-Dollar as a political weapon.  This was about the most stupid thing they could do. But with Clowns such as Putin, Ursula, Rutte, Scholtz,....in power, such was to be expected.  Apparently, COMMON SENSE and REASON are no longer part of the modern political world.

Russian President Vladimir Putin warned the West during his speech at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF). He made it clear that he knows the West intends to supply fighter jets to Ukraine and that the US insists that the F-16s are nuclear-capable. He pointed out that these fighter jets, especially the US F-16s, require very extensive and complicated maintenance, which cannot now be carried out in Ukraine without fear of being hit by Russian missiles. The aircraft would therefore have to use bases that are currently safe.

Therefore, he said, if those warplanes take off from NATO bases outside Ukraine and fly into Ukraine for combat, Russia will have no way of knowing whether those planes are armed with tactical nukes and will have to assume THEY ARE. Under those circumstances, Russia will have no choice but to hit those NATO bases and may have to do so with tactical nuclear weapons.

Most Investors fail to understand the long-term picture, and their investment decisions are based on the short and medium-term narrative sold by incompetent financial journalists, greedy brokers and bankers, and power-seeking politicians.  A rather dangerous way to walk the minefield of today's financial world.

Video Evidence: People Don't Understand Gold or Money!

I think many recognize that there is a lot of ignorance out there, but I’m not sure we fathom just how uninformed a lot of people are. About 18 months ago, Mark Dice went out on the street in front of a precious metals dealer in Southern California and tried to trade a gold 1-ounce Canadian Maple Leaf coin in exchange for random stuff people were carrying.  Some of the items he tried to procure included a hat, a soda, a bag of clothes, and ice cream. Nobody would take the gold coin. (Gold was priced at about $1,800 an ounce at the time). Granted, some people were probably skeptical and thought they were being scammed. But Dice even offered to go into the coin shop and have the bullion appraised. Still no takers. And it’s clear by their reaction that many of the people simply had no clue how much an ounce of gold was worth...poor HERD!

Only 0.5% of the investors hold physical gold/silver.  Many Gold/Silver believers still trade and hold FIAT Gold & Silver because they are too greedy to pay the premium of Physical over Fiat and don't understand WHY Physical is more expensive.

If you can answer the following question, you understand Gold or Money:  Are you going to sell your Physical Gold once you have a 200% profit or more, and what are you going to convert it in? in Money?

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Thursday/Friday,  June 22-23, 2023: Did you do better? We tell you WHAT is about to happen...for timing, you have to consult a "Charlatan"?!

Updated Sections: Index In Real Money/Gold, Long Term Charts, Royalty Co's, 
Gold & Silver Majors, Real Esate in the USA,

The MERVAL (Argentinean Stock Market Index) is the BEST performing index of the month!!

Newton AppleFrom time to time, we receive ridiculous emails from NON-SUBSCRIBERS (they are too greedy to spend some bucks to safeguard their savings because they are convinced their first name is "Albert: (Einstein).  Last week we received an email from a non-paying reader (somebody who has no clue of what we really advise) complaining that Gold (and Silver) had done nothing in the last 13 years...If you must believe the writer, all by all a very poor investment.

A quick check showed that since 1971, the price of Gold rose by almost 5,000%.  Over the last 13 years, the price of €-Gold went up by almost 200%...or better, the value of the Fiat Currency EURO lost 200%. Not bad for an insurance policy! [we advise investing in Gold and Silver as an insurance policy against potential and expected problems in the Financial System.  One potential danger is the Bankruptcy of your banker]

Ever heard of an insurance policy that makes money? Those who, 13 years ago, bought physical Gold made 200% profit since. Those who bought Physical Silver Coins (ex. Silver Eagles) made 150% profit...and were/are fully insured!

For the price of Silver, the situation is somewhat different. Although the FIAT Dollar/Euro price did less over the past 13 years, the PREMIUM you have to pay over the FIAT price rose from 0% to 30%-40%. In other words, even if the Fiat Price of Silver would have remained the same as 13 years ago (The $-Silver price went up by 130%), the premium for PHYSICAL makes the cost of acquiring Silver even higher. [Note: only retards and Millenniums buy FIAT Silver with the promise of delivery. The day they really need It (mark my words), they will NOT get delivery!]

