“Investment success depends on the ability to anticipate the herd, ride with it for a substantial period of time, and then begin to reorient portfolios for a changing world.”

Misc. Newsletters & Article:

Putin: Play-time is over Panama booms & 51 countries affected by 2016 fiscal legislation Panama & your 2nd passport
Elementary Mr. Holmes, this is War Historic Call for Gold & Silver Velocity, Inflation & Wars
Austrians versus Keynes Money is worse than debt Out of Political Reach
 What is money, and why the system will blow up? Tout va très bien Madame la Marquise  A campaign against Capitalism and Currency Controls.
 Why avoid debt during hyper-inflationary depressions? Clearinghouses and more shit are hitting the fan. How to register your stocks and securities directly?
2011 Bond crash  Bonds or a license to kill  El Nina 
Democracy, monopoly, oligopoly, and fascism  The next 100 years by Friedman  Zuma or the people get the politicians they deserve
Ready for capital transfer controls? Leading Depression Indicators Understanding Afghanistan and Green Ethanol
 The Secret of Wealth Preservation A 1929 makeover? Is the USA to fall apart in 6 parts?
The role of gold during the Great Depression Weimar or investing during the last Great Depression The Mississippi Scheme
 The Tulip Mania of 1937 Japan or a Global Fiasco  Chili - Hyperinflation before, during, and aftermath
 Argentina alert as inflation specter stalks half the world. Zimbabwe & The New Zimbabwe Zimbabwe - The Hyperinflation
 Stunned Icelanders struggle after economy's fall Crisis Cogitations The Glass-Steagall Act
 The 2012 New Great Depression Real Estate Opportunities in the USA I Real Estate Opportunities in the USA II
 Real Estate Opportunities in the USA III Decent Financial Advice comes with a lot of experience, knowledge, and NO drama... De Gaulle and the Islamization in Europe.
 What's next? Tout va très bien Madame la Marquise   Vietnam, inflation, and Gold
Mixed signals for Gold - 2009 2009 BUY signal for stock markets Islamization in Europe
The Russians came, saw, and left   China and high-order capital goods (HOCG) Home Alone 
Ready for the last act   Understanding inflation and deflation 2007/08 Crash call for Bank shares 


Newsletters out of the old box...
New Great Depression Home Alone Wealth Preservation Bond Kills The USA to Survive?
2009 Bond Crash 2009 Mixed Signals 2008 Postings I The Last Act 1929 Make Over?
2008 Call Crisis Investing I Crisis Investing II Mme La Marquise August Gold
China and HOCG Zuma for President Afghan Poppy 2009 Forecast 2008 Postings II
Which Way, Dow? 2014 Depression 1987 Crash George Friedman Guy Wilders
General de Gaulle Fascism      


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