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  • The Goldonomic site is for serious investors only. It is run by talented people with Master's Degrees in Economics and years of experience. Initially and historically, the site is meant to be a source of information for professional investors mainly. The information  is of a high level and requires an open mind and reasoning.

    Francis Schutte

  • The majority is never right. Never, I tell you! That’s one of these lies in society that no free and intelligent man can ever help rebelling against. Who are the people that make up the biggest proportion of the population — the intelligent ones or the fools? I think we can agree it’s the fools, no matter where you go in this world, it’s the fools that form the overwhelming majority.

    Hendrik Ibsen-

  • The mainstream (corporate) media is nothing less than the unofficial accomplice of the banking crime syndicate which is running/ruining our markets and economies. Nowhere is this despicable relationship more apparent than in its deliberate efforts to grossly misinform investors on the critical subject of risk.

    Jeff Nielsen

  • The business of investing rationally becomes problematic when market participants are pursuing maximum nominal returns without a second thought as to the real (inflation-adjusted) value of those returns and the location of the savings. Our Goal is to maximize safety.


  • Comparing the currencies is like picking the prettiest horse in the glue factory. The history of all fiat currencies shows they all end up being valueless. Gold’s nobody else’s liability and it has no counterparty risk. It’s provided protection against destruction of wealth for centuries and we’re at the cusp of another major chapter in its illustrious history.


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Recession Proof Shs (LOCG)

Updated September 9, 2023 - Markets have initiated the final upleg & climax #5 (in Fiat money only) - corrections will interrupt the bull run occasionally!

Note that the Hyperinflation modus has been initiated (May 1st, 2023)

Shares are DIGITAL entities with counterparty RISK rigged by the Authorities and Bankers = DANGEROUS!

Markets will continue to go up as long as Central Banks continue to print/create Money...see Communicating Financial Vessels.
Indexes and stocks are a charade sold by the Central Banks and will, from now on, go A LOT HIGHER. But ONLY when expressed in FIAT CURRENCY or BEWARE OF THE NOMINAL CONFUSION.

We are about to see a BIGGER BUBBLE. The catch is that with your portfolio, you won't be able to buy more than a couple of eggs and/or a loaf of bread!
Stock markets always go up a Wall of Worry...and fall off a cliff of enthusiasm. On condition, the Central Banks continue to create Fiat Money out of thin air.

When the DOLLAR comes down, Dollar STOCKS automatically come down!

Composite Index
Bullish Target leg #5

Nasdaq in Gold: downtrend
Resistance 15,800
Support 12,800
Bearish Target 10,200
Technical Pattern End of Backtest?

Short Term Candle Market Comment
COMPQ candle1
  • Oct 18, 2018: The 200-day Moving Average indicates Leg#5 is not over.
  • Dec 28 - Jan 23, 2019: Backtest - Mind the BEARISH constellation
  • Jan 8 - Jan 28, 2020: A dangerous TOP it is.
  • July 12 - Aug 12: CRAZY - the EXPONENTIAL CLIMAX has BEGAN.
  • Nov 19 - Jan 14, 2021: The elections are over! - Our PF chart says it is a SELL! [sell-signal valid until the end of Feb 2021]
  • Feb 10: Severely OVERBOUGHT.
  • Mar 5 - Mar 15: BUY CLIMAX (mind the volume) = SELL! - ARE YOU REALLY GONNA BUY-HOLD SHARES AT THIS LEVEL? see candle
  • Apr 17: SELL
  • July 20: And down it goes.
  • Jan. 22 - Feb. 15, 2022: Breakdown and correction. See targets on PF
  • Apr. 23: Caution - Once the Critical Level is broken, the bearish target is 9,800! (also, note we have a potential bearish HS pattern in the make)
  • Sep. 16: The bearish target is 10,200 (-10 %)
  • Oct. 26 - Dec. 1: end of correction - expect higher FIAT STOCK MARKETS (nominal confusion)
  • Jan. 12, 2023: Overbought, but still Bullish!
  • Mar. 3: Oversold, and we expect higher.  The trend is still bearish.
  • Apr. 2: OVERBOUGHT! and bouncing into a critical Resistance zone.
  • May 2: But UPWARDS, we shall go..hyperinflation modus!
  • June 25: Uptrend confirmed - potential CORRECTION end of 2023?
  • August 8: Expect a fresh uptrend soon!
  • August 22 - Sep. 9: End of backtest??
Long Term Candle
COMPQ candle2


  • Instead of "SELLING," consider using "TRAILING STOPS." If you sell, you MUST buy back the same shares at a lower price level later. Use trailing Stops once targets have been reached. Sell when the 200-day MA is violated (thin blue line on the PF charts).
  • STOP USING "TRAILING STOPS"! Once the market starts to come down violently, the BOTTOM will fall out of it. There will be no BID, and you cannot sell your positions.
  • Dow Jones Utility index target is Old Historic Top ...and because of QE, we may see a Dow Jones level of 300,000 and central banks keep lowering interest rates and start with QE4 or something similar. This, however, we only expect AFTER this CORONA CRASH.
  • Stocks (and some utilities) are safer than Bonds as they can roll over the higher exploitation cost onto the Customers! (The Greek & Spanish Governments are taxing the people through the electricity bill). Remember that Utilities did not beat Gold and won't beat Gold over the following years! Always remember that the system doesn't stall during a depression...and that stocks are sometimes used instead of paper money...