Again, we STRONGLY ADVISE all WISENOSES "not" to buy Gold and/or Silver but to keep all their savings at the local bank.  The WISENOSES, who invested in Gold and Silver in the past because we told them so, can sell it at a profit and park the funds at their local bank. Undoubtedly, the banker will thank us for this advice as he/she doesn't know what REAL money is and is still convinced that there must be at 'least' some money in the banking system (not so!).  If you decide so, PLEASE don't say that we gave you this tip...rather, thank your EMOTIONAL-NON THINKING-SELF.

The day comes when it will be hard/impossible to buy Gold/Silver in a "normal" way!

To be able to buy gold (silver?) when one so desires is absolutely not a guaranteed right. We foresee a time when new restrictive regulations will forbid the ownership of Gold (Silver?) on a free market access basis. A time when Government will demand that you declare all your PHYSICAL Gold and Silver holdings. A time when your Bank and the Government declare everything you keep in your Safe Deposit Box at the bank.

Important Fundamentals:

MERV candle4 deer in the headlights
 Best performing Stock Market of the year.
Second best-performing Stock Market of the year.

Important Technicals.

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Monday/Wednesday,  June 19-21, 2023: Record number of (super) wealthy West Europeans on the run!

Updated Sections: US Dollar, Rupee Gold, Yuan Gold, Swiss Franc & Gold, Euro and €-Gold,
Candollar & Gold, British Pound & Gold, Swedish Krona & Gold, Aussie & Gold, Yen & Gold,
SA Rand & Gold, World Stock Market Indexes (IMPORTANT CHANGES)

Moreover, apart from the Panama Residency/Passport program, we offer other exciting alternatives: Paraguay, St-Kitts, St-Vincent & the Grenadines, Barbados,...We always try to evaluate the best program for a family to follow, and we assist every applicant personally until the end of the procedure.


A second passport/residency has become a VITAL element for all those who don't want to become political and/or economic-financial prisoners of a Communist country). During the COVID lockdowns, we have experienced that relations we assisted in obtaining a second passport/permanent residency were able to travel worldwide at all times.

A second passport/ permanent residency offers way more advantages than we are prepared to discuss openly. However, we know that is has become vital to your financial safety.  We already know that those who don't have a "plan B"  and refuse to give it a go will, at some time in the future, pay a high price for it.

The Government of St. Kitts and Nevis has a long-running “Citizenship-by-investment” program attracting foreigners who make a substantial contribution to the development of the country.  Investors and family members can directly qualify for citizenship through investment, donating or investing in a real estate purchase. The advantage is that you don't have to travel to St-Kitts, and we can deliver your passport within 3 months at your doorstep.

Citizenship Benefits:

– Visa-free travel to all EU Schengen countries, including Switzerland, the UK and Ireland.
– No residency or personal visit to St Kitts is needed
– Tax-free – no income, inheritance, or wealth tax.
– Lifetime citizenship.
– Easy second passport and citizenship for your family members.
– Privacy in a small peaceful country.
– Dual citizenship benefits.
– Processing time only 3 months
– Free movement in the CARICOM.

Note: The St. Kitts & Nevis passport is very well regarded and has an excellent reputation, and only relatively few passports have been issued under this citizenship-by-investment program by the Government.

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Gold IS Bank Failure Insurance.  What ultimately happens (every 50 to 70 years)  is that holders of fiat wealth and those holding paper gold & silver end with nothing, thin air….a busted dream bubble without a silver lining!  People who are reluctant to put the bulk of their savings into Gold & Silver don't know what they are doing.

Most of the risks now roiling the banking world are "hiding in plain sight," including the effect that rising interest rates would have on bonds banks hold as investments. As usual, the HERD is too busy making fiat money and only invests in making fiat money that they are missing the reality.

Pretending that you don't want to invest in Physical Gold/Silver because you are afraid of losing your savings is an aberration, is an argument that proves you don't understand anything about finance and politics...and that maybe you don't deserve the wealth you hold.

The General IQ level of journalists and MSM  is so low that they pretend that inflation gets higher because Beyonce visits Sweden. They even pretend that the extreme heat & Global Warming (no joke) pushes the inflation figures up...On top, the IDIOT NARRATIVE sold by most Bankers, politicians, and Financial Advisors is so bad and overwhelming that it is not difficult to understand how badly the HERD is misled and dangerously emotionally driven.

  Inflation is cumulative and is not going away....every analyst mentioning that inflation can momentarily get lower doesn't simply know what he/she is talking about.

