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  • The Goldonomic site is for serious investors only. It is run by talented people with Master's Degrees and years of experience. The "wisenoses" and those who prefer to GAMBLE and/or seek immediate satisfaction (or dissatisfaction) must seek advice elsewhere.                                                                                                                                                                          F.S.

  • The majority is never right. Never, I tell you! That’s one of these lies in society that no free and intelligent man can ever help rebelling against. Who are the people that make up the biggest proportion of the population — the intelligent ones or the fools? I think we can agree it’s the fools, no matter where you go in this world, it’s the fools that form the overwhelming majority - Henrik Ibsen.


  • The mainstream (corporate) media is nothing less than the unofficial accomplice of the banking crime syndicate which is running/ruining our markets and economies. Nowhere is this despicable relationship more apparent than in its deliberate efforts to grossly misinform investors on the critical subject of risk.

    Jeff Nielsen

  • The business of investing rationally becomes problematic when market participants are pursuing maximum nominal returns without a second thought as to the real (inflation-adjusted) value of those returns and the location of the savings.


  • Comparing the currencies is like picking the prettiest horse in the glue factory. The history of all fiat currencies shows they all end up being valueless. Gold’s nobody else’s liability and it has no counterparty risk. It’s provided protection against destruction of wealth for centuries and we’re at the cusp of another major chapter in its illustrious history.


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Updated May 17-26, 2023, Gold is not an investment; it's money and Insurance. The only currency without liability and counterparty risk.

[Most Recent Quotes from]Gold month


Fresh Breakout (July 6, 2021) of FIAT PAPER GOLD: $ 2,800 is the next target!

Gold price rally will power to $2,700, then $7,400

 You either take physical delivery of your Gold and store it out of political reach in a VAULT,  or you stay in worthless Fiat paper. If you buy Gold, you MUST request physical delivery AND store it out of Political reach. If you don't, THEY will take it from you.

"Soon, Gold will be used as Money again because people will stop trusting currencies!"

The gold price is likely to explode as a result of the debt crisis, combined with the impact of the negative "real" interest rates ruling in many major economies...certainly, after the manipulation, Central Bankers, Goldman Sachs, and JP Morgan failed...the day is close it will and from that day on prices can double overnight!

Backwardation is a pricing phenomenon in the futures markets where the price of an asset now is higher relative to the price of that same asset in the future.

  Gold must take out $ 1381 to officially end the 2011 bear correction.
Gold pf3     Bullish Target $2,700 - $4,200
   Major ONE is up from $ 256 to $ 1015
    Resistance $2080    Major TWO is down from $ 1015 to $ 700
    Support $1,920 - $1820
   Major THREE is up from $ 700 to $ 3500
    Bearish Target na    Major FOUR is down  $ 3500 to $ 2700
 special rule PF3 chart     Technical Breakout + Fresh Upleg    Major FIVE up $ 2500 to $ 30,000

GLD is an ETF and should not be bought as an investment.

GLD pf1 GLD pftarget
May 26: Gap closed & Breakout!
May 18: Strong Buy.
May 18: Target $300
The target is $320 Aug 28, 2017: The target calculation is $196

PF2-target-calculation: green shaded!

   We have seen only the Hors d’ oeuvres before the arrival of the main meal. The overt suppression of Gold and Silver prices has a minimal shelf life for the informed investor. We know better: Precious metals offer one way out. However, the Government, the Fed, and mainline media do all in their power to distort and discredit such investments. The alternative to the deflationary depression, which will be WORSE than what was seen in the 1930s and is sold each time the price of Gold is in a correction, is the unlimited creation of paper and electronic money throughout the Western World. Recognizing this by all will propel both gold and silver to new and unseen highs over the next couple of years.  The banking system leverage and the derivatives will ramp things up beyond imagination. Worst case scenario, Gold and Silver could keep meddling for a couple of more weeks but trying to make some extra bucks by getting out NOW and getting back at a lower level can be extremely difficult and not worth the effort. (January 2012)   

In March 2019, the "BIS" & Co's sold 2.2 Mio + 5.5 Mio = 7.7 Mio Paper Gold: the impact on the price was marginal!

The longer a consolidation/accumulation lasts, the stronger the coming Bull/Bear run will be
once the manipulation fails.

Gold pf1

Short candle-pf1
Chart comment
Gold candle1
  • Jan 4, 2016: if this is no BOTTOM, I'll eat my Hat!
  • Jan 3, 2017: new upleg
  • Jan 3, 2018: let's see what 2018 brings.
  • Dec 20 - Jan 3, 2019: $-Gold has broken the 200-day MA
  • April 1: Gold remains in a short-term uptrend...even after BIS dumped 5.5 million Gold Futures this past week.
  • Jan 27, 2020: bull run (NOT because of the Corano-virus!
  • Dec 11 - Feb 2, 2021: and up it goes...Target is $2,300 - $2,800
  • Aug 9: SUPER BUY at this level ($1,760)
  • Sep 16 -29: fresh price hammering...$1,720 is a STRONG support
  • Oct 7 - Nov 3: Strong BUY!
  • Nov. 22: Bn $2.5 dumped onto the market in 1 minute wasn't even able to mark any changes on our PF charts.
  • Dec 21- Feb. 8, 2022: next target is $2,800
  • Mar. 3-15: breaking out a Bullish Flag and fresh bull run.
  • June 10: bullish key reversal.
  • July 1 - 12: SUPER BUY at this level.
  • Aug 4: Island Reversal?
  • Sep. 6 - Oct. 14: We had a DOUBLE BOTTOM - Strong Buy.
  • Dec. 3: next Target is $2,000.
  • Feb. 13-15, 2023: Strong Buy !!! [spinning bottom]
  • Mar. 20: once the $2,020 resistance is broken, the target is $2,700-$2,800
  • Apr. 18: preparing for higher.
  • May 17: $2,020 - $2,050 must and will be broken for higher.
Long Candle
Gold candle2

Note that the CONGESTION zones ( I, II, III, IV) are larger over time. Larger zones point to a higher vacuum and higher TARGETS for the price of Gold. Technically speaking, the LARGER the congestion zone, the higher the TARGET.