Yields for Augustus 2022
Color Codes: Green = Bull Trend, Red = Bear Trend, White = Sideward, or we don't know.
Adv. Micro D. (AMD)
Meyers (MYE) Siemens Elec & Eng.
Twitter (TWTR)
Jacobs Eng. (J)
MYE pf1 SIEGY pf1 Bought by Ion Musk JEC pf1
2.60% yield 4.19% yield - Germany
0.74% yield
EBAY Disney (DIS) Orange (ORAN) Cisco (CSCO) Descartes (DSG.TO)
EBAY pf1 DIS pf1 ORAN pf1 CSCO pf1 DSGto candle2
1.85% yield na % yield
7.37% yield
3.30% yield
Deutsche Tel (DTEGY) - Telecom Alcoa (AA) US-Steel (X) Lockheed (LMT) War industry.
DTEGY pf1 AA pf1 X pf1 LMT pf1
3.59% yield - Germany 0.82 % yield  0.82 % yield The Military Industrial Complex
  Breakout - buy**  Breakout - buy**    
   Money Flow Descending 12-month performance
12-month performance vs. Goud
    recession1 FLOW recession1 RRG SPX recession1 RRG Gold

Other shares that can be considered (with the compliments of Ron Meisels) are BMY (Bristol Meyers - Alzheimer), CBB (Cincinnati bell-telecom), and CTC/A.TO (Canadian tire), EAT (Brinker), OCX.TO (Onex corp), ELN (elan corp), MYE, PFE, LLY (Eli Lilly)

Summary of safe sectors: Utilities, Telecommunication, Agricultural sector, Chemicals, Low Order Consumer Goods, Water Distribution...

  • Cisco is working on a new core router technology with a speed of 400 Gigabits per second per slot. The new router/system will have a capacity of 1 Petabit per second. This new technology can provide all of New York with streaming HD video. A core router is the very center of the internet.
  • The cheapest airline in the Americas? Copa Airlines has $763 million or $17.22 per share in cash in the bank and pays a $3.84 annual dividend, which translates to close to a 3.4% yield. The next quarterly dividend is scheduled to be paid in early March. That airline is Panama-based Copa Holdings, specializing in Central and South America, with 325 daily flights to 29 countries in North, Central, and South America. Copa Holdings offers city-to-city flights that none of its competitors does. The Latin American market is one of the fastest-growing airline markets in the world, and Copa Holdings is one of the prime beneficiaries of that growth. In fact, in the most recent period (November 2014), Copa Holdings reported a 9.9% year-over-year increase in passenger traffic.
  • Utilities can pass on cost hikes to the consumer.
  • Telecommunications (Internet) will become much more critical as energy becomes expensive. More and more people will work out of the home instead of commuting.
  • November 7, 2012: Novartis (Swiss health care) and Syngenta (Swiss agriculture) are NEWBIES. Novartis (NVS: 51.66, -1.11) was born in 1996 due to the merger of two Swiss drug makers, Ciba-Geigy and Sandoz. Acquisitions are essential in the firm's growth and diversification efforts.
  • Unilever is a globally diversified consumer-oriented company. With operations in almost every country and a long history of developing business units in emerging markets, it is ideally placed to benefit from the expanding middle classes, particularly in the world's population centers. The company is active in Asia, Africa, and Central & Eastern Europe.
  • France Telecom is the #1 French telecommunication company, just like Telefonica, a high-yielding Telephone Utility company active in France and Africa. Telefonica (TEF: 16.92, -0.405) has long been considered a Spanish company. Still, it has one of the more international profiles in the telecom sector, with roughly two-thirds of its revenues coming from outside its homeland. Latin America is a substantial market, as are other European countries such as the UK, Ireland, Germany, the Czech Republic, and Slovakia. The company recently entered the Chinese market via an equity stake in China Unicom. Sales in 2010 rebounded strongly, and operations returned to profitability. The generous dividend of 8.2% appears secure. (November 2011)
  • Procter & Gamble (P&G) plans to infuse more than INR 15bn in its unlisted Indian arm, P&G Home Products, to enhance operations in the country. To execute the transaction, the authorized share capital of P&G Home Products Ltd (PGHP) has been increased from INR 0.3bn (30mn equity shares of INR 10 each) to INR 0.5bn (50mn shares of INR 10 each). P&G India, which markets brands including Vicks, Ariel, Tide, Whisper, and Pantene, has consistently achieved double-digit growth for over a decade and is one of P&G's fastest-growing global markets. The company caters to over 650 million consumers across India and has a presence in various verticals, including the beauty and grooming household care and health and well-being segment.
  • Wal-Mart has become America's #1 retailer.

Copyright, All Rights Reserved - The contents of this report may NOT be copied, reproduced, or distributed without the explicit written consent of Goldonomic.


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