National debt hits $32 trillion two weeks after debt ceiling deal.  The US government can keep borrowing without any limit...or, in other words, from now on, Inflation can fly without limits. There is the mainstream and market perception of what is going on in the economy and financial system. And then there's the underlying economic reality. There is a growing divergence between the two in the context of the June Federal Reserve meeting and the latest CPI data. As expected, the Federal Reserve paused rate hikes at the June meeting, although it indicated we should expect additional hikes before the end of the year. The question is, how long will the pause last (not long if the Dollar resumes its Bear Trend) …In the meantime, the ECB Raised the EU rates to 4%, thereby increasing the bearish pressure on the Dollar. All by all, the level of Interest rates remains way below the level where they possibly could have some impact on the inflation levels.

Important Fundamentals: The US-Dollar is as sick as this Biden Clown is!

  • Kenyan president calls for single African currency.
  • Remember that PATIENCE is BITTER...but the FRUIT is SWEET!
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For premium members only.   Sodom and Gomorrah Biden
NEVER forget that the Politicians (Government) are The Mirror of The People!

Important Technicals.

 There is a GOOD REASON why there is a 30% to 40$ premium on Physical Silver coins...a reason that is not understood by the group of "more is more" investors.

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Thursday-Friday,  June 15-16, 2023: once more - A market crash is NOT coming - see subscribers section for WHY."

Updated Sections: ,

In the land of the blind, the one-eyed is King.

"You cannot measure wealth in something that is disappearing in front of your eyes. You can only do it in something with real purchasing power or gold (silver)."

As a matter of fact, this remark can be made regarding most financial markets.  Financial Gurus (hard to call these clowns, Brokers, and Bankers 'analysts') are so focussed on FIAT individual markets and details of these markets and overlook the broader picture, so what they sell to the public as a profit, in reality, comes at high risk and often ends as a LOSS!

A market crash is NOT coming, at least not during the following weeks, months, and next year.  Those who pretend the opposite are Financial Narcists, Nerds (Bankers) who are using FEAR to win more Subscribers and/or sell more of their FIAT FINANCIAL instruments/products.  Very few investors "understand" the financial markets' mechanism and adjust their investments accordingly.  This understanding also applies to financial analysts, Real Analysts, and Pretenders.  Note:  Reminds me of a Pensioned Banker who confessed that he finally started to understand the job he had been in for years after subscribing to our services. It reminds me of another Pensioned Banker who confessed that she, in fact, did NEVER understand what she was doing...

The reality is complex, and understanding the mechanism and rules takes a lot of insight, understanding, and years of experience. However, once you do, there is no going back.

hold it to ownPHYSICAL Gold & Silver ARE MONEY and an ULTIMATE INSURANCE.  But only on condition, you CAN HOLD IT. Gold doesn't disappear when somebody dies or when somebody moves to the other side of the world. Physical Gold doesn't disappear when your bank runs into problems, goes bankrupt, or the Government tries to tax/seize your assets held by the bank. Physical Gold you can hold doesn't disappear when your Metal Broker goes belly up and can't deliver what they allegedly bought for you...

It is what it is! Out of Political Reach is still NOT understood and misunderstood by many. Especially by LOCAL Gold & Silver dealers who - for obvious reasons - don't like to see locals BUY & STORE Gold and Silver abroad as it doesn't earn them any profit.  Again, we have +45 years of international experience and will NOT and NEVER sell any information for our own profit only. Instead, we ADJUST our policy so that we, at all times, can operate in a way that favors and protects our relations.  Example: Goldonomic stopped operating in the Real Estate Sector as soon as the signs were evident that the sector would no longer be profitable to operate in the medium and long term.  Most others did not adjust their policy and had to start telling lies to their relations. The same applies to Physical Gold and Silver Trade and storage...and NO, Belgium, the Netherlands, and Switzerland are ABSOLUTELY NOT the best countries to buy/sell metals and to store these.

Many (and this includes many Bankers) don't understand the DANGER of CBDC.  If 'they' get this done, it's 'Game Over' and Slavery for (almost) ALL.

Will $-Gold's 4th test of its' all-time high work like a charm and with a Silver Lining...see the Subscribers' section below for the answer.

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Monday-Wednesday,  June 12-14, 2023:  If you don't hold it, you don't own it!"

Updated Sections: Gold-$, Silver, Uranium Shares,

It's over for South Africa. The anti-Apartheid movement gets what it has been begging for since the 1980s. The Switzerland of Africa turned into a bankrupt Venezuela. A country where more and more Whites and Blacks are living in misery. People fail to understand that the Western World is walking the same path.

Note: only the South Africans who converted their assets and savings into Gold/Silver and moved it out of political Reach were able to survive and did not end up as economic and financial slaves of the Corrupt Black Government.  In South Africa, the corruption is visible to all. In the West, it now also becomes more and more visible.