Gold cycles

This is a disconnect and a huge opportunity. Gold shares usually lead Gold during here for more. This time, however, SILVER leads (2020-2021).

our Gold-Silver ratio tells us when to buy/sell gold & silver

SilverGold ratio1

Fibonacci levels and cycles: Fibonacci levels are key resistance and support levels. These levels exist and can be seen all over nature.

These are the cycles for $-Gold: Active cycle is Major THREE up to $ 3500

  • Major ONE is up from $ 256 to $ 1015
  • Major TWO is down from $ 1015 to $ 700
  • Major THREE is up from $ 700 to $ 3500
  • Major FOUR down from $ 3500 to $ 2500
  • Major FIVE up from $ 2500 to $ 10,000/30,000

Gold congestion zones and subsequent bull runs: “Time is more important than price; when time is up, the price will reverse. (W. Gann)”

Previous congestion zones lasted up to TWO YEARS...[click to enlarge] The larger the congestion zone, the more and the longer the manipulation, the higher Target!

Gold weekly congestions

  • leg 1 from $ 430 to $ 720 (September 06 to May 07) + 67% - done
  • leg 2 from $ 700 to $ 1,000 (September 07 to April 08) +43% - done
  • leg 3 from $ 950 to $ 1,300 (September 09 to October 2010) +30% - done
  • leg 4 from $ 1300 to $ 1920 (October 2010 to August 2011) +46% - done
  • leg 5 from $ 1180 to $ 3500? (August 2016 to >>>>>>>>>???)

2011- 2014 - 2015 -2016  Gold shake-out:

Gold shakeout Gold shakeout1

Dead and Golden crosses on the Moving Averages: the 64-week Moving Average is an important support and resistance level.

Note that the 64-week Moving Average is still BULLISH for Gold!

Gold MA

Check the Elliott Wave chart to the right with a bullish objective of $ 31,600.


Accumulation Constellations Elliott Wave 1 Elliott Wave 2
5th wave gold fibo 5th wave gold
2020-22: Strong Buy
 BEAR TRAP + Strong Buy!
Fibonacci Golden section


  • The "Weak Gold Policy" has been in place since $248, meaning gold's appreciation will not insult the dollar/euro by spiking to $3500 and beyond but rather rise in an orderly fashion.
  • To have a bubble in Gold, the price should soar to $5500 before year-end. At this time, there is absolutely NO top formation visible, nor have we an exponential exhaustion run.
  • Gold is in a secular bull market, meaning dips must be bought when they occur.
  • Are you still buying? Chinese, Mexican, and Russian Central Banks continue to buy Gold.
  • We are sure it will rise to $2500 - $3500 (and higher) once the manipulation stops working.
  • Gold is traditionally bought as a hedge against inflation and deflation risks and will rally to record levels as central banks have engaged in unorthodox monetary policies and printed money to restart growth in the wake of the 2008/09 financial crisis.
  • Large traders and investors increasingly buy DIRECT from producers (mines), shortcutting the LME and COMEX.
  • Once gold exits this range that it’s been in for a considerable time, it will exit violently to the upside.  I keep saying it, but the physical market is gradually overcoming the paper market, and the paper market, in a word, is preposterous.” (May 2012)
  • The gold market, as we all know, on a day-to-day basis, is totally rigged. In fact, find a market anywhere that is not bullied by some young buck who considers himself the Master of the Universe.
  • A steeper channel (acceleration) comes with higher volatility.
  • We have fractional Gold, and the relationship between physical Gold to paper gold is at least 500:1 [the large banks are on the short side - so don't expect these to advise you to buy gold and to take physical delivery - hope you're warned]
  • We advise you to keep up to 65% of your savings in physical Gold/Silver.
  • If you have no physical Gold, you have NO money.

We never experienced a weak price of Gold during a cycle of 'real negative interest rates! Remember that a weak dollar does not drive the price of Gold and that we have and may see Gold and the Dollar rise in tandem again. Central bankers dislike gold because it is a monetary metal and manage Fiat (paper money) currencies. Therefore when gold rises strongly or persistently against a currency, it signals that CBs are printing too much of it. The theory of Keynes that the Great Depression was due to the contraction in the money supply because of the Gold Standard is incorrect. The opposite is true. Few know Keynes was, in fact, a Government employee...Like John Law was an employee of the French court...

©, All Rights Reserved - The contents of this report may NOT be copied, reproduced, or distributed without the explicit written consent of Goldonomic


AUGUST'18 (public)

“The winner takes it all, the loser standing small” (Abba song) is the next phase in the world economy.

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Nov. 6 : Gold, silver soar in a most unusual fashion

This is what an intermediary bottom looks like in the media

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2008 Gold postings

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