The price of gold was recently trading at an all-time monthly closing high.  Since then, it has backed off, raising the question of whether that was "the" top or whether the subsequent short-term price decline represents a healthy digestion of previous price gains, which will serve as a launching pad for substantially higher prices. Pessimists expect more corrections to come...more below in the Subscribers section.

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Thursday-Friday,  June 8 -9, 2023:  Never believe what a politician or Banker tells you, ever!"

Updated Sections: Real Estate, 

Exactly what former President Botha said would happen if South Africa was not "donated on a silver plate" to Nelson Mandela & Co's, happened in South Africa after the Black Regime took over control of the country.  Today, both Whites and Blacks are the victims of the 1994 appointment of Nelson Mandela as President of South Africa.  Since the Rand has lost more than 80% in exchange value versus the Dollar and the Euro (I remember the days you could top up your car with gas for only 1 Rand).  Although the average price of Real Estate has continued to go up, expressed in nominal terms only (as in Zimbabwe), the overall end result is a SEVERE LOSS in purchasing power. Many South Africans have now become economic & financial prisoners of the Corrupt-Black Regime. Note: exporting capital has become a rather tricky exercise. Sometimes simply impossible.

 The sweetest couple ever...or just criminals?
 How much Bribe Money did they receive to give away their country?!

 Real Estate Prices come down after the market has trapped most investors, and no buyers are left.

This (chart below - click to enlarge) is what the Real Estate Cycle looks like. Note that the present Bull Trend started after WW2 (1950).  The FIAT price of Real Estate is NOT a function of the Quantity of Money in Circulation only. Nor is it a function of the level of Interest Rates only.  The former arguments are often used by Snake-oil-merchants who have no clue about economics, finance, and how the Real Estate Market functions. But it is extremely easy to sell these to greedy, ignorant civilians.  Time to read the book: Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds...Charles Mackay

our real estate cycle 2023 

If you can't hold it, you don't own it, even if your name is Andrew Maguire.

knowledge vs trustFor many, "More is more"  is still what most people are living for. We all know and see that it rains and that the storm is getting worse. And yet, instead of buying a more robust umbrella and trying to protect themselves better against the coming Hurricane, they take more risks. Some even go and stand in the rain because they are convinced that it all won't get that bad (they have never experienced a hurricane), and when it does, they will have all the time in the world to move their assets to safety.

Fiat Gold & Silver is a dangerous Casino where one day, one will lose a lot more than just the premium over paper metal!

The PREMIUM to be paid for PHYSICAL Silver of FIAT-PAPER Silver ranges from $30 to %40.  Today, a Monster box of American Silver Eagles cost around +$20,000 or $39 (30%) per coin (when you sell these, you get at least $32 (-20%).  However, there is a perfect reason WHY this premium exists: the insider knows...the public thinks it's a waste of money!?  "The more is more investor" doesn't understand that the Fiat paper market is severely manipulated and that the FIAT PAPER Market will soon have to give in to the PHYSICAL Market. Or, the day we have a 1968-like bank holiday, paper silver holders will be treated differently (I have no clue what excuse they will find...but they will find one). Hence, the premium one has to pay for the Physical metal has a VERY GOOD REASON to be, and Fiat Silver is nothing but a DANGEROUS CASINO where one will lose more than 30% premium.

I don't understand how, after what was experienced in Canada with Trudeau blocking Bank Accounts, many still are complacent...and are convinced nothing can happen to them because they carry an account with a Broker and not a Bank.

They don't buy insurance at a time when it is evident that we are going to have a severe firestorm soon...they just want to make more fiat money...more in the next update.

For premium members only.  

Monday-Wednesday,  June 5 -7, 2023:  What we need is "fewer politicians" and "LESS Government!"

Updated Sections: 

We intentionally don't discuss matters like "Debt Ceilings,"  Joe Biden falling, the number of Russian Drones destroyed by Ukrainians,...and other topics the Politicians and their Mainstream Media traditionally use to brainwash the emotional HERD (90% of the humans) with.  Debt Ceilings are there only to keep the politicians busy, and by now, don't we all know this Joe Biden is not even good enough the play the role of a clown!? Technically speaking, in the USA, the debt ceiling has been removed. This means that American politicians are now free to print as much FIAT money as they like.

Want to know why Ukraine is so "important?" It costs US taxpayers $400,000 every time a Ukrainian soldier fires a Stinger missile. That's a SEVENFOLD increase in price — and PROFIT for the military-industrial complex.

Thoughts of emigrating to Sweden? Planning to join the 2 million Immigrants.  Today, it's almost more dangerous than Chicago. Shootings, mugging,...The country has become a gangster's paradise...There is a gang war going on in Swedish streets. Organized crime infiltrates and corrupts the democratic society, the business world, and the public sector. Some two million immigrants (20% of the population) now live in Sweden. Many come from the most troubled parts of Asia and Africa and have not integrated well into Swedish society. Rival gangs now shoot each other on a regular basis. In Stockholm alone, 52 gangs are vying for control of the burgeoning drug trade. Some child gang members even carry explosives in their school thermos flasks. Those dreaming of emigrating to Sweden better listen to our advice and take another country into consideration.

Emigration and/or a second passport!? We know where and how. Ask up at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Ripleys, believe it or not, Belgians pay more for an apartment than Americans used to pay for one in Manhattan (NY prices already crashed)...and they (Belgians) call it a "good investment." !? We all know what will happen to this Real Estate once interest rates edge up more and we get more recession. And don't we all know what a single DRONE attack will do to this whole market?! This delusional BUBBLE will deflate to nothing in no time.

pig land Screen Shot 2023 06 02 at 11.13.48
 A delusional $3,000 per sp. ft., And these guys are convinced that prices won't crash and will go up even more! Remember that only $10,000 now buys an upmarket apartment on the Venezuelan Riviera.
 Analysts predict that if the U.S. mortgage rate reaches 7%, it will completely break the housing market and cause massive falls in housing prices.

A recent Gallup poll states that Americans consider gold the second-best long-term investment option. Gold beat out stocks, bonds, savings accounts, and cryptocurrencies. The perception that gold is the best investment over the long term rose from 15% in 2022 to 26% in the 2023 poll, overtaking stocks at the number two spot. Meanwhile, people are less enthusiastic about real estate this year.

Indians THINK, don't buy Real Estate, and have been preparing for years now. The Indian central bank has announced another round of demonetization with a plan to withdraw 2,000-rupee notes from circulation. The announcement led to a big jump in gold bullion sales.  The 2,000-rupee note will remain legal tender, but they will have to be deposited or exchanged for smaller denominations by Sept. 30. 

Contrary to what Politicians, illiterate economists, and their MS media try to make you believe, Government has NO direct CONTROL over the level of interest rates.  Every economist who pretends otherwise proves to himself and others that he doesn't know "shit" about economics. Interest rate is a function of the amount of (fiat) money that is created. The more there is created, the higher the interest rates go.

Western politicians have ruined society even more with their idiot COVID rules and sanctions against Putin. Corporate Bankruptcies are at levels last seen during the Pandemic. Despite all of the mainstream talk-lies about a robust and resilient economy, corporate bankruptcies through the first four months of 2023 came in at the highest level since 2010. Meanwhile, monthly bankruptcy filings have hit numbers last seen during the peak of the pandemic.

The tension between the US and China is escalating. The EU is starting a trade war with China by cutting off their raw materials and chemicals, potentially affecting semiconductor chip production and military conflict. The idea of Ukraine joining NATO is causing controversy and could potentially lead to ...

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Update Thursday/Friday, June 1-2, 2023:  Don't be a Deer in the headlights.

Updated Sections: ,

Don't be a Deer in the headlights...stop minding the short-term FIAT (rigged) volatility of Gold & Silver.  Central Banks are buying PHYSICAL Gold & Silver like there is NO tomorrow.  In order to buy as much as possible at a reasonable price, they are massively dumping FIAT Gold & Silver (Future contracts, Options, and Derivates).

Beware of Real Estate...more in the Subscribers section below

In the Dutch DDR, we have a deja vu of 1917 (the USSR). If a home is vacant for more than six months, the homeowner must report it to the Authorities. Otherwise, he will be fined 9,000 euros. If there is no valid reason for the vacancy, the property must be made available for rent quickly, and the municipality will nominate someone and will set the rent. In addition to housing, this also applies to offices and stores. As of early 2022, 219,000 properties were unoccupied, 180,000 of which were homes. Again, Real Estate is TOAST!

Eric Geenen was a keynote speaker at one of our Symposiums.  (soon, a loaf of bread will cost € 100.000). In this interview, he clearly explains the situation and how to protect yourself and your savings. The odds are that if you don't act NOW, it will one day, one weekend...be too late. The situation is very serious, and we know HOW to protect ourselves.[video with English close capture]

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